Wednesday’s Game
a High School Victory

The Massillon Football Team Orders Uniforms and Selects Royal Blue and White as Its Colors
The Bowling Contest

The football prestige of the business college sustained a serious blow, Wednesday afternoon, when a team, playing under its colors, was defeated by the high school team, on the latter’s grounds, by the score of 30 to 0.  At one time it looked as if there would be no game.  Manager Young, of the business college, put in his appearance, but the larger part of his team, evidently wiser and possessed of more timidity, from a former experience with the game, failed to put in an appearance.  However, after borrowing several players form the high school team, impressing several more from among the spectators, and securing an agreement from the manager of the former team to play with but ten men the team was ready to play.  The victors showed superiority in practice from the very outset.  Besides its lack of this, the business college team was also outclassed in weight.  Five of the six high school touchdowns were made in the first half, the business college team bracing up in the latter part of the game.  William Boerngen acted as referee.  Ray Markel as umpire, and William Kay as timekeeper.

The following were the line-ups:

High School                    Pos.             Business College
Slusser                               c                             Wilhelm
Schnierle                           rg                              Ackert
Schuster                            lg                         Sonnhalter
Stark                                 rt                           Coleman
Dobson                             lt                            Bresman
Meyers                             le                            Shertzer
Harrison                           qb                           Benedict
McAllister                        rhb                              Young
Emery                              lhb                      Grossweiler
Mong                                fb                             Mitchell