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Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1978: Massillon 31, Cleveland Benedictine 0

Tigers’ late surge buries Bennies 31‑0
Defense brilliant in logging first shutout


Between the Benedictine offense and the Tiger defense, Massillon had ample opportunity to put Friday night’s game on ice in the first half.

But it took a second half offensive surge and a continuing stellar performance by the Tiger defenders to white‑wash Cleveland Benedictine, 31‑0.

“The defense saved us again when we were sputtering,” Tiger coach Mike Currence said after his team chalked up its fifth straight win and first shut‑out of the season.

The Beanies lost four fumbles in the first half, two deep in their own territory, but the Tigers could take advantage of only one. That was recovered in the Massillon end one by defender Jamie Schlegel for a touchback.

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Three plays later senior halfback Jeff Beitel took off on a sweep, picked up some excellent blocks and charged down the sideline 68 yards for the Tigers’ only touchdown of the first half. Ron Wright’s kick was no good, and the score was 6-0 with 9:08 remaining in the half.
Schlegel’s key recovery in the end zone was just the beginning of a great performance by the junior defensive halfback. He picked off a pass on Cleveland’s first play of the second half and a few moments later brought the crowd of over 10,000 to its feet with one of the most exciting punt returns in many a‑game at Paul Brown Tiger Stadium. The return set up another Tiger score.

The Tiger offense had its problems in the first half and most of the credit for those problems has to go to the talent and size of the Benedictine defensive backs and linebackers.
“It’s real tough throwing over those tall guys!” Currence exclaimed after the contest. The Bengals’ defensive line had some tall trees that blocked Tiger Quarterback Brent Offenbecher’s view. And the secondary was even taller.

Sixteen of Massillon’s 31 first‑half plays were completed. Offenbecher usually found his target in the first two quarters, and a big Bengal usually found the target too just in time to break up the play.

In all, Offenbecher finished the night with 12 completions in 30 attempts for 167 yards and three interceptions.

“Two of those interceptions were my fault,” Currence said, noting that his strategy backfired a couple times when his foe, Benedictine Coach Augie Bossu, changed his defensive procedures.

The Tiger mentor praised Bossu’s ability as a coach and added the two have had a rivalry ever since Currence was the field general at Lakewood St. Edward’s.
“We didn’t get to use as many of our players as we wanted to, because Angle always keeps his starting team in. He doesn’t substitute,” Currence added.

“And with about eight minutes left in the fourth quarter, and only up 24 points, you can’t ease up against him,” Currence said.

Although Benedictine picked up 222 yards in the game, the Bennies only knocked on Massillon’s door once. They marched downfield early in the second period and had a second‑and‑three situation at the Tiger 10‑yard line.

Sophomore halfback Don Cline carried the ball into the line, was hammered by linebacker Richard Cleveland and, as he tried to twist and squirm for more yardage, lost the ball which Schlegel recovered in the end zone.

Though the Tiger defense recovered fumbles at the Bennies’ 29 and 18 yardlines after the score, the offense couldn’t reach the promised land again in the first half.

However, things were different in the second half. Senior Curtis Strawder returned the kickoff 24 yards and the Tigers went to work from their 43 yard line.

Beitel ran his trademark sweep ‑ a play that is fast becoming the Tigers’ bread and butter on the ground for 10 yards. Fullback Tom Gehring went up the middle for two yards and then Offenbecher found Beitel open and connected on a nine-yard gainer. Junior Bill Beitel squirmed through the line for another 10 yards and then brother Jeff was off‑and‑running again.

Behind some powerful blocks, Jeff swept down the hometown sideline for a 25‑yard touchdown scamper. Offenbecher tried to pass for the extra points, but the ball fell incomplete and the Tigers were on top 12‑0 with 10:35 remaining in the third quarter.

Cline returned the kickoff to the Benedictine 40, but quarterback Dale Horton’s pass on the first Play was picked off by Schlegel.

Offenbecher started marching the Tiger’s downfield, but a third‑and‑six pass was picked off and the Bennies had the ball at their 10‑yard line. The Tiger defense gave up five yards on three plays, and the Bennie’s punted to Schlegel.

Defense brilliant in logging first shutout
Schlegel caught the punt and ran a country mile for what turned out to be a 40‑yard return. He caught the ball at ratified on the east sideline, ran backwards about 15 yards to avoid tacklers while he crossed the field and zoomed down the west sideline to the 10 before being hauled down from behind.

Two plays later Gehring rammed through the center of the line for his first of two touchdowns. The conversion pass was broken up and, with 5:49 remaining in the third period, the score was 18-0.

Benedictine failed to get a first down on the next series, punted, and Darren Longshore ran it back 65 yards for another TD, only to have it called back on a clipping infraction.
The Tigers had to start at their 21, and “Mr. Clutch” came in at quarterback to give Offenbecher, who had been sprinting left and sprinting right all night, a breather.
“Mr. Clutch,” as Currence calls him, is Wright – split end, kicker, and quarterback.
Wright didn’t waste any time showing his talents to the Bengals. After four running plays, that gave Massillon a second‑and‑14 at the Tiger 31, Wright connected with Gehring on an 18‑yard gainer, Two plays later he fired on a run to junior end Marty Guzzetta, who battled for some extra yardage of the ball on Benedictine’s 20 ‑ a play good for 31 yards.

The Bennies’ defense slammed the door on Massillon’s running game again, and on fourth-and-10 Wright went back to Guzzetta for a 15‑yarder and with a whistle on Benedictine for a late hit, Massillon had a first‑and‑goal at the three. Gehring barged over the line for his second TD, Wright’s conversion pass was incomplete and it was 24‑0 with 11:43 remaining to play.
Massillon’s defense again held the Bennies at bay, but a booming punt by 6-4 Dave Marshall, one of those trees on defense, put the Tigers on their 20.

Offenbecher returned to action, with the nod from Currence to call his own game.
“When Brent went out he was determined to take it all the way,” Currence said.
He did ‑ with a little help from the defense.

The offense ran two plays and got a 15-yard holding penalty in the process, putting the ball back at the 13. Two plays later Offenbecher got hit as he threw the ball and Scott Modzelewski intercepted at the Benedictine 48. The Beanies went to the air right away and Horton connected with 6‑6 end Joe Mincek. The tall guy ran for some good yardage but fumbled when he was tackled and Cleveland recovered for the Tigers at Massillon’s 22.
So Offenbecher went to work again. He hit Strawder and Bill Beitel on consecutive passes, threw an incomplete pass, then rolled to his left and picked up 12 yards an his own. He got steamrollered when he was already out of bounds, which gave the Tigers an additional 15 yards.

With a second‑and‑one on the Bennies’ 21, however, Massillon returned the yardage on an illegal receiver penalty. That infraction made it second‑and‑16 at the Cleveland 36, but a hard run by Sam Hill and a pass to Guzzetta made it first‑and‑10 at the 15. Offenbecher hit junior end Scott Gehring at the three, and kept the ball on three successive plays until he punched into the end zone with 3:01 remaining.

“Yeah, the fumbles sum hurt us,” Bossu said after the game. “Our defense was on the field longer than it should have been, and Massillon has an awfully strong offense,” he added.
Thinking of those fumbles and interceptions, Currence said, “I have to apologize to our defense. We should have scored so many more times.”
So, what‑the‑heck; 31‑0 isn’t bad at all.

First down, rush. 9 4
First downs pass. 12 4
First downs pen. A 2
Total first down 21 10
Yards gained rushing 221 130
Yards lost rush. 48 5
Net yds. gained rush. 173 125
Net yds. passing 241 97
Total yds. gained 414 222
Passes att. 34 11
Passes completed 15 5
Passes intercepted 3 3
Yardage on passes intercepted 20 4
Times kicked off 6 1
Kickoff ave. 46 42
Kickoff returns 25 93
Times punted 2 6
Punt average 25 34
Punt returns 45 0
Punts blocked 0 0
Fumbles 1 7
Lost fumbles 1 5
Penalties 5 3
Yards penalized 74 24
Touchdowns rushing 5 0
Total number of plays 73 55
Time of Poss. 25:03 22:57

MASSILLON 0 6 12 13 31

M ‑ Jeff Beitel 68 run (Ron Wright kick fail);
M ‑ J. Beitel 25 run (pass fail);
M – Tom Gehring 4 run (pass fail);
M – T. Gehring 3 run (pass fail);
M – Brent Offenbecher 1 run (Wright kick).



QUARTERBACK: 14 – Brent Offenbecher (Sr., 6‑1,175);
FULLBACK: 49 ‑ Sam Hill (Jr., 5‑6,160), 43 ‑ Tom Gehring (Sr., 5‑10. 171);
HALFBACKS: 45 ‑ Jeff Beitel (Sr., 5‑7 158), 22 ‑ Bill Beitel (Jr., 5‑7, 148);
ENDS: 42 – Curtis Strawder (Sr., 5-10, 153), 13 ‑ Ron Wright (Sr., 5-9,173), 25 Marty Guzzetta (Jr., 5-9, 160);
TACKLES: 67 – Doug Wood (Sr., 6‑2, 191), 76 ‑ Mark Kircher (Jr., 6‑1, 212);
GUARDS: 69 ‑ Jim Horton (Sr., 6-0,177), 65 ‑ Larry Massie (Jr., 5‑7, 195);
CENTER: 51 Scott Kasunick (Sr., 5‑9, 181).

ENDS: 81 ‑ Bruce Solinger (Sr.. 6-0, 175), 88 ‑ Kent Wilson (Sr. 6-0, 182);
TACKLES: 72 ‑ Harry Foster (Sr, 6‑2, 222), 71 ‑ Jeff Pedro (Sr., 6‑3, 204);
MIDDLE GUARD: 55 ‑ Bob Simpson (Jr., 5‑11, 190);
LINEBACKERS: 28 ‑ Dick Cleveland (Sr., 5 11,188), 38 Kevin Harris (Sr. 5‑10, 182);
MONSTER BACK: 11 Darren Longshore (Sr., 6-1, 175);
SAFETY: 21 – Jamie Schiegel (Jr., 5‑11, 160);
HALFBACKS: 34 – Jeff David (Sr., 5-9, 188), 12 ‑ Dan Venables (Sr., 5‑10, 160)
KICKERS: 13 ‑ Wright (punts, extra points), 86 ‑ Mike Hodgson (Jr., 6‑5. 194) kickoffs.


QUARTERBACK: 10 – Dave Horton (Jr., 5‑8, 124);
FULLBACK: 21 Mark Mariani (Sr., 6-0. 186);
HALFBACKS: 22 Don Cline (Soph., 5‑10, 160); 95 – Joe Mencek (Sr., 6‑6, 186);
ENDS: 85 ‑ Dave Marshall (Sr., 6-4, 188), 81 ‑ John Goode ( J r. , 6-2, 192);
TACKLES: 72 ‑ Dan Cash (Jr., 6-2, 190), 71 ‑ Tom Glowik (Sr., 6‑4, 215);
GUARDS: 61 ‑ Greg Shenedy (Sr., 5‑9, 166), 66 ‑ Joe Buerger (Jr., 5-11, 179), 63 – Dan Frate (Sr., 5-11, 178 ), 60 – John Savage (Jr., 5‑10, 177);
CENTER: 55 – Mike Shantery (Jr., 5-11, 175).

ENDS: 64 ‑ Willie Tucker (Sr., 6‑1, 191), 57 – Tony Pletka (Sr., 6-0, 176);
TACKLES: Jim Urda (Sr., 6-3, 210) , 70 ‑ Jim Kutka (Soph., 5-11, 175);
LINEBACKERS: 50 – Ted Chiudioni (Sr., 5-9, 164), 90 – Derick Dove (Sr., 6-2, 185);
OUTSIDE LINEBACKERS: 60 – John Savage, 85 ‑ Dave Marshall;
HALFBACKS: 30 ‑ Hugh Evert (Sr., 5‑10, 155), 32 – Scott Modzelewski (Jr., 5-10, 166);
SAFETY: 95 – Joe Mincek.
KICKER: 57 ‑ Tony Pletka.

SERIES: 24th meeting, Massillon Holds hold’s 20‑2-1 edge.
LAST MEETING: 1977, Massillon 24, Benedictine 7.
POINTS SCORED BY: Massillon 131, Benedictine 45.
POINTS SCORED AGAINST: Massillon 22, Benedictine 23.

Curtis Strawder
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1977: Massillon 24, Cleveland Benedictine 7

Tigers throttle Bengals 24-7

Independent Sports Editor

The Massillon Tigers limited the Cleveland Benedictine Bengals to 18 yards in the first half and coasted to a 24-7 victory Friday night before a Dad’s sight crowd of 9,356 at Paul Brown Tiger Stadium.

“Massillon controlled the football and the line of scrimmage and that was the ball game,” Bengal head coach August Bossu saidafter the game.

“THEY’RE VERY good. They were what we expected them to be,” Bossu said.

The Tigers shut down the Bengals in the first half and rand up 17 points, picking up 122 yards rushing.

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“We worked hard all week on the running game and we had planned to do more running tonight,” Tiger head coach Mike Currence said.

The Tigers drove inside the Benedictine 10-yard line twice in the first quarter, losing the ball on downs both then times.

“When you’re driving down the field you have to take what they give you.” Currence said, explaining why the Tigers stuck to the ground. “Then we’d get down there in a short yardage situation and we couldn’t get it. You ought to be able to make it. We weren’t pleased at all with those situation plays down inside their 10.”

THE TIGER defense came to the rescue, however, as it recorded its third safety in three games.

After Massillon gave up the ball at the Benedictine seven on downs, the Bengals took over and were promptly assessed a motion penalty that put the ball at the three. On the second down, halfback Bill St. John was hit and downed in the end zone by David Engler, Tony Matie and John Letcavits.

The Tigers got the ball with 1:58 left in the first quarter following a Bengal punt and drove 59 yards in nine plays, with Greg Carpenter running it in from four yards out with 11:07 left in the half. Mark Westover booted the extra point for a 9-0 Tiger lead.

Then, following another Bengal punt, Massillon took over at the Benedictine 39 after an 18 yard return by Darren Longshore.

The Tigers didn’t waste any time as junior quarterback Brent Offenbecher hit wide receiver Curtis Strawder down the left sideline for a touchdown. Dick Cleveland ran in the extra points and the Tigers took a 17-0 lead into the lockerroom at the half.

IN THE second half, the Bengals came out and made a game of it, but it was a little too late.

Their only score against the tough Tiger defense came when James Few recovered a Massillon fumble at the Tiger 44 yard line in the third quarter.

Bengal quarterback Jamie Georgeson kept the drive alive with two key passes for first downs. The first was to Terry Modzelewski for 18 yards and the second to Pete Germano for 13 yards.

Bengal fullback Few punched over far the TD from the one and Frank Szoks added the conversion kick.

Early in the fourth quarter, Massillon drove to the Bengal two only to lose the ball on downs.

HOWEVER, the Bengal punted from their own four and the Tigers’ Mike Hickey caught the ball at the Bennie 32 and scampered untouched down the left sideline for a touchdown. Westover capped the scoring for the night with his extra point and the Tigers went home with a 24 7 win and a 4-1 record.

“They turned out to be a little strong, defensively.” Currence said. “They changed up on us some. They switched Few from inside linebacker to defensive end.

“They had some pretty good people and I think they’ll win a few games for us this year,” he said, referring to the state computer poll.

BOSSU SAID he was disappointed his team didn’t come up with a better first half.

“Our defense was better the second half and I thought we played better offensively as well as defensively the second half. Our only mistake was on the punt coverage.

“We would have liked to pass more,” Bossu explained, “but we didn’t have good enough protection for our quarterback and we had poor field position.”

Benedictine is 3-2 on the season.

The Tigers will play at Steubenville Friday night in their second All-American Conference game of the season.

Offenbecher hit 5 of 10 passes for 98 yards and one TD while Mike Grove gained 93 yards rushing in just seven carries.

First downs rushing 10 3
First downs passing 5 2
First downs penalties 2 0
Total first downs 17 5
Yards gained rushing 219 82
Yards lost rushing 24 18
Net yards gained rushing 195 64
Net yards gained passing 108 31
Total yards gained 303 95
Passes attempted 14 6
Passes completed 6 2
Passes intercepted by 1 1
Yardage on passes intercepted 0 0
Times kicked off 4 3
Kickoff average (yards) 52.3 49.3
Kickoff returns (yards) 59 81
Times punted 2 7
Punt average (yards) 40.0 30.8
Punt returns (average) 58 4
H ad punts blocked 0 0
Fumbles 1 1
Lost fumbled ball 1 0
Penalties 3 3
Yards penalized 25 24
Touchdowns rushing 1 1
Touchdowns passing 1 0
Touchdowns by interception 0 0
Miscellaneous touchdowns 1 0
Total number of plays 57 45
Total time of possession 27:33 20:27

Benedictine 0 0 7 0 7
Massillon 2 15 0 7 24

M – safety;
M – Greg Carpenter 4 run (Mark Westover kick);
M – Curtis Strawder 39 pass from Brent Offenbecher (Richard Cleveland run);
B – James Few 1 run (Frank Szoks kick);
M – Mike Hickey 32 punt return (Westover kick)
Attendance: 9,356

Quarterback: 14 Brent Offenbecher (Jr., 6 0, 167);
fullback: 28 Richard Cleveland (Jr., 5 11, 185);
halfbacks: 44 Mike Grove (Sr., 5 9,, 175), 33 Greg Carpenter (Sr., 6 0, 208); 45 Jeff Beitel (Jr., 5 7, 150)
end: 20 Mark Pringle (Sr., 6 1, 182), 86 Bob Grizzard (Sr., 5 5, 150), 80 Curtis Strawder (Jr., 5 10, 147), 87 Eric Clendening (Sr., 5 10, 174);
tackles: 75 Tim Daniels (Sr., 6 8, 260), 78 Mark Namany (Sr., 6 4, 210), 73 Bob Kovacsiss (Sr., 5 11, 246);
guards: 65 Bob Berquist (Sr., 5 10, 195), 61 Toby Leonard (Sr., 5 8, 183);
center: 66 Ken Nagle (Sr., 5 10, 191), 50 Dick Lutz (Sr., 6 1, 212).

Ends: 85 David Engler (Sr., 5 9, 190), 52 Frank Sweterlitsch (Sr., 6 1, 193);
tackles: 68 Tony Matie (Sr., 6 1, 218), 39 Jerry Shafrath (Sr., 6 1, 214);
middle guard: 59 Carl Dorsey (Sr., 5 10, 192);
linebackers: 62 Kurt Walterhouse (Sr., 5 11, 187), 47 Steve Dottavio (Sr., 5 9, 212);
monster back: 27 John Letcavits (Sr., 6 1, 172);
safety: 21 Marc Longshore (Sr., 6 1, 182);
defensive halfbacks: 22 Mike Hickey (Sr., 5 10, 171), 11 Darren Longshore (Jr., 6 0, 165)
Kicker; 15 Mark Westover (Sr., 6 1, 218).

Quarterback: 10 Jamie Georgeson (Sr., 5 7, 155);
fullback: 32 James Few (Sr., 6 1, 209);
halfbacks: 22 Bill St. John )Sr., 5 10, 176), 81 Terry Modzelewski (Sr., 5 9, 161);
ends; 99 Pete Germano (Sr., 6 3, 183), 85 Dave Marshall (Jr., 6 3, 185);
tackles: 60 Art Eulinberg (Sr., 6 1, 203), 74 Spencer Stokes (Sr., 5 11, 234);
guards: 55 Nick Baucco (Sr., 5 10, 175), 63 Andy Smith (Sr., 6 1, 187);
center: 73 Sidney Peterson (Sr., 5 11, 228)

Ends: 90 Cormac O’Neil (Sr., 5 11, 187), 64 Willie Tucker (Jr., 6 0, 184);
tackles: 75 Jim Urda (Jr., 6 3, 207), 71 Tom Glowik (Jr., 6 3, 212)
inside linebackers: 32 Few, 85 Marshall;
outside linebackers: 88 Joe Marino (Sr., 5 11, 175), 42 John DiPaola (Sr., 6 0, 158);
safety: 99 Germano;
defensive halfbacks: 12 John Szuch (Sr., 5 10, 157), 22 St. John;
Kicker: 57 Frank Szocs (Sr., 6 2, 184).

23d meeting, Massillon holds 19 2 1 edge.

Points scored by:
Massillon 100;
Benedictine 53

Tim Daniels
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1972: Massillon 15, Cleveland Benedictine 6

Tigers are still prime target for Bossu

Independent Sports Editor

It’s a whole new ball game for Augie Bossu this season, but it’s the same old story for the Massillon Tigers. They’re still a prime target for the skipper of the Cleveland Benedictine Bengals.

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Cleveland’s defending city champions will help the Tigers open the season at Tiger stadium Friday at 8 p.m. The former East Senate league high school team has gone 9-1 in the past four seasons with the only defeat each time being here at the hands of the Orange and Black.
* * *
“WE’RE APPROACHING this season differently,” Bossu said today. “It’s something new for us. In the past we have played two or three top teams and let the rest of the schedule take care of itself. Now we believe we have a representative schedule and a tremendous challenge. There are teams aiming for us who have never played us before.”

Among these aggregations are Dover, Willoughby South, Erie, Pa., East, Collinwood and Parma Padua to name some in the 1971 Senate champs taste of independent competition.

“It puts a lot of pressure on us to play Massillon first,” Bossu said. ‘Our coaching staff is small and there’s an awful lot to be done. We make early mistakes which we must correct later. We can’t afford those mistakes against a good one like Massillon and stay in the game.”

Bossu did not comment on whether he figured meeting the Tigers would be a different kind of experience this time because of a varied Massillon attack.

“The Tigers will be strong in whatever phase of the game they should be,” the 18-year veteran coach said. “They always have the best in material.”
* * *
THE BENGALS have won three scrimmages and Bossu was interested to hear that the Tigers won one and had another rained out, but did not comment on whether or not he thought this would be of benefit to his team.

It will be the same type of hard-charging, hard-hitting Benedictine team as in other years facing WHS Friday. Bossu will use variations of the “I” offensively and six-man front defense.

When asked if he agreed with Massillon Coach Bob Commings that the Bennies would be bringing the best team here since Commings came to town in 1969, Bossu replied, “We don’t have the speed we had then, but we’re a little heavier.”

In that year, the Bengals lost 22-20, but threw a scare into the Tigers when will-o-the-wisp halfback Jim Kacivinsky scored twice in the second half.
“We have about half a dozen boys back who played regularly last year,” Bossu said.
* * *
SENIORS ARE quarterback Duane Petrovich (5-10, 175) and right halfback Jim Teresczuk (5-11, 191), two-way halfback Pat Moriarty (6-1, 160), offensive tackle Rick Switalski (6-5, 235), offensive halfback-middle linebacker Mike Woods (6-2, 217) and punter Paul Friery, also an offensive end and cornerback (6-2, 162).

Juniors are center-defensive guard John Glowik (6-1, 188), junior cornerback Al Keller
(5-11, 160) and fullback-defensive end Gerald Modzelewski (6-0, 200), a distant relative of former Cleveland Browns star Dick Modzelewski.

Woods could be a key to the Bengals’ chances Friday night. He’s a powerful runner and roams well from his linebacking spot.

“He hasn’t done it yet,” Bossu said, “He’s a possible threat if we can get him to the line and find room for him to get through.”

Tiger Coaches say Woods reminds them of Willie Spencer, the Orange and Blacks’
all-everything tailback last year. But Woods was not listed as an offensive started for Friday.

Besides Switalski on the hefty side on the offensive line, there’s junior Frank Malec
(6-2, 245). Defensively, junior John Nemeth (6-1, 250) and Jeff Mazer (6-1, 200) will man the tackle slots.
* * *
COMMINGS IS toying with the idea of experimenting with the tie-breaker rule. The decision will be made week by week, after conferring with opposing coaches. The All-American has not approved the modified new rule.

Tigers Sputter
but win opener 15-6

Independent Sports Editor

New Massillon Washington High Trainer, Bill Meier may unknowingly have made the best assessment of Friday night’s opening Tiger football game when he passed on to this reporter a small orange-and-black badge in the dressing room following the game.

“Together there’s so much we can do” was written on the badge.
It was by sticking together to play great defense during a spotty offensive performance that the Tigers edged a tough Cleveland Benedictine team 15-6 before 12,181 fans and it should be by sticking together to work hard in practice next week that the Orange and Black will show their faithful that the Tigers the fans saw Friday night were not the true Obiemen of 1972.

THE LONE offensive bright spot was the running of tailback Tom Hannon. The
groovy-hipped senior carried 27 times for a net 145 yards after having only lugged the pigskin four times in one pre-season scrimmage and five in another. He was fighting a couple of painfully cramped legs Friday night.

The real Tigers just don’t lose four of six fumbles, get penalized 87 yards and get to the four, the two, the one and the half-yard line and not score. All four times the huge Benedictine defense held admirably.

But the Tigers put it to the Bennies just too often and as veteran Benedictine boss, Augie Bossu said, “You can only be on defense so often and then something’s going to happen.”

Benedictine did not feel his team wore down but Tiger Coach Bob Commings said, “We appeared to have more steam left than they did,” when asked why his charges seemed to catch fire in the fourth quarter when they switched to the fullhouse T. “I thought we played a real gutty game.”

“We didn’t play any differently in the last quarter,” Bossu declared.

COMMINGS reminded he had been telling the Tigers all week that they would be playing a fine team Friday.

“If we had been sharper, we could have blown them into oblivion,” Commings said. “For the first game of the year, I thought our passing game was excellent, but we’ve got to concentrate on making the sure catch.”

The fourth quarter was when the Tigers put the clincher on the contest which saw both teams capitalize and fail to capitalize on the others miscues. Linebacker Charlie Swann picked off a Duane Petrovich pass on the Benedictine 35-yard line and returned to the 20.

Quarterback Kevin Westover found tight end Dari Edwards on the two on the next play. Don Muhlbach kicked the conversion with 5:11 left.

The Tigers had one more chance in the goodbye canto when tackle Tim Graber scooped up Pat Moriarty’s bobble on the Benedictine 28, but five plays later Westover bobbled the snap on the four and guard Manuel Martinez covered on the four.
* * *
NEITHER TEAM scored in the first half when Massillon had 38 plays to Benedictine’s 25. The Tigers took the opening kickoff and moved from their 35 to the two only to have Westover’s pitchout go awry on fourth down.

Ten and 14-yard passes to Edwards and split end Greg Sullivan respectively helped open up the Benedictine defense and may be the answer to ensuing games because the short power game wasn’t there Friday night.
With the help of two 15-yard and one five-yard award the Tigers moved to the one after a punt. There halfback Gerald Modzelewski and guard John Glowick brought down Hannon.

Benedictine’s Paul Friery quick kicked from the end zone on first down. The Tigers used one series, punted and Hannon recovered when the ball hit the safetyman and bounded to the 14. That series came to an abrupt halt on the 24.

Sophomore Tim Gutshall intercepted a Petrovich pass on the 25 and ran to the 20, but the Tigers got stalled again – on the 33.

From there, Benedictine mounted a drive to the Massillon 28 but lost the ball on downs, thanks to tackle Bill Csonka. The Bennies also moved from their 46, after another Tiger effort had failed to the Massillon 21 – largely on 11-yard and 22-yard passes from Petrovich to Friery and end Dick Schutte, respectively.

Tom Seres’ field goal attempt was wide left.
* * *
HALFBACK JIM TERESCZUK fumbled the second half kickoff, Jim Jackson covered on the Cleveland 40, Hannon took a Westover pitch and raced 30 yards around the left side to the 10, two plays later from there through the center to the one and almost swept left end for the score on the next play but middle backer Mike Woods stuck a hand out at the last minute and tripped him on fourth down.

Friery punted badly out of bounds on the Benedictine 30 on third down and Hannon – with a good second effort – squeezed through left tackle on the first play for the touchdown with 8:32 left.

Benedictine’s lone TD came when Woods recovered Jackson’s third period fumble on the Massillon 13 and the Bennies rammed the ball in in three plays with Moriarty carrying 10 yards through right tackle to the four and Petrovich sneaking over from the one-half yard line two plays thereafter with 1:09 remaining.

Muhlback missed the kick but a procedure penalty against Benedictine netted a second chance and a Hannon run between right guard and right tackle.

Linebacker Brian Bash broke through to snare Petrovich as he was about to pass for the conversion.

With the Tigers moving back up field after the kickoff, Jay McGuire fumbled with Martinez covering on the Massillon 47. However, Csonka picked up a fourth quarter bobble at the Tigers’ 37 to halt that attempt.

“I think failing to get in that scrimmage at Warren Western Reserve last week hurt us in two ways,” Coming said after the game. “We didn’t get a chance to get into our
pre-arranged goal line defense or into punt returns.”

Ends – Schutte, Derricoate, Friery.
Tackles – Switalski, Mazer, Malec, Nemeth, Rufus.
Guards – Martinez; Miklavic.
Centers – Glowick, Eisler.
Quarterbacks – Petrovich, Keller.
Halfbacks – Moriarty, Kniola, G. Modzelewski, Woods.
Fullbacks – Teressczuk.
Kicker – Seres.

Ends – D. Edwards, Bodiford, Sullivan.
Tackles – Geiser, Green, Hauschultz, Lee, Csonka.
Guards – Mayles, Bash, Guiffre, Balizet, Graber, Ashlstrom.
Center – Cocklin.
Quarterback – Westover.
Halfbacks – Hannon, T. Edwards, DiLoreto, Columbus Danzy.
Fullbacks – Wood, Charles Danzy, McGuire.
Linebackers – T. Gutshall, Swann.
Cornerbacks – Jakcson, Dan Gutshall, Christie.
Safety – Muhlback, Christie.

MASSILLON 0 0 8 7 15

M – Hannon 30 run (Hannon run); B – Petrovich, one-half run
(pass); Rest not available.

First downs, rushing 7 4
First downs, passing 3 2
First downs, penalties 1 1
Total first downs 11 7
Yards gained rushing 229 95
Yards lost rushing 22 9
Net yards gained rushing 207 86
Net yards gained passing 58 33
Total yards gained 265 119
Passes Completed 6-17 2-9
Passes intercepted by 2 0
Yards on passes intercepted 22 0
Times kicked off 3 2
Kickoff avg. (yds.) 43.0 42.5
Kickoff returns (yds.) 38 35
Punt avg. (yds.) 3-38.0 6-42.1
Punt returns (yds.) 12 1
Had punts blocked 0 0
Fumbles (lost) 6(3) 4(4)
Yards penalized 7-87 7-75
Touchdowns rushing 1 1
Touchdowns passing 1 0
Total number of plays 67 53

Tommy Hannon
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1970: Massillon 32, Cleveland Benedictine 7

Defense plays crusher; Tigers win 32-7

Independent Sports Editor

Although there are still eight tough weeks of football left in the 1970 season, the Massillon Tigers gave notice Friday night that they intend to make a determined bid for the state championship.

Program Cover

They haven’t reached that lofty position in five years, but if they continue to play the kind of defense exhibited in a 32-7 victory over a rugged Cleveland Benedictine team before 12,217 at Tiger stadium, this just might be the year.
* * *
BY COACH Bob Commings’ own admission, however, the offense must get better. “We’re not consistent enough,” he explained.

While the Orangemen’s defense was playing 48 solid minutes of crunching warfare, the offense scored 25 points in the first half and only seven in the second. A problem which has plagued them for several years when playing Benedictine.

Had it not been for a miscue by the reserves on a reverse near the end of the game, the Tigers would have had a shutout over Benedictine, something extremely hard to perpetrate on an Augie Bossu coached squad.

“This is the hardest – hitting game I’ve seen since coming to Massillon,” Commings said. “I think the key was that hard hitting. I wanted that shutout for the boys. They earned it.”

Players like Tom Cardinal, Bill and Steve Luke, Larry McLenndon, Mike McGuire, Tim Ridgley and Bob Stephan delivered bone-shattering blows at times as the Tigers continued great pursuit and tackling.

Senior free safety Scott Pattinson had himself quite a night with three interceptions and a fumble recovery.

Offensively the story was senior linebacker Mike Mauger behind some fine blocking again as the senior tailback scored four of the Tiger’s five TDs – all but one coming on marathon runs. He also kicked two conversions and picked up 210 net yards on 11 carries losing only a single yard.

“He looms as a great threat,” Coming commented. “Other teams are liable to key on him.”

Bossu added, “Mauger’s a fine athlete.”

ABOUT HIS team’s failure to move the ball, the veteran pilot explained, “We’ve had the big play in past years, but don’t have it this time. When you don’t get it, you’re in trouble.”

Commings complimented his offensive line’s blocking and particularly patted right tackle Kirk Strobel on the back. “He must have done a great job with Nunery,” Commings explained.

Claude Nunery is a 6-4, 230-pound Benedictine junior tackle through whose territory Mauger did most of his running.

He took off for an 89-yard TD on a pitchout to the left on the first play of the game and with 11:23 remaining; was sprung loose on a block by wingback Bernard Sullivan. The Tigers were penalized for delay on the conversion try, Mauger missed the kick and a procedure penalty was declined.

The Orange and Black took over after a punt late in the first quarter and moved 77 yards in 10 plays for their second score. It was a drive which saw a nifty 20-yard pass from quarterback Dennis Franklin to Sullivan, 16 yards picked up by Cardinal, a 15-yard scamper by Mauger to the five and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty tacked on to the Bennies, putting the ball on the three-yard line.

Mauger went over off left tackle for the six points with 9:47 left in the second stanza. The Tigers were again nicked for delaying the game and Franklin was stopped on the conversion try.

Forcing the Bennies to punt the next time they had the ball gave Mauger another chance and “The Mailman” delivered again for 70-yards and a score with 6:54 left. This time McLenndon and Art Thompson sprung the key blocks. Franklin’s pass to tight end Steve Luke was incomplete, leaving the score at 18-0.

Sullivan recovered a Benedictine fumble on the visitors’ 36 and in three plays the bombs went off again – this time in celebration of a 35-yard Franklin-to-Sullivan pass play with “Sullie” going over from the three, as the clock showed seven seconds left in the half. Mauger booted the PAT.

THE TIGERS’ final tally came with 31 seconds left in the third canto as Mauger came up with another of his patented special deliveries. This time, going over left tackle, again on a pitch, he traveled 80 yards behind some more excellent blocking. He added the conversion.

The score was set up when Pattinson intercepted a Carl Barile pass in the end zone. Mauger’s run came on the next play.

Pattinson had also intercepted on the five earlier in the period and added a 20-yard runback to stop a Benedictine threat caused by Mauger’s punt-return fumble on the Tiger 15.

Just before Mauger’s last romp, Dick Martanovic had interrupted one of Franklin’s option pitches and gave the Bennies a first down on the Tigers’ 34. The defense held.

Massillon took over on the 35, Franklin was plastered while passing on the second play. Don Varvo intercepted for a 10-yard run back to the 30. Then came Pattinson’s return interception on first down.

Benedictine’s only six-pointer occurred when Joe Reccord picked up an errant pigskin on a reverse handoff fumble and scampered 22 yards to the Tigers’ 23. Barile hit Dick Koeth on the three off a tip by Reccord and Reccord again for the TD with seven seconds left. Dick Szabo just managed to get the seventh point over the cross bar.

The Washington high gridders will play on the road the next two weeks with All-American conference clashes at Alliance next Friday and Niles, Oct. 3.

Ends – Reccord, Szabo, Koeth, Jindra, Martanovic.
Tackles – Malley, Nunery, Rochford, Hodakievic, Oriti.
Guards – Downey, Lorek.
Center – Bossu
Quarterbacks – Barile, Szollosi.
Halfbacks – Johnson, Moriarty, Vavro, Petruziello, Favorite.
Fullbacks – Fontana.

Ends – S. Luke, Spencer, Stephan, McGuire, Clary.
Tackles – Ridgley, Strobel, Weirich, Longworth.
Guards – Kulik, Jasinski, Nussbaumer, Sims, Heath, Groff, Graber.
Centers – Studer, Chovan, Gaddis.
Quarterbacks – Franklin, Pattinson, Dingler.
Halfbacks – Mauger, Sullivan, McLenndon, Weise, Thompson, Wonsick, B. Luke.
Fullbacks – Cardinal, Perry, Willoughby, Fletcher.

MASSILLON 6 19 7 0 32

Mauger, 89-yard run (kick failed);
Mauger, 3-yard run (run failed);
Mauger, 70-yard punt return (pass failed);
Sullivan, 35-yard pass-run from Franklin (Mauger kick);
Mauger, 80-yard run (Mauger kick).

Reccord, 3-yard pass from Barile (Szabo kick).

First downs, rushing 9 2
First downs, passing 3 8
First downs, penalties 0 1
Total first downs 12 11
Yards gained rushing 303 99
Yards lost rushing 14 37
Net yards gained rushing 289 56
Net yards gained passing 67 112
Total yards gained 356 164
Passes completed 3-16 8-20
Passes intercepted by 3 1
Yards on passes Intercepted 43 0
Kickoff average (yards) 6-51 2-48.5
Kickoff returns (yards) 20 87
Punt average (yards) 3-35 7-31.4
Punt returns (yards) 131 0
Lost fumbled ball 2-4 2-3
Yards penalized 10-80 11-14
Touchdowns rushing 3 0
Touchdowns passing 1 1
Miscellaneous 1 0
Total number of plays 53 71

Referee – Irwin Shopbell.
Umpire – Steve O’Dea.
Head Linesman – Don Brown.
Field Judge – Ed Steinkerchner.
Back Judge – Tim Murray.

ATTENDANCE – 12,217.

Steve Luke
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1965: Massillon 29, Cleveland Benedictine 12

Tigers Sweat Out Victory Over Benedictine

Heat Takes Toll of WHS Linebackers


“It’s hot out there tonight!”

End Loren McGuire didn’t know it but his pre-game statement in the locker room Friday night was to be a prophetic one.

Forty-eight minutes later in that same locker room, fullback Terry Manson provided the proof. Swathed in wet towels and ice, he lay on the training table minus 15 pounds, nearly exhausted from the high temperature and humidity on the Tiger stadium gridiron after playing one of the finest games of his career.

The sweltering atmosphere in the stadium played a key part in Washington high school’s 29-12 conquest of a fine Cleveland Benedictine high school team, which also felt the effects of the heat, before 12,892 fans. The Tigers took a 22-0 lead into the final quarter but the Bennies didn’t quit and came up with 2 touchdowns Massillon fans thought Benedictine didn’t have left.

During the final stanza in the stadium sweat-box, the Tigers were minus their first 3 linebackers, Paul Marks, Dave Whitfield and Will Foster, all with leg cramps, apparently brought on by the heat. Safeties Dave Sheegog, who had done a lot of running previously, and Rick Paige were tired by the heat. Manson was missing from middle guard.

“I’M CONCERNED about keeping players in the game,” Tiger Coach Earle Bruce said afterwards. “You just can’t lose players like that in a big game and not get hurt.”

Larry Zelina, junior halfback whom Bruce said is a “great ballplayer” and who Augie Bossu, Benedictine boss said, “gave a real effort,” scored both of the last quarter touchdowns for the Bennies. He ran a punt back 17 yards to the Massillon 47-yard line, then carried on 4 of the next 8 plays and went through the center on third down from the 17 with 6:05 left in the game to make the count 22-6. He failed to pick up the 2 extra points.

Zelina got into the act again, after a Massillon fumble, with 2:14 remaining. He scored on a 57-yard pass play from quarterback Jim Betts, running the last 40 yards. Betts missed the conversion on a run. Zelina had picked up 17 yards on the 2 plays previous to the TD maneuver, for a first down.

Zelina gained 170 yards unofficially rushing and running back kicks. He caught 2 passes for 70 yards. The non-TD catch being for 13.

Sheegog picked up 126 yards for the Tigers.

Manson was another key figure in the victory. He latched onto a fumble which set up the Tigers’ second touchdown and his running readied the stage for the third.

DEFENSIVE tackle John Rose, a senior, probably played his best game, throwing Benedictine runners for key losses.

Halfback Walt Lemon scored 2 TD’s for the second week in a row.

MANSON jumped on a Bennie bobble with the score 6-0 in favor of Massillon early in the second quarter. The Tigers had scored only seconds before. Two plays after the recovery on Benedictine’s 13, Sheegog raced to the one. Lemon went between right tackle and right guard for the 6 points with the scoreboard showing 6:27. Sheegog passed to Bill Williams for the conversion.

Lemon had gone in from the 2 on the same play only 32 second before for the first TD of the game following a scoreless first quarter. The paydirt plunge followed an 85-yard drive which had started late in the first period after a Benedictine punt.

The touchdown was set up on the 12th play of the drive with fourth down on the 18. Sheegog passed to Lemon on the screen to the 2. “Sweet Walter” scored on the next play.

Benedictine failed to get going before the intermission. Bossu said, “We had no offense in the first half.”

MASSILLON drove 59 yards for a score after another fine punt return by Sheegog in the third quarter. Manson carried for 7 straight plays, bullying his way through the middle of the big Benedictine line for all but 5 of the 59 yards. Those 5 coming on an illegal procedure penalty.

On the eighth play Sheegog faked to Manson who went into the line again beautifully. But the handoff was to Tommy James on the 24. “Tailspin Tommy” revved up his engine and swooped past the startled Benedictine team on a scissors play for the score with 5:45 remaining. He caught a pass from Sheegog for the extra 2 points.

The Obiemen weren’t through. They came back again with 6 seconds left in the game. Rick Healy was roughed on a punt and Massillon got a life on the Benedictine 35.

Junior quarterback Craig Maurer kept on the first play, saw daylight and was off for the final tally of the night. He eluded 2 Benedictine safetymen with some neat faking to go the last several yards. Place-kicking specialist Bill Pearch put the finishing touches on the night.

Bossu acknowledged that Manson’s fumble recovery and James’ TD run were key plays, as did Bruce.
Bruce was discouraged about his team’s offside penalties on defense and felt that the Tigers played a poor last quarter. He thought Benedictine shouldn’t have scored.

Final statistics showed how close the game was. Total net yardage gained was 284 for Massillon to 225 for Benedictine and 15 first downs to 10 in favor of Massillon. But the Tigers picked up 246 yards on the ground compared to the Bengals’ 129.

The Orange and Black had trouble with its passing game again, missing at least 3 aerials which looked like TD shots.

It was the 20th straight win for Massillon and third straight over Benedictine. The series now stands at 9-2 in Massillon’s favor. Bruce stretched his personal streak to 35, counting the All-Star game in August.

Benedictine’s season record is 1-1.

Mansfield senior high comes in next week.

Swell (tering) Win

Ends – Marcoguiseppe, Pilcavage, Grimm, Kane.
Tackles – Inman, Drongowski.
Guards – Daray, Hyclak, Busi, Russ, Morgan.
Center – Baumbick.
Quarterbacks – Betts, Mihalek.
Halfbacks – Zelina, Kucera, White, Novak.
Fullbacks – Scanlon, Sirecuss.

Ends – Paige, McGuire, Healy, B. Williams, Humphrey,
Crone, Riese, Griffin.
Tackles – Hartley, Neago, Petroff, Campbell, Sherrett.
Guards – Whitfield, Richards, Kraft, Rose, Mazon, Porrini.
Center – Marks, F. Williams, Ehmer, Gallion.
Quarterbacks – Sheegog, Maurer, Doolittle.
Halfbacks – Lemon, Foster, James, Muhlbach, McLendon.
Fullback – Manson.
Placekicker – Pearch.

Score by quarters:
Benedictine…………… 0 0 0 12 – 12
Massillon …………….. 0 14 8 7 – 29

Touchdowns: Massillon – Lemon 2 (1 and 2-yard runs), James (24-yard run),
Maurer (35-yard run).
Benedictine – Zelina 2 (17-yard run and 57-yard pass from Betts).

Extra points: Massillon – Williams 2 (pass from Sheegog), James 2 (pass from Sheegog),
Pearch 1 (kick).

Mass. Opp.
First downs—rushing 11 6
First downs—passing 2 4
First downs—penalties 2 0
Total first downs 15 10
Yards gained rushing 264 140
Yards lost rushing 18 11
Net yards gained rushing 246 129
Net yards gained passing 38 96
Total yards gained 284 225
Passes attempted 9 13
Passes completed 2 5
Passes intercepted by 0 0
Yardage on passes intercepted 0 0
Times kicked off 5 3
Kickoff average (yards) 55.0 42 2/3
Kickoff returns (yards) 68 60
Times punted 5 6
Punt average (yards) 33.0 38
Punt returns (yards) 55 20
Had punts blocked 0 0
Fumbles 2 2
Lost fumbled ball 1 1
Penalties 6 7
Yards penalized 50 55
Touchdowns rushing 4 1
Touchdowns passing 0 1
Touchdowns by interception 0 0
Miscellaneous 0 0
Total number of plays 64 51

Referee – Octavio Sirgo (Canton).
Umpire – Ed Corsi (Cleveland Heights).
Head linesman – Sam DiBlasi (Canton).
Field Judge – Steve Herring (Lyndhurst).

Dave Whitfield
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1958: Massillon 19, Cleveland Benedictine 0

Tiger Passes Beat Benedictine 19-0
Massillon Gridders Halt State Champions’ 18-Game Victory Streak


The seed that may grow into a healthy return of the days when this man’s town was known far and wide as No. 1 in the football parade last night was planted by the 1958 Massillon Tigers.

They became a real, honest-to-goodness football team as they snapped the 18-game win streak of big, bold Cleveland Benedictine, by a 19-0 count before 13,965 paid admissions.

They outplayed and outfought a determined Benedictine array which relied strictly on power. They out ran them, they out passed them and they out foxed them, parlaying a “multiplied multiple” offense and a rock ribbed defense into the most coveted triumph of the season.

Surely their prestige soared both locally and statewide and any praise that came their way last night or that which will be coming the next couple of days, is entirely justified.
* * *
COACH LEO STRANG of the Tigers and the losing coach, Augie Bossu, were quick to point up the toughness of the orange and black after the game.

“We improved and we beat a real, tough football team. Our blocking on internal plays was a lot better and that made our outside plays and our passing attack go,” said Strang.

“You had too much balance and too much depth for us. You were just too strong,” said Bossu whose attitude was very pleasant because he was beamingly pleased with the way his charges played ball.

Now that the revenge victory has gone into the archives, Strang is trusting that that performance will prove a harbinger of what he and Tiger fans can expect in the future.
* * *
“OUR OFFENSE looked real good. We beat a real tough defensive team and our defense played another good game (it was the third time in four wins that the local lads shout-out the opposition).

“We can improve more. We have a lot of work to do because we’re not out of the woods yet,” he added.

Certainly he was thinking about next week’s game at Mansfield and the following week’s battle at Warren – and the fact that the rest of the schedule has no soft touches.

The Bengals, Massillon variety, knew they had vanquished a very fine opponent. They were a weary bunch at the finish but luckily, there was no cause for deep concern about more injuries. Three heavy duty performers, Ken Bordner, Corky Pledgure and Jerry Allen, plus Co-Captain Al Pierce, (the latter in uniform for the first time this year) did not play at all.

The additional rest apparently will do them good and barring the unforeseen, all should be in tip-top shape for the Mansfield fracas.
* * *
BENEDICTINE, which now has lost three of four starts to the Tigers, may have been looking for Massillon to go with its “smorgasbord” attack but the Benies had a rugged time finding the right remedy.

The orange and black, with the line doing a good job ahead of ball carriers Joe Sparma, Dave Dean, Jim Snively and Art Hastings, moved that big Benie line for a total of 180 yards.

An additional 113 yards came on some pin-point passing by Sparma with a late assist from Bill Finney, who threw for the third touchdown, and some catching, just short of terrific, by Bob Vogel, Bill Zorn and Jerry Mitchell.

Massillon’s defense, braced by Vogel, Zorn, Hase McKey, Gail Karrenbauer and “Sluggo” Bednar, to name a few, gave up only six first downs and a net total of 83 yards.

Benedictine had a tricky quarterback in veteran Larry Hradisky but the blue and white’s twirler had his troubles hitting the target.
* * *
SNIVELY, hitting off tackle and sweeping the flanks, was the Tiger workhorse as he carried 23 times for 104 yards. Dean, bothered at times by an ouchy leg, made 39 yards in 15 trips and Hastings gained 30 in seven tries. Dean scored the second TD of the night from one foot out.

Vogel caught three passes for 59 yards and scored one touchdown. Zorn tallied the third six-pointer on a three-yard pass play and Mitchell had on reception for 14 yards.

Two passes, both caught by Vogel, were responsible as the host team moved out front with 6:54 left in the opening quarter. After an exchange of punts, Massillon had possession on the Benie 45 and on the first play, Sparma threw down the middle to Vogel who snagged the pigskin at the 26 and was felled at the 20. Snively was held at the line but it was 6-0 as Vogel, out in the left flat, took Sparma’s soft, perfect-leading peg over his shoulder at the one and stepped into pay dirt.

On the conversion try, Sparma ran to his right but was stopped short of the final stripe.

It was a cause of “almost, not quite,” for Strang’s gang soon afterward. They got the ball as Mitchell leaped high to intercept a pass at his own 18. At the end of the quarter the Tigers were at the Benie 25 – following a 13-yard effort by Snively and Sparma’s pass to Mitchell who made a circus catch – one-handed as he was heading earthward – at the 25.
* * *
ART HASTINGS entered the lineup at the start of the second panel and in three carries, he placed the ball at the 12. But two running plays netted six and a pass went incomplete as Hradisky broke up a throw intended for Jim Wood in the end zone. On fourth down Sparma uncorked another aerial but it was Hradisky again, breaking up the toss just as it got to Snively, also in the end zone.
* * *
BENEDICTINE did nothing and was forced to kick. Cornelius Clark pranced and danced his way for 37 yards on the return as Zorn threw a nifty block, but Massillon got no farther than the enemy 16.

The score was 6-0 at the half and still the same at the end of a third period which found the orange braking the visitors at every turn.

A 63-yard march got its take-off power near the end of the period. A 14-yard pass, Sparma to Vogel and the running of Dean and Snively featured as the Tigers moved to the 12 as the final session got under way.

In five plays Dean, on a second try from within the one-yard line, rammed across. Bob Oliver tried the end-around but his attempt fell short and it was 12-0 at 10:03.

With the aid of a penalty, the Benies got three first downs in three plays. They got nine in two more rushes but with McKey swarming through, the ball carrier failed to make even a foot on the next two plays.
* * *
THEN MASSILLON had to kick. Benedictine turned the ball over on a fumble after four plays but two plays later the Tigers played “give-away.” Then two plays later Hradisky, back to pass, had the boom lowered on him by Zorn and the Benie quarterback fumbled with Vogel recovering at the Benedictine 44. This led to another Tiger score.

Sparma threw long and about as perfect as you can get, Vogel catching again, to place the ball at the Benie eight. On the next play the visitors were penalized for being off-side. Then, with only 17 seconds remaining, Finney tossed into the end zone, right into the hands of Zorn near the boundary line.

Getting Tougher

Ends – Vogel, Mitchell, Zorn, Barkman, Oliver.
Tackles – Donat, Slicker, Haines, Appleby, Bukuts, Herndon.
Guards – Perry, Karrenbauer, Bednar, J. Kasunick, Willey.
Centers – Shilling ,Snyder.
Quarterbacks – Sparma, Finney.
Halfbacks – Snivley, Wood, Radtke, Clark, Hershberger.
Fullbacks – Dean, Hastings, Morrow, McKey.

Ends – Marek, Grigalianas, Jaskinski.
Tackles – DeFiore, Gibbons, Zahorski, Krisinski.
Guards – Marcin, Siath, Baumbick, Liederbach.
Centers – Coufalik, Janiak, D. Kestner.
Quarterback – Hradisky.
Halfbacks – Davis, Rini, Haggerty, Jambor, Malinak.
Fullbacks – Schepis, J. Kestner, Catanza.

Scoring by quarters:
Massillon 6 0 0 12 19
Benedictine 0 0 0 0 0

Touchdowns – Vogel (20-pass); Zorn (3-pass); Dean (1-run).
Extra point – Hershberger (placement)

Referee – William Holzwarth.
Umpire – Don Belknap.
Head Linesman – Marv English.
Field Judge – Horace Rainsberger.

First Downs – Rushing 9 6
First Downs – Passing 4 0
First Downs – Penalties 1 1
Total First Downs 14 7
Number of Rushing Plays 62 40
Yards Gained – Running Plays 190 94
Yards Lost – Running Plays 10 19
Net Yardage – Running 180 75
Passes Attempted 12 7
Passes Completed 7 1
Passes Had Intercepted 0 2
Yards Returned –
Intercepted Passes 2 0
Yards Gained –Passing 113 8
Net Yardage – Running
and Passing 293 83
Number of Kickoff Returns 1 4
Yardage – Kickoff Returns 15 57
Average Length of Kickoff
Returns 15 14.2
Number of Punt Returns 3 2
Yardage – Punt Returns 55 12
Average length of Punt
Return 18.3 6
Number of Punts 3 4
Total Yardage on Punts 97 162
Average Length of Punts 32.3 40.5
Number of Penalties 5 5
Yards Lost on Penalties 45 41
Number of Fumbles 3 4
Own Fumbles Recovered 1 1
Ball Lost on Fumbles 2 3

Bob Vogel