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Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1976: Massillon 16, Cleveland East 6

‘Aerial circus’ on tap in Tigertown

Independent Sports Editor

Will the Tigers get their “Aerial Circus” cranked into high gear?

Will they be quicker than a Cleveland East team which could be the most agile the Orange and Black will face this year?

These were the two questions uppermost in the mind of Washington High School head football Coach Mike Currence Thursday before he put his charges through their final pre-game workout.

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THE TIGERS (0-2) and the Blue Bombers (1-1) will square off tonight at 8 p.m. at Paul Brown Tiger Stadium. Currence is hoping that with Brown on hand and a dry field predicted, good luck will follow.

“It would be awfully embarrassing to lose with Brown watching,” Currence stated.

There are expected to be about 10,000 fans on hand to watch the Tigers and to watch Brown lauded at halftime when the stadium will be officially renamed in his honor. The Tiger Swing Band will present a special show in his honor.

“Quickness will play a big part in the game,” Currence said, “and there’ll be a lot of footballs in the air – as long as it doesn’t rain.”

East has a junior end named Myron Hockett who causes Currence cause for concern.

“I DON’T believe we have a receiver as quick, but Sam George is pretty quick,” Currence said. “Hockett seems to have the moves. Their coach, Joe Pledger, told me Hockett is also a big-time basketball prospect as well as a football prospect. He’s one of the best receivers I’ve seen.”

Currence said senior quarterback Ricky Holman also likes to throw to junior tight end Charles Radford and senior wingback Steve Reeves.

“He also catches well,” Currence said. “He’s an excellent kid – a two-way man. He also plays in the secondary with Holman.”

Five Bombers go both ways, including two other offensive backfield men – senior tailback Darnell Duncan and senior fullback Tony Jones. Duncan is a secondary man, Jones a linebacker in East’s 6-1 alignment.

Senior center Juan Pope also plays a defensive end slot.

“EAST THREW more than they ran last week against Warren Reserve,” Currence warned. “Our secondary hasn’t been tested yet because of the wetness. I think our boys are pretty good pass defenders. They won’t meet anybody better than Holman.”

The Bombers drop back and give Holman maximum protection, according to Currence.

“He throws the out-cut pass as well as any high school boy “I’ve ever seen,” Currence said. “He can duck out of trouble and I’ve seen him throw 30 to 40 yards off the wrong foot while running. He also throws the in-cuts well and is a threat with the keeper.”

Currence expects East to try the bomb to Hockett and short ones to the talented receiver if the Bombers get inside the 25-yard line.

East likes to run isolation and counter plays off their fullhouse-I as well as rollout for Holman to run with the backs running.

“A BIG question with East is who is injured,” said Currence. “Joe hasn’t told anyone but I suspect the tailback is hurt. Why else would they run Holman off a fullhouse-I and not run the tailback.”

Pledger reported in Thursday’s Evening Independent that he would hold injured players – now well – out of Friday’s games and would also not open up his offense. This is to prepare for the opening of the East Senate League campaign next week.

“I think he would like to have a victory over Massillon over any East Senate victory,” Currence said.

He expects Pledger to do some innovating defensively because he changed his coverage twice against Lakewood St. Edwards when Currence coached in 1974 and 1975. The Tiger skipper won both games.

“Because of East’s quickness the Tigers’ run and shoot offense will get its best to date,” Currence said.

DURING THE week stadium groundskeeper Paul Ford has filled holes with dirt so Currence hopes for dry weather. Otherwise the game could be a battle of the mud bowl.

Currence has been in contact with the Cleveland Browns this week to find out to where to buy a tarp. The stadium had one but it wore out.

To win tonight Currence said the Tigers must execute in games as it does in practice. He feels the ball handling has improved this week except for Tuesday. The Tigers haven’t had a wet ball to work with but have used old ones on which it’s hard to get a grip.

“It would be great if we could score the first touchdown,” Currence said. The morale has been good. It hasn’t been all drudgery as you might think it would be after two losses, although we were really down after last Friday. That loss hurt worse than the first loss.”

Currence had a similar problem at Westlake. After 40 points per game and putting up a 3-0 record, Currence’s quarterback broke his thumb. Westlake lost the next four games – all by about six points. Snap problems were in the bugaboo.

“I KNOW we’ve got the talent to win,” Currence said. “We’ve just got to get some experience.”

Only lineup change will see junior Marc Longshore playing some defense and doing some specialty work and senior Van Jones starting at safety, now fully recovered from a shoulder injury.

Senior defensive halfback Bill Henderson had the flu Wednesday. Senior defensive tackle Jesse Toles banged his elbow again Thursday. He had an infection.

Senior defensive tackle Randy Laase sprained a knee Thursday. Senior Mike Hardwick would replace Laase as the kickoff man and junior Mark Namanny at the tackle position.

Should Henderson not make it, senior Dave Warthen would replace him.

Brown sees Tigers win first 16-6

Independent Sport Editor

The “Big D” was in charge Friday night, but it wasn’t Dallas.

The “Tiger Claw” and Blue bomber defenses battled with plenty of malice before 11,273 at the official recognition night for the renaming of Tiger Stadium to Paul Brown Tiger Stadium.

WITH BROWN on hand the Washington High gridders fought back in the fourth quarter to a 16-6 win over Cleveland East. It was the first win for the Tigers after two shut-outs. East drops to 1-2.

Brown had coached Tiger footballers on the same gridiron from 1932-1940.

“I think my kids outplayed Massillon tonight,” said East head coach Joe Pledger. “There’s no way they can convince me Massillon actually beat us. The Massillon kids played their hearts out but in the second half we started to get penalized like something out of the “Twilight Zone.” “We can’t understand why a penalty is called every play. It got to a point where it looked like something personal. They never let our offense get out. We stayed in the hole and started to make mistakes because they couldn’t react to all the penalties.”

East was called for 13 penalties (140 yards).

TIGER CHIEFTAIN Mike Currence said, “I think East outplayed us except for the fourth quarter. I think we wanted it worse than they did. Coach Pledger has a very experienced ball club. I’m glad of the way our kids hung in there.”

“The officials made some good calls tonight and they made some nobody saw. Our offensive line let us down.”

Massillon was called for seven penalties (75 yards).

Currence gave a lot of credit to the East defensive line.

“They were just quick as could be,” Currence said. “We couldn’t get around the end. Senior Juan Pope is one of the best defensive ends we’ve seen. Junior tackle Hammond Ford kept getting in there.”

THE QUICK East pursuit cut off the perimeter game for the Tigers and put plenty of pressure on Tiger passers. They completed no passes in 11 tries.

Meanwhile, the “Tiger Claw” defense made only one mistake. That was when East senior quarterback Ricky Holman scored around right end from 39 yards away with 3:07 left in the second quarter.

The conversion kick was wide left.

The TD had been set up when the Tigers failed to cover the punt on the kickoff following a second quarter safety and the Bombers got the ball down on Massillon’s 47. A holding penalty set East back but a roughing the punter call gave them the ball on the 39.

The Tigers won the game on a pair of fourth quarter touchdowns.

JUNIOR FULLBACK Jerry Shafrath scored on his first effort of the night, a three-yard run up the center, with 11:56 left in the fourth quarter. A Bret Traylor to Jay Harper pass was incomplete on the conversion try.

Shafrath ran for 46 yards without a loss on seven carries in the final canto.

The “Tiger Claw” defense had picked up the ball on a bad fourth down snap on the last play of the third stanza. Punter Tony Jones was tackled on the East three-yard line by end Dave Engler and linebacker Kurt Walterhouse, both juniors.

Halfback Billy Henderson got the Tigers under way on their other touchdown drive by intercepting a pass on the East 43. A personal foul call on East put the ball on their 27.

On second down on the 20 – after an illegal shift penalty – sophomore Rich Cleveland ran for the TD with 4:11 left. Mike Henderson’s kick was off to the left.

MASSILLON WAS first to hit the scoreboard. After running out of downs at the East seven in the first quarter and negating a 25-yard Cleveland run which put them there, the Tigers held East on three downs.

Jones dropped back to punt, with the ball on the 13. Center Juan Pope snapped the ball over Jones’ head and out of the end zone with 4:20 left.

East got socked with a personal foul and encroachment violations in the second quarter and had third down on the 11. Holman was chased into the end zone by seniors Jesse Toles, a tackle, Anthony Grizzard, a monster back and co-captain and junior end Frank Sweterlitsch.

Holman intentionally grounded the ball with 9:10 left for another safety.

The Tigers lost the ball on downs on the East 25 in the second quarter and were snuffed out by the clock at the Bomber 30 at the expiration of the second half.

The only other Tiger threat came near the end of the game when a short kick by Jones after a high snap went out of bounds at the East 28. But two Tiger passes fell incomplete and then a Brent Offenbecher to Shafrath handoff missed connections and East recovered at the 33.

EAST – 6
Ends – Campbell, Sutton, Robison, Crumpton, Edwards, Avery, M. Hockett.
Tackles – Wilkerson, Randleman, McGlothan, Dye, Ford.
Guards – Dunham, Martin, Strothers, Hughs, Mack.
Centers – Pope, F. Jones.
Quarterback – Holman, Jackson.
Halfbacks – K. Hockett, Johnson, Duncan, Reeves.
Fullbacks – T. Jones, Terrell.

Ends – George, Chovan, Pringle, Engler, Sweterlitsch, A. Longshore, Clendening, Furnas.
Tackles – Tournay, Daniels, Laase, Toles, Dennison, DeOrio, Namanny, Stuck, Kovacsiss, Matie.
Guards – Lauber, Hauser, Berquist, Baus, Jones.
Centers – Ramsey, Lutz.
Quarterbacks – Traylor, Offenbecher.
Halfbacks – Harper, Carpenter, Grove, Hickey, Wilkerson.
Fullbacks – Cleveland, Shafrath, Nagle.
Middle guards – Dorsey, Holman.
Linebackers – Border, Walterhouse, Sweterlitsch, Dottavio.
Defensive backs – Grizzard, M. Longshore, Jones, Letcavits, Henderson, Lash, Gowins, Warthen, Farley.
Punter – Westover.
Place kicker – Hardwick.

East 0 6 0 0 6
Massillon 2 2 0 12 16

M – Safety (East center snapped ball out of end zone);
M – Safety (Ricky Holman, East, illegally grounded ball in end zone);
E – Holman, 39 run (kick failed);
M – Jerry Shafrath, 3 run (pass failed);
M – Rich Cleveland, 20 run (kick failed).

Referee – Craig Smith.
Umpire – Merle McConkey.
Head Linesman – Charles Flohr.
Field Judge – Randy Manuella.
Back Judge – Steven Kromer.

ATTENDANCE – 11,273.

Mass. CE
First downs rushing 9 (numbers
First downs passing 0 missing)
First downs penalties 0
Total first downs 9
Yards gained rushing 215
Yards lost rushing 36
Net yards gained rushing 179
Net yards gained passing 0
Total yards gained 179
Passes completed 0-11
Passes intercepted by 2
Yardage on passes Intercepted 13
Times kicked off 3-53.3
Kickoff returns (yards) 61
Times punted 6-33.5
Punt returns (yards) 5
Had punts blocked 0
Fumbles 3-2
Yards penalized 7-75
Touchdowns rushing 2
Total number of plays 49
Total time of possession 20:25

‘Proud day’ for Brown’s family

Independent Sports Editor

“This is a proud day for my family. ‘Thank you.’”

With those words Paul Brown, the pride of Tigertown, Friday night acknowledged two standing ovations and other plaudits by the fans and officials of the school at which he taught and coached in the thirties.

Brown was presented with a plaque by Lee McCauley, who had been chairman of the Massillon Jaycees’ “Paul Brown Week” festivities here in June.

L.C. YOUNG, superintendent of Massillon schools, was presented with a plaque by Delbert Demmer, president of the Board of Education. That plaque will hang on an outside wall of the west stands of Tiger Stadium, renamed “Paul Brown Tiger Stadium” in Brown’s honor in May by the Board of Education.

Brown received the first of his standing ovations when he and Mrs. Brown and others involved in the special halftime at the Tiger-Cleveland East game walked down the west sidelines during the Tiger Swing Band’s fanfare at the beginning of the intermission.

The other standing ovation came when he addressed the crowd.

“I spent many happy days here,” Brown said. “It was the best job. I think I did more good and got more backing than anywhere in the country.”

He thanked the fans on behalf of his players, coaches and the public who helped him gain the honor of having the stadium named after him.

“I ALSO want to give Lute Emery a public thank-you,” said Brown. “He helped us tremendously in controlling the spirit and thoughts of what we were doing – trying to be the best in everything I’m a very fortunate man.”

When Brown coached here, Emery was a sports writer for The Evening Independent. He is now the editor.

The Tiger Swing Band’s presentation of “Theme From the Olympics” and “Sweet Georgia Brown” must have really pleased Brown, who saw the band started here in 1938 by George E. “Red” Bird. Watching Tom Ickes perform as Obie must have also brought back memories for Brown who found the Tiger skin used by the first Obie.

The presentations to Brown and Young were made after the band formed “Paul” and “Brown” during the “Theme From the Olympics” number.

The whole thing started from a block march toward the north end of the stadium. The band then broke into the formation of Brown’s names, first “Paul” and then “Brown”. The majorettes did a twirling routine with ribbons on their batons.

“SWEET GEORGIA Brown” followed the presentation and featured a well-performed, tricky shuffle turn from block formation and a trumpet octet. The brass performers must have been exhausted after that because they were blowing harder than a hurricane blasting at the coast of Florida.

In the octet were John Bach, Barb Shuck, Lisa Zook, Al Dean, Bob Corban, Ann Archibold, Scott Ickes and Patty Smith.

The Tiger Swingsters countinue to amaze the fans each week with their marching and dancing dexterity and the manner in which they flood the stadium with their big sound.

For the first time this season, the Tigers wore all-black uniforms. When they came through the pre-game hoop (“Hi P.B.” and “Go Tigers”) they were led by senior co-captain and guard Mark Lauber.

There seemed to be a psychological battle going on prior to the game, as neither team came out right away for the kickoff. Finally the Tigers made it first.

HEAD statistician Tom Persell wore a new orange leisure suit in the pressbox.

Cleveland East’s band was not on hand.

The Blue Bomber head coach, Joe Pledger, explained that the reason he likes to run quarterback Ricky Holman as much as he did Friday night is that Holman is a tremendous athlete and a durable one.

“If anybody can hurt you on a football field, he can,” Pledger said.

Because of East’s poor field position most of the night the Bombers couldn’t throw as much as they normally do.

EAST’S REGULAR punt-snapper was in during the safety and the poor snap that resulted in the Tigers taking over at the 3-yard line. Pledger said the penalties hurt more than the kicking game problems.

Pledger said he knew what Currence runs and East used to use the run-and-shoot, so that helped them too.

Mike Currence, Tiger head coach, related that he thought the problem on the snap signal which brought two illegal shifts was noise from the fans. The quarterback turns his head, he said and if he yells too forcibly he will lose his mouthpiece and get a 15-yard penalty.

In the fourth quarter Currence put sophomore Brent Offenbecher in at quarterback.

“I wanted to see if Brent could open it up for us,” Currence said. “We had tried to open it up and couldn’t get the ball there. Bret Traylor was ‘off’ and pressured hard. They were giving us the motion pass. He has the arm, can take two steps and hit that motion pass. I thought if we could complete one we would take a little pressure off.”

CURRENCE thought the offensive backs played a good game and that fullback Jerry Shafrath ran harder in the fourth quarter than anybody else.

“You have to give him credit,” said Currence. “I’m hoping he’s healthy and ready to go.” (Shafrath had suffered a knee injury in the final pre-game scrimmage.)

A second-period delay penalty on East was called because the officials had blown the ball dead, it was then fumbled, an East player ran with it, fumbled it and another Bomber picked it up and tried to run with it.

East was not called for a roughing penalty against punter Mark Westover later in the game because the Bomber player who hit him also hit the ball.

Tiger senior guard and Co-Captain Mike Ramsey received a hip pointer, but it was not believed to be serious. His grandfather Russ, who is guardian of the pressbox door, was quite concerned.

According to Mr. and Mrs. McCauley, with whom Brown and his wife sat, “The Old Master” was tickled with two safeties, saying it had been 40 years since he had seen two in one game.

John Hauser
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1974: Massillon 67, Cleveland East 0

Streeter, Harmon lead Tiger rout
WHS effort best ever over a Cleveland team

Independent Sports Editor

If you’re the type who likes football with a lot of offense, you got your money’s worth Friday night at Tiger Stadium – if you were among the 9,048 fans who sat in on the worst slaughter ever administered a Cleveland football team by a Tiger team.

The Orange and Black took advantage of an early Cleveland East (0-1) mistake and went on to manhandle the Blue Bombers 67-0. They have yet to score against a Tiger team in four tries.

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THE LAST time the Tigers clobbered a Cleveland team so unmercifully was in 1935 when Paul Brown’s charges rolled 66-0 over East Cleveland Shaw on Massillon field. The last time a 67-0 score cropped up was when Sid Jones’ Massillonians turned the trick against Dover in 1913 on North Street Field.

Senior tailback and Co-Captain Mark Streeter and junior fullback Bill Harmon led the onslaught behind some beautiful blocking and senior quarterback Greg Wood’s faking. “Streets” scored four touchdowns and a conversion while carrying the ball 11 times for 110 yards (no losses). “The Big Bear” scored a touchdown while carrying the pigskin 18 times for 153 yards (no losses).

Streeter and Harmon’s efforts helped the Tigers roll up 417 net rushing yards, losing only seven and 27 first downs. East’s run and shoot offense was short circuited by the Obiemen’s defense and got only 51 net yards, losing 25 and our first downs.

The only place where East got the better of it was in the passing department, connecting on 11 of 23 for 69 yards, mostly on running tosses into the flat. The Tigers hit on two of seven tries for a TD and 41 yards.

“Anybody running behind a line which opened up holes like ours – it was just beautiful,” Streeter said. “It was like heaven compared to last week.” (The Tigers lost 14-6 to Youngstown Ursuline in their opener.)

“OUR LINE did a tremendous job for Mark and me tonight,” Harmon said.

Bill had had some trouble with his blocking last week but said it came along better this time. He threw a lulu for Streeter which opened the way for his second TD.

“I made a lot of mistakes last week and worked real hard in practice this week to get my blocking down,” Harmon said. “I feel I did a little bit better.”
East fumbled the opening kickoff, Jim Hoffner recovered on the “Bombers” eight-yard line Streeter scored over right tackle from the four three plays later and ran the conversion.

Thee Lemon intercepted an East pass on his 14 and the Tigers drove 75 yards in nine plays with Streeter going around end from the 18 on the block by Harmon for Streeter’s second TD. Wood ran the conversion.

IN THE second period Streeter put the finish to an 82-yard, seven-play drive with a
nine-yard end run . Wood ran the conversion.

Harmon recovered a fumble on the East 25. Four plays later junior tailback Tom Grizzard went off tackle from the five. Wood’s pass to Eddie Bell missed the conversion.

The Tigers took over on the Bombers’ 15 after a low fourth down snap prevented a punt. Four plays later Harmon bulled in from the two. Dave Dowd booted the conversion.

The Orange and Black took the second half kickoff and rolled 86 yards in 12 plays for a score with Streeter racing over tackle from the 13. Tiger head coach Chuck Shuff called on “The Barrister” for another conversion kick effort and Dowd socked it through for a 42-0 score.

After a punt the Tigers rolled 72 yards in seven plays. Junior fullback Jeff Lab lugged the leather four yards for the six points. Dowd’s kick was off to the right.

KEITH HERRING grabbed off a fourth quarter East pass on his 24 and raced 50 yards to set up the Tigers’ next score. Junior quarterback Todd Keller passed to junior split end Bill Bammerlin for 29 yards on a sprint out pass for the TD on the next play. Bammerlin made a stumbling catch going into the end zone. Dowd’s kick made it 55-0.

Senior line backer Dennis Bricker recovered an East fumble on the Bombers’ 10. Two plays later junior tailback Dennis Simpson went around end from the three for another score. On a fake conversion kick senior holder Mark Pifer tried to pass to Grizzard unsuccessfully.

Keller intercepted an East pass on the Bombers’ 46 and returned 37 yards to East’s nine, but a 15-yard penalty sent the Tigers back to the 33. Six plays later junior fullback Al Martin went off tackle from the one for the final score. Enzo Fatigati’s attempted conversion kick was low.

Another bad snap on fourth down enabled the Tigers to nail the punter on the East 16 with 11 seconds left in the game, but the block ran out mercifully for the Bombers.

“We made a mistake early, they kept piling up on us and Massillon kept hitting us hard,” East head coach Joe Pledger said. “They have a fine team.”

“THE KIDS went out there and went after people,” Shuff said. “When you go out after people, you don’t make mistakes. The defense looked real good. With East’s type of offense you have to make some small adjustments. The kids did a good job of adjusting.”

EAST – 0
Ends – Jones, Fitzgerald, Whatley, Turner, Reeves, Wallace, Franklin.
Tackles – Pickett, Dunham, Jones, Seay, Aldridge, Twiggs, Wade.
Guards – Dunham, J. Jones, Pollard, Ross.
Centers – Foster, Valentine.
Quarterbacks – Kizer, Holman.
Wingbacks – Hector, Yarborough, T. Jones, Daniel, Gue, Hunter.
Fullbacks – Crowell, Rogers, Sutton.

Ends – Lemon, Gutshall, Bammerlin, Conley, Coates.
Tackles – Matie, Lauber, Rambaud, Easter, Rich, Goff, Greshen, Drobney, Genet, Glick, Wilson, Johnson.
Guards – Lightfoot, Bricker, Parrish, White, Dowd, Christoff, Schumacher, Snell, Bettilyon, Venables, Brand, K. Waldrop, Ramsey.
Centers – Studer, Nagle, Mitchell, Peters.
Quarterbacks – Wood, Keller, Smith, Arner.
Halfbacks – Streeter, Grizzard, Pifer, K. Harmon, Butterfield, Simpson, Dorsey, Shilling, Herring, Stewart, Robinson.
Fullbacks – B. Harmon, A. Martin, Rogers, Hoffner, Lab, Waldrop.
Kicker – Fatigati.

MASSILLON 16 19 13 19 67
EAST 0 0 0 0 0

Mark Streeter, 4 run (Streeter run);
Streeter, 18 run (Greg Wood run);
Streeter, 9 run (Wood run);
Tom Grizzard, 5 run (pass failed);
Harmon, 2 run (Dowd kick);
Streeter, 13 run (Dowd kick);
Jeff Lab, 4 run (kick failed);
Bill Bammerilin,29 pass from Todd Keller (Dowd kick);
Dennis Simpson, 3 run (pass failed);
Al Martin, 1 run (kick failed).

Referee – Jack Werkowitz.
Umpire – Henry Mastrianni.
Head Linesman – Henry Armstead.
Field Judge – Richard Creed.
Back Judge – Ron Giacomo.

First downs – rushing 23 1
First downs – passing 2 2
First downs – penalties 2 1
Total first downs 27 4
Yds. Gained rushing 424 51
Yds. Lost rushing 7 25
Net yds. Gained rush. 417 26
Net yds. Gained pass. 41 9
Total yds. Gained 458 95
Passes completed 2-7 1-23
Passes inter. By 3 0
Ydge. On passes inter. 62 0
Kickoff ave. (yards) 11-44.5 1-44.0
Kickoff returns (yards) 3 153
Punt average (yards) 0-0 6-20.6
Punt returns (yards) 8 0
Had punts clocked 0 2
Lost fumbled ball 1-6 3-6
Yards penalized 3-35 18-108
TDs rushing 9 0
TDs passing 1 0
Tot. number of plays 62 39
Time of possession 26:15 21:45

Joe Studer
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1964: Massillon 16, Cleveland East 0

East’s Errors Help Tigers Win Opener 16-0

Manson Scores 2 TDs On 4th Quarter Plunges


Lady Luck smiled on Massillon Friday night after 3 quarters of frustration and fumbles to give the Tigers a 16-0 victory over a good Cleveland East football team in the opener of the 1964 season.

The highly favored Tigers had more than they bargained for as the invading Bombers held them scoreless until late in the fourth quarter when the Tigers moved 80 yards, with the help of two 15-yard penalties, to the East 5-yard line only to lose the ball on downs.

East took over on its 5, and with second and 8, halfback Tim Lee fumbled on a mix-up in the backfield. Defensive end Wes Goodnough recovered for the Tigers on the 7-yard line with 4:39 left in the game.

Program Cover

Fullback Terry Manson, 5’9”, 188-pound junior, took it in to the 2 on the first try. Two smashes into the line didn’t get the ball over. It seemed like the Tigers would be foiled again. With fourth and 2, Manson plowed over for the score, the clock showing 2:18 left. Quarterback Steve Kanner added the extra points on a keeper.

Dave Paul kicked to the East 15 where halfback Bob Haynes brought it out to the 29. On first down East quarterback Ray Holliday fired a pass that linebacker Paul Marks intercepted at the 41 and ran back to the 1 with the aid of a key block by guard Tom Whitfield.

MANSON THEN went over from the one for the Tigers’ second touchdown with the clock showing 1:39 left in the game. Kanner again took the extra points over.

Coach Earle Bruce, making his debut as the Tiger coach after taking over from Leo Strang, whistled a sigh of relief when approached by newsmen in the Tiger dressing room after the game. Although glad that his team had won, Bruce was disappointed in its showing.

“We made too many mistakes—on our offensive assignments—and our blocking was terrible. Of course, we didn’t have the ball too often,” Bruce said before looking at the statistics sheet which showed the Tigers ran 47 plays to East’s 49.

“Then we threw one too many passes,” Bruce said referring to the first quarter when the Tigers moved the ball to the East 21. Quarterback Steve Kanner was smothered by the East line when he attempted to pass fumbling the ball and East recovering. The only other pass the Tigers tried came in the second quarter and it was incomplete.

“I can’t make any comment on our offense until I see the movies. I can’t see how we made so many mistakes,” Bruce said.
* * *
ONE BRIGHT SPOT on offense was the running of Edgar Herring, 5’5”, 148-pound senior halfback who gained 120 yards in 16 carries, including a 42-yarder from the Massillon 26 to the East 32 in the first quarter. It was the longest run of the night.

While unhappy with the offense, Bruce was fairly pleased with the defense, which allowed East only 109 yards. “Anytime you hold a team to 109 yards without scoring, you’re not doing too badly,” he said.

“We have a lot of polishing to do so we can make that trip up to the Rubber Bowl,” the coach added. The Tigers meet Niles McKinley next Saturday night in Akron in a game that has already sold almost 20,000 tickets.

Bruce praised East, saying, ‘They looked good. They really hit out on our linebackers. They didn’t make any mistakes. Joe Pledger, (the 6-foot, 195-pound East fullback) is a good boy.” Pledger picked up 92 of East’s 109 yards in 20 carries.

For 24-year old Bob Madison who was making his head-coaching debut at his high school alma mater, the game was an auspicious start. Madison sounded like an old veteran mentor when asked to comment on the game. “What can you say about losing?” he asked. However, it was obvious he was pleased with his team’s showing. “We came close, closer than any other East team.”

THIS WAS THE third meeting of the 2 schools and the Blue bombers have yet to score against Massillon. The Tigers have racked up 120 points against East.

“They (Massillon) have to go a long way offensively,” Madison said. “Of course they were looking ahead, to a certain extent,” the Colgate University graduate said. “We didn’t plan anything special except the fullback over guard with wedge blocking, hoping we could get them early. Otherwise it was straight stuff.

Actually, we’ve only had 3 days to prepare for Massillon. We couldn’t get into the building on Labor Day to get ready. As for Pledger, he’s quite a boy. There’s nothing in northeastern Ohio, at least, that will come close to Joe,” Madison said proudly of his fullback.

The Tigers penetrated to the East 21 in the first quarter and to the 38 in the second, losing the ball both times on fumbles. The scoring was all packed into the last 5 minutes of the game.

Cleveland East – 0

Ends – Matthews, Mixon, Exodus Lett, Taylor, Capers.
Tackles – Johnson, D. Young, Finley. Fitzgerald.
Guards – Murzynski, Badgett, R. Young, Ballentine, Ivory.
Center – Weaver.
Backs – Holliday, Lee, Ellis, George, Pledger, Simmons, Haynes, Lindsey.

Massillon – 16

Ends – Goodnough, B. Williams, Gillmore, Franklin, Garcia.
Tackles – Morgan, Binge, Hartley, Stevens, Paul, Croop.
Guards – Larsuel, D. Whitfield, T. Whitfield.
Center – Muhlback.
Backs – Schenkenberger, Marks, Shanor, Herring, Manson, Kanner, Frieg, Pribich, Sheegog.

Massillon 0 0 0 16 – 16
Cleveland East 0 0 0 0 – 0

Scoring – Massillon – Touchdowns – Manson 2 (runs of 2 and 1 yard).

Points after touchdown – 2 (runs)

Officials – Harvey Hodgson, Jr. (Massillon); referee – Bill Makepeace (Cincinnati);
headlinesman – A.N. Smith (Elyria; headlinesman – Bob Strimer (Delaware) field judge.

Mass. East
First downs—rushing 11 9
First downs—passing 0 0
First downs—penalties 2 0
Total first downs 13 9
Yards gained rushing 223 151
Yards lost rushing 21 41
Total plays 47 49
Net yards rushing 192 109
Passes attempted 2 7
Passes completed 0 2
Passes intercepted by 1 0
Yardage on passes intercepted 40 0
Times kicked off 3 1
Kickoff average (yards) 48 45
Kickoff returns (yards) 19 62
Times punted 2 4
Punt average (yards) 38 31
Punt returns (yards) 0 8
Had punts blocked 0 0
Fumbles 3 1
Lost fumbled ball 3 1
Penalties 4 5
Yards penalized 27 53
Touchdowns rushing 2 0
Touchdowns passing 0 0
Touchdowns by interception 0 0

John Mulbach
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1963: Massillon 46, Cleveland East 0

Tigers Mangle Cleveland East 46-0
Balance; Defense Good


It’s been said many times before. And maybe it’s corny, too. But what a difference a year can make!

Three hundred sixty-five days ago a bunch of somber, long-faced fans filed out of Tiger stadium after an 8-7 loss to Fremont Ross. Friday night, the Massillon fans among the 9,933 assembled at the stadium left with mile-wide grins on their faces and cheers emanating from their lips.

The Washington high eleven, showing a well-balanced attack and a very stingy defense, rolled over Cleveland East 46-0 to get the 1963 season off to a rousing start.

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The Orange and Black amassed 432 yards, 232 of them through the air, to 56 for East. The Bengals garnered 12 first downs to the Blue Bombers’ four. The Tigers had 288 yards to East’s 24 and 14 first downs to East’s one at the halftime intermission.
* * *
AND THE outcome could have been even more lopsided, but Coach Leo Strang used everybody on the bench rather than running up the score.

Following the game Coach Flory Mariocourt of East said, “I really appreciate Leo’s using his reserves. It gave us a lot of good experience.

Strang pointed to an old adage in summing up his feelings on the game. The familiar saying goes, “the best defense is a good offense.”

The Tigers scored six of the 12 times they had the ball and used up gobs of time on the clock in doing it. They showed good ball control during the other six chances, too. Not until the last quarter were they forced to punt and only in that period did they fail to score. They did lose the ball once on a fumble and once on an intercepted pass.

When the Orange and Black didn’t have the ball, its’ defense “made the offense look good,” as Strang put it. East failed to get out of its own territory until the third canto and then turned the trick only three times after that.
* * *
THE DEEPEST penetration by the Bombers was to the Tigers 32 late in the fourth stanza. But they lost a fumble at that point and the ball rolled all the way back to the East 45 where Dennis Morgan curled himself around the pigskin.

A contributing factor in the Bengal’s fine defensive effort was the play of ends Butch Hose and Captain Mike Jones and tackles Jim Binge and Steve Tarle. Binge and Tarle effectively jammed up East’s power game; forcing it outside where Hose and Jones took over.

Strang was pleased with both the first and second units work on defense, especially their gang tackling and pass defense. Likewise the skipper was happy that his air game functioned so well that he didn’t have to use too much of his running repertoire.

Quarterbacks Ron Swartz and Tom (Goose) Gatsios threw with pinpoint accuracy, completing 12 of 24 passes. Backs Bob Hewitt, Terry Getz, Jim Lawrence and Paul Shanor formed a well-nigh impregnable pocket for their mates. Offensive linemen appeared to do their jobs well. Receivers ran patterns well and were wide open – sometimes two in an area – on many occasions.

Scoring was divided evenly with three touchdowns coming via the heavens and three on the ground. Wingback Bill (Rabbit) Blunt scored a trio of six-pointers and a conversion. Hewitt picked up two conversions.
* * *
THE FIRST WHS tally came with 3:21seconds left in the initial canto. The Bengals marched 58 yards, after an East punt, in 13 plays with four first downs. Swartz sneaked in from the one on third down. Gatsios added the conversion on the keeper.

John Muhlback fell on Tom Rivera’s onside kick on the ensuing kickoff and the Orange and Black went 49 yards for its second six-pointer. Four plays and two first downs were registered.

Short side end Floyd (Duke) Pierce was instrumental in this drive, combining with Swartz on a 31-yard pass play to help set up the score. Swartz cranked up his right arm again on second down, after being tossed for a 12-yard loss and completed a pass good for 38 yards to Blunt with 1:14 seconds left, Long side end Will Perry got a key block on the 10-yard line to open the gate. Hewitt ran the conversion.

In the second period, Massillon moved 66 yards after a punt, using up four plays and two first downs. Blunt was the touchdown guy again, going 44 yards on a first down reverse with 7:39 left. Gatsios hit the shifty senior for the conversion.

East was forced to punt again after one series. The Bengals took over 58 yards from pay dirt and had their fourth score eight plays and five first downs later.
* * *
BLUNT WAS on the receiving end of a first down 16-yard aerial from Gatsios with 3:06 left. Hewitt scored the extra two points.

Picking up a punt on their 31, the Tigers marched to touchdown land again at the 7:16 mark of the third quarter. Seven plays and four first downs were used up this time. Lawrence bulled over from the one on second down after racing 14 yards on the play before. His conversion run was good.

Grady Eckard pounced on a Bomber fumble on the Clevelanders’ 29 and four plays and two first downs later it was touchdown for the Bengals for the final time. Short side end Bob (BoBo) McAllister caught a Swartz pass on second down from the 15 at 5:21. Lawrence was short through the center for the conversion.

The Tigers threatened once more but the clock ran out with the ball on the East three.

It’s now one down and nine to go on the state title comeback trail for the Tigers. The Massillon eleven will travel to Akron’s Rubber Bowl one week from tonight to face Akron Garfie

A Rousing Start

EAST – 0
Ends – Rountree, Miller, Lett and Mixon.
Tackles – Canady and Banks.
Guards – R. Young, D. Young and Ivory.
Centers – Murzynski and Weaver.
Quarterback – Holliday.
Halfbacks – Paul, Haynes, Hipps and Lindsey.
Fullbacks – Pledger and Hooker.

Ends – Pierce, Perry, Jones, Hose, McAllister, Goodnough, Franklin, R. Alexander and D. Alexander.
Tackles – Tarle, Miller, Binge, Passalacqua, Stevens, Morgan and Paul.
Guards – Castile, Larsuel, Whitfield, Manson, Swisher, Paflas, Mathias, Muhlbach, Rrearick, Rivera and Martin.
Centers – Scassa, Frank and Rambaud.
Quarterbacks – Swartz, Gatsios, Kanner and Freig.
Halfbacks – Blunt, Getz, Eckard, Rink, Pope, Gamble, Marks, Shanor, Williams and Schenkenberger.
Fullbacks – Hewitt, Lawrence and Thomas.

Massillon 16 16 14 0 46

Blunt 3 (26-yard pass from Swartz, 44-yard run and 16-yard pass from Gatsios); Swartz (one-yard sneak); Lawrence (one-yard plunge); and McAllister (15-yard pass from Swartz).

Points after touchdowns:
Blunt 2; Hewitt 4, Gatsios 2 and Lawrence 2.

Referee – Harvey Hodgson, Jr. (Massillon).
Umpire – Paul Trepinski (Toledo).
Head Linesman – Bill Earenfight (Canton).
Field Judge – Chuck Hinkle (Canton).

Mass. East
First downs, rushing 12 4
First downs, passing 11 0
First downs, penalties 0 0
Total first downs 23 4
Yards gained rushing 217 102
Yards lost rushing 17 48
Net yards gained rushing 200 54
Yards gained passing 232 2
Total yards gained 432 56
Passes attempted 24 7
Passes completed 12 2
Passes intercepted by 0 1
Times kicked off 7 1
Kickoff average (yards) 38.5 38.0
Kickoff returns (yards) 22 53
Times punted 1 6
Punt average (yards) 32.0 30.6
Punt returns (yards) 62 0
Had punts blocked 0 0
Fumbles 1 3
Lost fumbled ball 1 2
Penalties 0 3
Yards penalized. 0 15

Bill Blunt