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Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1912: Massillon 0, Ravenna 13

Players Don’t Bewail Score;
Condemn Treatment
Massillon Players and Officials Say
Ravenna Official was More Ignorant of Game
Than Willfully Unfair
Locals’ Official Assaulted When He Penalized Ravenna

In what was said to be the dirtiest game in which it ever participated, the Massillon high school football team was defeated at Ravenna on Saturday afternoon by a score of 13 to 0.

The “dirt,” however, was not on the Massillon team and the Ravenna captain told several of the Massillon players that the locals were the cleanest set of players Ravenna every played. The Massillon captain could not return the compliment.

According to the local high school authorities the game abounded with slugging and not only would one man hit a player but several would be on the job with hammer and tongs. The referee who officiated probably desired to be fair, but he knew so little about the game that such a thing was well nigh impossible. Massillon had one official on the field but he was powerless. At one time he is said to have penalized the Ravenna team for an off side play and the fullback struck him.

“It was the worst exhibition of football I ever saw,” said Coach Jones, when asked about the game this morning. “The locals are not making any excuses for the defeat but the local management is disgusted with the treatment received. Reports are that one of the touchdowns was illegal and this is substantiated by three Ravenna subs who were on the side line and saw the man who was running with the ball step over the line. However, the official allowed the touchdown to be counted. It is said that the local players held their tempers in check and played a clean game.

Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1909: Massillon 20 Ravenna 0

Fowl of Victory Captured at Ravenna.
MASSILLON,  20;         RAVENNA,  0

Locals Outplayed Opponents and Won with Ease Ravenna Played a Plucky but Futile Defense and a Clean Game
Massillon’s Forward Pass

With the orange and black flying high the Massillon high school football team returned Saturday evening from Ravenna with the first victory of the season.  The score of 20 to 0 tells the tale.  Although Ravenna was not a formidable opponent either in weight or in playing the game, the smoothness with which  the Massillon team worked and the style of play exhibited was a credit to the team from any standpoint, especially considering the fact that the team has been together little more than a week.  Massillon’s open work was especially effective against its opponents.  The forward pass, which was tried several times, was good for one touchdown and at least thirty clear yards.

Although the open work piled up the score, the game was won by the more substantial line plunging principally on the part of Sonnhalter, the Massillon fullback.  “When in doubt buck,” was the principal of the game.  The basketball stunt was a foxy limelight scene after the game was won, but in the first half when Ravenna was playing close and fighting desperately, it was Sonny’s steamroller that did the business.

Massillon outweighed Ravenna, but not by much.  The game was won on the whole by more experience and better team work.  Ravenna has had the benefit of a Reserve coach thus far this season, but the material has not been of the best.  Although part of the line is experienced, the backfield is entirely new and in this lay a greater part of the difficulty.

Ravenna’s backfield was light also and found in Massillon’s heavy line an insurmountable obstacle, interference on the end runs was also for the most part lacking, giving Massillon’s ends and halves plenty of chance to lay those plays out for loss.  Tricks or forward passes of any kind failed to make themselves evident in Ravenna’s line of plays.

Ravenna’s defensive work was without doubt plucky to the last, but not very substantial.  Massillon made its down often but was forced to contest every inch of the way.  But for Sonnhalter, who the entire Ravenna eleven seemed unable to stop; Massillon would have had to punt much oftener.  Massillon worked Sonnhalter hard, the usual play being through left tackle.  The line was a small proposition here, but the backfield was usually on hand to dispute further passage.  Beside line bucking, Massillon had some other good ground gainers.  A double pass from Myers to Miller netted twenty yards once when Ravenna was asleep at the switch.  Erb’s left tackle back play plowed up the opponents for a good gain in one instance.

Massillon worked the forward pass to perfection.  On Ravenna’s eight yard line, with the goal to gain, Dalasky secured a forward and carried it over for a touchdown.  Miller on the other end, secured two good passes and ran for substantial gains through a broken field.  Atwater, at quarter, got all the forward passes off in good shape, with the exception of one uncompleted pass over the line.  Blackburn kicked three perfect goals from touchdown, while Heyman with a good twisting spiral, outpunted the Ravenna kicker almost double.  Two of Massillon’s points were made on a safety by Stevens, of Ravenna, who secured the ball after trying to punt out from behind the goal through one of his own players.  He was downed by Zintsmaster.  Stevens, Ravenna’s captain, played a good game from left end.  In the second half, after Massillon had secured fourteen points Ellis replaced Zintsmaster at right tackle and Leahy replaced Smith at center.  The team, including McConnell and Moody, subs, was accompanied by Mr. Snavely as faculty manager, Manager Gorrell being unable to accompany the team.

Massillon was not without weak points, which will be rendered by hard practice before the game at Bishop next Saturday.

Following is the way it went:

M.H.S.                           Pos.               R.H.S.
Miller                                le                 Stevens
Erb                                    lt                 Brockett
Heyman                            lg                 Hubbell
Smith, Leahy                      c                 Parker
Blackburn                         rg                 Heisler
Zintsmaster, Ellis                rt                 Baldwin
Dalsky                              re                 Parhan
Atwater                            qb                Nicola
Wells                                lh                 Smith, Carter
Myers                               rh                 Dietrich
Sonnhalter                         fb                 Boettner

Time of halves:  15 and 20 minutes.

Massillon – Sonnhalter  2; Dalsky.

Goals from touchdowns:
Massillon – Blackburn  3.

Massillon – Zintsmaster downed Carter for a safety.

Referee – Hart.
Umpire – Byers.
Head Linesman – Loomis.
Linesman – Carpenter, Leahy and Smith.
Timekeepers – Alcorn and Snavely.
Substitutes:  Massillon – Moody and McConnell.