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Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1940: Massillon 38, Mansfield 0

Massillon’s Mighty Tiger Eleven Rips Mansfield, 38-0


Champions Are Held Scoreless in 1st Quarter by Valiant Foe

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MANSFIELD, O., Oct 25 – Massillon High School, scholastic football wonder team, stormed to another victory tonight by crushing a valiant Mansfield High eleven, 38 to 0, before a capacity crowd of 8,000 at Stadium Field.

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The Tigers were held scoreless in the first period and to their lowest total of the season. But there was never any doubt about their superiority over the team they whaled last year, 73 to 0.

Two weeks ago, Alliance “held” Massillon’s boys, 40 to 0. The Tigers have yet to permit their goal line to be crossed.

Massillon crashed through with two touchdowns in each the second, third and fourth sessions. All were the results of long runs or passes.

The Tigers counted on the second play of the second period, Dick Adams going over. They marched 60 yards for the next one and Ray Getz took the leather across the line. He then kicked the point for 13-0.

Early in the third quarter, Massillon again drove 60 yards with Tom James sparking the march with several long runs. James finally scored from the 2 on a cut back. Getz’s plunge for point failed.

A 24-yard pass, Adams to Gillom, accounted for the next touchdown and Getz booted the point.

Long runs by Fred Blunt and Getz in the fourth quarter featured a 75-yard march, which gave the Tigers another score. Adams crossed the goal from the 1-yard stripe but Getz again failed to kick the point.

Adams marked up the final score on an 18-yard end run. Getz’s kick for the point was low.

Massillon made 17 first downs against six for Mansfield. Most of Mansfield’s first downs came on Martin Henke’s accurate forward passes to Bill Doolittle and Jim Templeton.

Held in First Quarter

Although soundly trounced Mansfield became the first team to make a first down before Massillon was able to chalk up one and also became the first eleven to force the Tigers to punt two successive times in a quarter – turning both of these tricks in the first period.

Massillon gained on its punt exchanges in the first quarter but it wasn’t until the final minute of the session that the Tigers were able to register a first down.

Then with fourth down and three yards to go on the Mansfield 38, Adams faked a punt and then shot through the line to the Mansfield 26. Gillom, on an end around play romped to the 14 for another first down as the period ended.

After the Tigers’ initial touchdown, Mansfield made two first down on passes, Henke to Doolittle, carrying the pigskin from the Mansfield 14 to the Tigers’ 38 only to lose the ball on a fumble. Massillon then marched to its second touchdown, with long runs by Gillom and James featuring the drive.

In the final quarter with three minutes left to play, Massilon’s second team went into action.

It’s The 30th

Massillon Pos. Mansfield
Bray LE Romano
Henderson LT Arlin
Wallace LG Pecht
Appleby C Dietzel
Russell RG Weber
Broglio RT Murray
Gillom RE Winbigler
Kingham QB Doolittle
James – Adams LH Jones
Getz RH Templeton
Blunt FB Henke

Score by periods:
Massillon 0 13 13 12 – 38

Substitutions: Massillon – Pizzino, James, F. Cardinal, White, Weisgarber, Hill, Oliver, Armour, Fuchs, De Mando, Paul Getz.
Mansfield – Heilman, Birmelin, Lantz, Brandt, Kinkel, Pecht, Smith.

Touchdowns – Adams 3, Getz, James, Gillom

Points after touchdown – Getz 3 (placekicks)

Referee – A.N. Smith (Elyria)
Umpire – J. Winters (Ohio Wesleyan).
Headlinesman – Paul Harlow (Ohio Wesleyan)

Mass. Mans.
First downs, rushing 16 2
First downs, passing 1 4
First downs, total 17 6
Yards gained, rushing 328 30
Yards gained, passing 61 95
Yards lost 21 46
Yards gained, net total 368 79
Passes attempted 12 14
Passes completed 4 9
Passes intercepted 1 0
Passes incompleted 8 4
Fumbles 0 3
Own fumbles recovered 0 1
Opp. Fumbles covered 2 0
Penalties, yardage 60 15
Punts 4 7


Mansfield Arrangement Holds Tigers To Lowest Score Of Season;
Brown’s Gridders Unable to Score First Quarter


An unorthodox defense accomplished just what it was supposed to do at Mansfield Friday evening and 8,000 Richland county fans rejoiced at having held the Washington high Tigers to their lowest score of the season, 38-0.

Though the score was big enough, it wasn’t exactly a pleasant victory for Massillon nor an impressive showing from a Mansfield standpoint since the latter wound up the evening’s performance with a net gain of 18 yards.

Accomplishes Objective

But Mansfield accomplished it objective – that of holding the Tigers to a lower score than any other team this season, and was rejoicing about it today.

As you looked over the Mansfield alignment you had to add twice to make certain you didn’t have too many players in the lineup. For the most part, it was a 4-4-2-1, sometimes 4-3-1-2-1, and variations attained by hopping players in from the second line that placed six and seven in the first rank.

Mansfield gambled that this arrangement would yield three to five yards per play but would prevent long runs for touchdowns and long passes and thereby keep down the score. Coach Paul Synder had worked two weeks preparing the defense.

The theory was exactly the opposite from that used by Alliance in the Rubber Bowl, when the Tigers were held to the same number of touchdowns. Alliance ganged up with an eight-man line in an effort to choke off the ball carrier at the line of scrimmage.

Glad It Didn’t Rain

Had it been a wet night as Massillon fans feared it would as they drove under clouded skies to Mansfield, there’s no telling what would have happened. As it was Coach Paul Brown kept his first team in until the last three minutes of the game, although two of the regulars did not start and occasional substitutions were made throughout the first three periods. Tom James and Herman Robinson were the missing faces in the lineup. James, bothered by a sore ankle, was replaced by Dick Adams at left halfback, while Robinson, suffering from a cold, gave way to Keve Bray. Robinson never did get into the game but James played a third of it.

From a Tiger standpoint it was an ideal preparatory game for the all-important clash with Toledo Waite next week – providing no injuries develop from some of the hard knocks received by players.

Mansfield gave the local eleven an opportunity to meet a spread formation, and the Tigers put one on the field for two plays themselves. The Mansfield gridders too set an example as to what can be done when a team gets all fired up and sets out to do it.

The Mansfield boys tackled viciously. By concentrating their strength on the expected point of attack, and keeping the secondary well protected, they were able to gang up on Tiger ball carriers at times and toss them for losses. They succeeded best in the first period when they held Massillon scoreless and made the first, first down of the game, something else to glory about. They made the Tigers fight for every yard and only gave them two easy touchdowns, one on a long pass from Dick Adams to Horace Gillom and the other on an 18-yard sprint by Adams. They forced Coach Brown to call Tom James off the bench in the first half to direct the Massillon attack, and Tom proceeded to show the Tigers how all important he is to the Massillon team.

The Massillon offense which had sputtered around up to that point smoothed out and moved as in former games.

With Toledo Waite scouts perched all around and a Massillon victory very evident despite the stubborn Mansfield resistance, there was no particular reason for the Tigers opening up with all their cunning. They tried a few things out, but nothing new with the exception of a lateral off a spread formation, Gillom to Adams that failed once because of an offside penalty and a second time when Adams dropped the ball.

The Tigers, after the scoreless first period, crossed the Mansfield goal twice in each of the next three periods. Adams got three touchdowns, James, Gillom, and Getz one each, and Getz kicked the three extra points, despite a play prepared by Mansfield’s coach, Paul Snyder, through which one of his boys would jump up on the back of a Massillon lineman in an attempt to block the ball.

Mansfield Offense Weak

Mansfield had little in the way of offense except a passing attack that gained ground in the middle of the field but failed on the two occasions it took the ball into Tiger territory.

At carrying the ball Synder’s men had nothing. They were thrown back for a net loss of 15 yards for their rushing attempts. They did, however, complete 11 of 16 passes for a net gain of 33 yards. Dick Kingham pulled in the only interception.

The Tigers tossed 12 passes and completed four for 77 yards, one a touchdown pass.

The balance of power should be more equal next year, for Mansfield will have 10 of its 11 players back while Massillon will lose nine of its first 11. Martin Henke will be the only Mansfield player to graduate. The Tigers will lose all but Robinson and Fred Blunt.

The stands were filled with spectators and the crowd overflowed to the sidelines to occupy every spot of advantage long before the start of the game. All reserved seats were sold and gates were closed before the kickoff.

Massillon had a good delegation but was not represented in as great numbers as in other road games. All the Tiger spectators probably could be packed into three figures.

After being forced to punt the first two times they got their hands on the leather, the Tigers finally launched a touchdown drive in the last two minutes of the first period that carried on into the second quarter before Dick Adams on a cutback went through his left tackle for the touchdown. The attack began on the Mansfield 45, the Tigers gaining 25 yards on two exchanges of punts. Bray on an end around play, and Adams on a fake went to the 29-yard line and Gillom ran hard around his left end tot he 14. Adams planted it on the six and then cut through his left tackle for the touchdown. Getz missed the attempted kick for the extra point.

Mansfield Threatens

An exchange of punts after the kickoff set Mansfield in motion on a passing attack. Henke tossed one for 31 yards to Jim Templeton for a first down on his 44 and another peg to Romano, took the ball to the Tiger 41. Mansfield went into a spread, and Henke passed to Templeton who fumbled after catching the ball, Jim Russell recovering for Massillon on his 39. Gillom advanced the ball to the Mansfield 46, and James in two plays went 34 yards to the 12-yard line. James took the ball to the six-yard line and Ray Getz went over in two attempts and kicked the extra point.

Getting the ball on a punt after the third period kickoff, the Tigers launched a drive from their own 40 directed by James. It was hard going all the way with Blunt and James lugging the leather to the Mansfield 38. There James passed to Ray Getz for 22 yards and a first down on the 16. Three plays gained another first on the two-yard line and James went over. Getz missed the kick for the extra point.

A 15-yard penalty on Massillon for roughing the kicker, advanced the ball into Tiger territory for the second time of the game, but Henke fumbled and Lawrence Cardinal recovered for the Tigers on the Mansfield 49. Blunt, Adams and Getz advanced it to the nine-yard line where a 15-yard penalty was slapped on the locals for holding. It only paved the way for a long pass, Adams to Gillom, which the latter caught in the end zone for the fourth touchdown of the game. Getz kicked the point.

The fourth period was well underway before the Tigers could score again. They eventually started from their own 24 with Fred Blunt doing most of the leather toting and getting away to one sprint of 20 yards. The ball was carried to the five-yard line where Mansfield was penalized to within a yard of the goal for too many times out. Adams went over for the touchdown. Getz’s kick was wide.

The game was getting on toward the end when Kingham intercepted a Henke pass on the Mansfield 37. Adams shovel passed to Bray for a first down on the 18 and Adams went over for the touchdown on a smash through right tackle. Getz’s kick was again wide.

Statistics Of The Game
Mass. Mansf.
Net gain rushing 260 -15
Net gain passing 77 33
Total net gain 330 18
First downs 17 6
Passes thrown 12 16
Passes completed 4 11
Passes grounded 8 4
Passes intercepted 0 1
Lost ball on fumble 0 2
Yards penalized 80 35
Punts 4 7
Average punt (yards) 51 30

Massillon Is Held To
38 Points

Mansfield Registers Moral Grid Victory
Over Potent Tigers

(Special To The Beacon Journal)

MANSFIELD, Oct. 26 – Mansfield’s Tygers, who stunned the Ohio scholastic football world back in 1937 by battling Massillon’s Tigers to a 6-6 tie, tossed in another mild upset at the expense of the perennial Buckeye schooboy champions here last night when they held Paul Brown’s powerhouse to its lowest point total of the season.

Breaking loose for 25 points in the last two quarters, after being held to a mere 13-0 edge at halftime, Massillon finally rolled to a 38-0 victory, but most of the praise went to the Tygers.

For the purposes of the records, the victory was Massillon’s seventh straight of the year, it’s 30th in succession since New Castle, Pa., whipped the Tigers in ’37, and it protected the Brown team’s uncrossed goal line.

Mansfield fielded an eleven composed of only one senior, with 10 sophomores and juniors completing the lineup. This team did little offensively against the Tigers. In fact, it ended the night with a net yardage of nothing by rushing as compared to Massillon’s 242 yards.

But the Tygers still managed to get credit for six first downs as compared to the Tigers’ 17. Massillon was hampered by being penalized 80 yards.

Mansfield held Massillon scoreless in the first quarter and accomplished some kind of a feat by forcing the Tigers to punt two times in a row.

Neither team succeeded in passing mid-field until late in the first period when the Tigers finally hit the Mansfield 14-yard stripe. Dick Adams, who scored three touchdowns in the game, got the opening tally on the second play of the second quarter.

Tom “Red” James, the Tigers’ fleet ball-toting ace, sparked a 55-yard drive for the second Massillon touchdown. Ray Getz hammered over the score, however, and place kicked the point.

A 73-yard sustained drive in the opening minutes of the third quarter ended with James scoring on a cutback through right tackle. Shortly afterward, Massillon covered a fumble on the Mansfield 49, “Pokey” Blunt and Getz moved the ball to the 9-yard line in two plays.

A 15-yard penalty set the Tigers back to the 24 so Getz shot a pass to Horace Gillom in the end zone for touchdown No. 4.

The fifth tally came after a 76-yard march, Adams galloping 13 yards for the counter. Dick Kingham, the Tigers’ quarterbak, intercepted a pass on the Massillon 47, Blunt worked the ball to the Mansfield 37, Adams passed to Bray for a first down on the 18 and then Bray swept wide around end to score.


Injured Tom James Sparks Attack But Dick Adams Is Leading Scorer

Repository Staff Correspondent

MANSFIELD – Held scoreless throughout the first quarter, Massillon’s Tigers drove over six touchdowns against a fighting Mansfield defense to achieve their 30th consecutive gridiron conquest 38-0 Friday night a Stadium field before a capacity crowd of 10,000.

The football magic of injured Tom James and Horace Gillom and the overpowering play of the Tiger line set in motion the smashing Massillon offensive machinery after a determined team of Mansfield juniors had stopped the attack in the early portion of the contest. The Tigers counted twice in each of the three final periods as Dick Adams accounted for three scores. Gillom, James and Ray Getz scored once apiece.

Massillon Attack Slowed

The Tyger defense ganged up on Massillon backs to slow the running advance more effectively than has any other Tiger opponent and held the Massillon total to a new low for the year. In the first half, the Mansfield line allowed only five first downs and the longest gain turned in by a Massillon runner was James’ sprint of 25 yards in the second quarter.

In turn, Massillon’s line stabbed through blockers to drag down Mansfield runners for constant losses and gave up but one first down in the contest. Led by Bill Wallace, Jim Russell, Dick Kingham, Eli Broglio and Gillom, the Massillon defense nullified the Tyger running attack with a net loss of 16 yards from scrimmage and was never forced back beyond the Massillon 40.

Gillom sponsored the first Massillon score after two Tiger efforts in the first period had been stopped without gain. Out kicking Martin Henke, Mansfield fullback, Gillom turned loose punts of 57 and 55 yards to force play into Tyger territory. Kevie Bray and Adams produced a first down on the Mansfield 29 and Gillom broke over tackle for 17 yards as the quarter ended. As play resumed, Adams picked up five yards, then slid over for seven yards and a touchdown.

Getz Makes Touchdown

Massillon again was halted and a short passing attack for Mansfield had gathered two first downs when James took the field. On the following play, Russell covered a fumble on the Massillon 42 and the Tiger ace went into action. He hammered four yards and Gillom piled for a first down on the Mansfield 46. James whipped through a huge hole at center for 25 yards and whisked off tackle to the Mansfield 6. Three plays later, Getz fought over for the final points of the half.

Massillon had possession of the ball twice in the third period and scored at each opportunity. James returned a punt to the Tiger 40, passed to Bray for four yards, ran for 13 more through tackle, passed to Getz on the 18 for 19 yards, smashed to the two-yard line on two attempts and drove over on a cutback to complete his performance for the night.
The second score followed a 54-yard drive downfield when Adams pitched a 26-yard touchdown pass to Gillom in the end zone.

Midway in the final period, Massillon stopped the persistent short passing attack of the Tygers that resulted in nine completions in 14 attempts and drove 79 yards to score. Fred Blunt and Getz rolled for five sizable gains and placed the ball on the Tiger 19. Three plays after, Adams struck over right guard from the 6 for the fifth score and Massillon led 32-0.

Kingham Snags Pass

A moment later, Kingham waylaid a Mansfield pass to give Massillon the ball on the Tiger 37. Adams slipped a shovel pass to Bray for 19 yards and from the 18, Adams ripped through tackle into the end zone for the concluding points.

The Tigers gathered 17 first downs, 16 from rushing, and netted 368 yards, their accumulation of the season. Mansfield picked up one first down from rushing, one by penalty and four on passes that totaled 95 yards. From rushing they gained 30 yards but lost 46 to net 79 yards.

Two fine bands, the Washington High swing band and the Mansfield blue and red uniformed unit, combined their talents for flag raising ceremonies. At half time, the Massillon musicians again provided a colorfully thrilling show as they offered “Six Lessons from Madam LaZonga” and “Dixieland Band” numbers.

Tigers Held at Bay In Initial Period By Club

Coach Paul Snyder’s Aggregation Plays
Inspired Ball Against Tigers

By CHARLES MARTIN, News-Journal Sports Editor

MANSFIELD HIGH suffered its second defeat of the season under the floodlights at Stadium field last night but the 7,200 spectators who watched the grid team lose were not disappointed.

Coach Paul Snyder’s Tyger gridsters tangled with the undefeated and untied Massillon juggernaut and put up their greatest battle of the year as they dropped a 38 to 0 decision.

Massillon invaded Stadium field sporting one of the most impressive records ever marked up by one of its teams and the Tygers were not supposed to do much in holding the score down.

But when it was over every fan praised the work of the Mansfield combine in limiting Massillon to six touchdowns.

To a few witnesses it might not have been impressive, but one look at the records should change their opinion.

The Massillon outfit had chalked up six straight wins before coming here and had averaged 58 points a game. In only one game – against Alliance – did the club score less than 48 points. Massillon beat Alliance 40 to 0.

Mentor Snyder saw his protégés play heads up ball during the entire contest. Not once did the Tygers let down as they turned loose one of the finest passing attacks unleashed this year.

Although they went down to defeat, the Tygers accomplished two feats no other team has against Massillon. Mansfield is the first aggregation to mark up a first down before the Tigers and the stout Tyger defense in the first chapter made Massillon punt twice in a row – something it hadn’t done before.

Massillon completely throttled the Tygers’ running attack and while Mansfield failed to penetrate inside the visitors’ 38, its aerial bombardment was causing considerable trouble.

After seeing their attack bog down in the initial stanza the Massillon players began clicking and pushed over two touchdowns each in the next three chapters.

Dick Adams, who scored three of the touchdowns, Tom James, Fred Blunt and Horace Gillom were the principal ground gainers once the Massillon outfit started moving.

Every one of the Tigers’ markers were scored on long marches, the longest coming in the fourth frame when they drove 76 yards after receiving a Mansfield punt.

Other touchdowns were chalked up on marches of 45, 62, 60, 49 and 37 yards.

Near the end of the first period Massillon opened up from the Mansfield 45-yard line. Two first downs placed the pigskin on the Tyger 14 as the chapter ended.

Adams, subbing for James, dashed through the right side of the Mansfield line on a cutback from the eight-yard line for the first tally. Ray Getz’ placement for the extra point was wide.

Mansfield found it impossible to chalk up gains through the heavier Massillon line and shortly after the next kickoff the club was on their way again.

The Tygers moved to Massillon’s 38 on the next kickoff with a passing attack and a fumble at this point was recovered by Jim Russell.

Three successive first downs put the ball on Mansfield’s one-yard line and Getz went around right and into pay dirt. His kick for the point split the uprights. And the half ended with Massillon leading, 13 to 0.

James, regular left halfback, came into the game to spark the Tigers’ to their next touchdown in the third. The club went 60 yards with James going over from the Mansfield two. Getz’ plunge for the point was stopped cold.

A little later Larry Cardinal, Massillon tackle, recovered another Mansfield fumble on the Tygers 49. Two first downs were registered and Adams passed to Gillom in the end zone from the Mansfield 24. Getz added the point from placement.

Adams climaxed Massillon’s 76-yard drive early in the fourth frame by scooting over from the Mansfield one, and he also added the final score after his teammates drove 37 yards. Getz’ two placements were low and wide.

Immediately after the last touchdown Coach Brown sent in his second team, but Mansfield was unable to get its aerial offense working in the remaining three minutes.

John Weber, junior guard and Martin Henke, played spectacular ball for the Tygers. Both were outstanding on defense. Every member of the team, however, turned in creditable performances.

Mansfield lost 15 yards from rushing plays, while Massillon was registering 260. The Tygers also held the edge in nearly every department.

Massillon gained 77 yards on passes to Mansfield’s 33. The Tygers did edge the winners in pass completions, 11 to 4. Gillom gave a brilliant demonstration of punting, averaging 51 yards. Two of his kicks traveled 66 yards. Mansfield averaged 30 yards on punts.

The Mansfield band strutted its stuff in its new uniforms for the first time before the game opened last night. Massillon’s swing band took over the stage during the intermission.

Tommy James