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1894: Massillon 8 Canton Central 12

NOVEMBER 19, 1894
Canton High School Laddies
Defeat Our Own

Class spirit and inter-urban rivalry ran high and fierce at Russell Park on Saturday afternoon.  The Massillon high school football eleven had undertaken a large and difficult contract and were abetted by numerous charming young women, whose umbrellas, hats and coats were decorated with yellow and black and who did not hesitate to indulge in a very fetching yell when matters progressed their way.

It unfortunately happened that the hated rivals on this occasion, the Canton high school boys, who, as previously stated called themselves the “Varsity eleven” because some of them expect to go away to college some of these days had the advantage of weight and years and hence, notwithstanding the charming young women, profusion of yellow and black and the fetching yell, Massillon went down to honorable defeat.

Canton not only won the victory, but permitted their followers and shouters to appropriate the Massillon yell, simply substituting Canton for Massillon.  But for all that, the home team is not discouraged, because of its defeat by a score of 12 to 8 and will even accounts at some future time.

Fully 200 people witnessed the contest.  The teams were evenly matched and excitement ran high during the last half when the Massillon boys secured a touchdown by repeatedly forcing Dangler through the Canton’s center.  The ball changed from side to side on the third down and for a time it seemed that neither club would gain an advantage.  Frequent attempts were made to send men around the ends but each effort proved of no avail and on several occasions ground was lost.  The last touchdown the Canton team secured on a scratch.  Massillon lost the ball on a fumble; it was seized by Day, who ran down the field uninterrupted and had it not been for this error the honors would have remained with the home team.  The Cantonians were gentlemanly players and both halves ended without a wrangle.

Kell and King, of the M.A.C. team, acted as referee and umpire and Wittmann officiated as timekeeper.  For the home team Dangler secured both touchdowns but failed each time to kick goal.  For Canton, Day crossed the Massillon line for each touchdown, while Kirby kicked both goals.  The teams lined up as follows:

M.H.S.                              Pos.                               C.H.S.
Foltz                                 center                            Gauchat
Emery                            left guard                             Hawk
Harrison                        right guard                         Turnbull
Von Kanel                     left tackle                          Oldham
Edwards                       right tackle                         Rowlen
Stoner                              left end                                 Jahn
Yost                               right end                                Linn
Justus                           quarter back                             Day
List                              left half back                    Pumphrey
Lester                         right half back                        Stokey
Dangler                           full back                              Kirby


EDITOR’S NOTE:  Here is the account of the
second Canton-Massillon High school football
game as it appeared in The Repository.

The Canton High School varsity football eleven went to Massillon on the 1:30 Canton-Massillon electric car, on Saturday afternoon and played the Massillon High School eleven a return game.  It was played at Russell Park and as in the previous games in this city the Canton boys came out on top.  They defeated their opponents Saturday by the Score of 12 to 8.

A large crowd of the faithful went over to the leading city in the western part of Stark County to see the boys hold up the dignity of this city.  They did so and now the football enthusiasts are jubilant.

When the Massillon boys played here they put up a very peaceful game.  But oh, my! what a difference in Massillon.  They were at home and their actions did not show up brilliantly.  Kell, formerly of the Oberlins but now of Massillon, refereed one half of the game and umpired the other half.  He has been coaching the Massillons and even tried to do so on the field notwithstanding his position.  There was a large attendance when the game started.

THE START:  Canton got the ball in the toss up.  Jahn kicked off and the ball went within twenty-five yards of the Massillon goal.  It was captured by the Massillons, they failed to secure the necessary gain of five yards and the ball was returned to the Cantons.  By hard enter bucking by the Cantons, Day was successful in making a touchdown.  Captain Kirby then kicked goal.  The Cantons now had 6 to their opponents 0.  Dangler then kicked off for Massillon . His first attempt went out of bounds.  He then kicked it successfully.  Stokey secured it and made a gain of twenty-five yards.  Massillon then forced him within a foot of the Canton goal.  Unable to gain any headway and to prevent Massillon’s securing the ball, Stokey clearly and beyond the possibility of a doubt, made a safety.  This would have given Massillon two points.  A Massillon player, however, placed his hand on the ball and the referee allowed Massillon a touch down.  This was considered a deliberate robbery and it gave Massillon four points.  Canton objected but to no effect.  Dangler then attempted to kick goal but failed.  This ended the half.  Score, Canton 6; Massillon 4.

THE SECOND HALF:  Started out with a kick off by Dangler for the Massillons.  Jahn got the ball, which passed back and forth for some time with little gain by either side.  When about half way between the center and the Canton goal Massillon started to force the ball.  It was thrown to Silvers and just as he grabbed it Rowlen made a good tackle and the ball rolled toward the goal.  Day grabbed it and by a splendid spurt made a touch down.  Kirby kicked goal. Dangler then kicked off again for Massillon.  It went within ten yards of Canton’s goal.  Day got the ball and started toward the Massillon goal.  He was tackled and downed and in the line up for a scrimmage the ball was force to center by the Cantons and the Massillons secured it on the third successive down.  They then forced it toward the Canton goal and Dangler made a touch down.  He tried to kick goal, but failed again.  Time was then called.  Score:  Canton 12, Massillon 8.


1893: Massillon 16 Salem 6

Game played November 11, 1893
From The Massillon Evening Independent

MASSILLON 16              SALEM 6

A fair sized audience saw the Massillon high school football eleven defeat the eleven from Salem high school by the score of 16 to 6 in a well played game at Russell Park on Saturday afternoon.  This was the first regular game that the local high school team has played this season, and they won a well earned victory.  While they are yet comparatively young in years as well as in experience on the football field, they have the making of good football players, for they thoroughly understand the game and all of its various points, and with steady practice will have a team that will be hard to defeat by teams of their own and even heavier weight.

When the two teams lined up for play it was at once discovered that the boys from the neighboring city were much larger and heavier than the local boys, but in a very few minutes after the contest began it was evident that while the Massillon boys lacked in strength and weight they more than excelled their plucky opponents in science and skill.

The local team’s victory was largely due to their good team work and the excellent interference for their runners when they had the ball in their possession and were heading for the coveted goal of their opponents.  Their best gains were made by runs around the ends, while they could not make any material gains by bucking the enemy’s line which was too heavy for them to break through.

The Salem team soon demonstrated to the onlookers that they were inferior to the home team, as they could not make any large gains by sending their backs around the ends of the Massillon line, for they were soon brought to earth by the excellent tackling of Captain Young’s men, but they did succeed in gaining lots of ground by bucking their opponents’ line, as their superior strength and weight were too much for the home eleven to overcome.

The best features of the local team’s playing were Roberta’s fine tackles and end runs for large gains, Captain Young’s good all around work, Emery’s tackling and timely interference and Hilton’s punting, tackling and runs, while the work of the balance of the eleven was good and showed that each player put his whole heart and soul in his efforts to help win the game.

The teams lined up as follows:

Stonerleft endWoodruff
Garriguesleft tackleMeyerhoffer
Groffleft guardOldham
Pocockright guardOlder
Yostright tackleSouthworth
Edwardsright endFrench
Capt. Youngleft halfbackWilson
Robertsright halfbackWilson
Massillon:Roberts 1Young 1Hilton 1
Salem:Kirkbride 1
Massillon:Roberts 1
Salem:Dunn 1
Failed Goals:
Massillon:Pocock 2
Referees:Walter McLainMr. Gee