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Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1936: Massillon 70, Portsmouth 0

Orange and Black Wave Submerges Visiting Men of Troy 70-0 in Brilliant Exhibition of Offensive Football


Portsmouth’s sturdy wall held back the Ohio River, but it couldn’t stop the wave of orange and black Friday evening and the men of Troy were washed out 70-0 on Massillon Field.

A powerful running attack with every man doing his part, battered down the Trojan defense and though replacements were tossed into the ranks just as sandbags were piled against the famous flood wall, the men of Troy could not withstand the battering. What was a small leak in the Trojan wall in the opening minute when “Echo” Herring raced 47 yards to a touchdown, quickly developed into a washout as 10 more touchdowns and 24 first downs poured through.
Score Surprises Fans
To the 7,000 fans who attended the game, the 70 points were as much of a surprise as they must have been to the large crowd that gathered in Portsmouth to hear a play by play account sent directly from the local football field.

The game was heralded as the best home contest of the season outside of the
Massillon-Canton game, but Portsmouth, though previously undefeated and with the record of tying Hamilton, a claimant of the state title last year, failed to put up the performance expected of it.

Perhaps the way the Tigers drove over two touchdowns in the first few minutes had something to do with it. Perhaps it was the long trip, the crowd or the general setting that unnerved the visitors. Whatever it was, the visiting eleven though presenting the appearance of a well drilled team, failed to show any offense, making but two first downs, one in each half and continually gained ground when on the defensive.
Tigers Kept The Ball
The fact is, the high geared offense of the Tigers enabled them to keep the ball most of the time and rarely did the Trojans get possession of it.

While the Tiger eleven was continually marching up the field, the Portsmouth gridders only succeeded in getting the ball in the locals’ territory twice and on both occasions the Massillon second team was in action.

The visitors had their big moment toward the close of the first half when Ford’s quick kick went over Shrake’s head, 60 yards to the five-yard line. Pizzino, trying to punt from behind his goal, got off a poor kick that Venthrino caught on the 10-yard line and ran back to the two-yard stripe. Then, after one play had failed and with second down coming up the gun cracked ending the first half.

Toward the close of the fourth quarter, George Brown recovered a Massillon fumble on the Tigers’ 15-yard line. Ford gained three yards but on third down he fumbled while attempting a pass and a flock of Massillon men pounced onto the ball to end the threat.

Save for these two occasions, the Tiger goal line was never in danger, while the Massillon gridders were a threat every time they came into possession of the ball.
Tiger Offense At Best
The Massillon offense was at its best last night just as it was high in the Portsmouth game of 1935. Ball carriers were given the finest of blocking and Mike Byelene’s passes had the accuracy of a sharpshooter. He and Dick Shrake completed 11 passes for a gain of 196 yards and two points after touchdown. Only one was intercepted and five incomplete.

The Tiger machine was thrown into gear at the kickoff. Capt. Copeff of the Trojans booted the ball to Charley Anderson, who headed up the alley to be brought down on the 33-yard line by Covert, Portsmouth center. Herring ran 15 yards and Byelene five to the Trojan 47-yard line. There Herring shot around his right end, cut back to the middle of the field where he picked up his interference and raced across the goal line with three men looking vainly for somebody to take out of the way. Glass failed to kick the extra point.

Portsmouth received and Cave brought Glass’ kick back to the 31-yard line where Don Snavely got him. Three plays gained seven yards and Frazier barely got away his kick to Herring who caught it on the Massillon 30 and came back eight yards. The Tigers again set their sails for the Portsmouth goal and although penalized 15 yards for failing to stop long enough on the shift, one of seven penalties inflicted on them for the same infraction, they slashed back to their own 42-yard line where Herring once more dashed away through his right tackle for a run of 58 yards and a touchdown. He had three men running interference for him as he crossed the goal line. Glass kicked the ball over on his first attempt but Massillon was penalized 15 for holding and when the Tiger back tried it a second time, the ball soared wide of the posts and the score stood at 12-0.
Intercepted Pass Starts Another
After an exchange of punts that followed the kickoff, Herring intercepted Ford’s pass on the Massillon 40-yard line and raced all the way back to the 10-yard stripe before being tackled by Monk. On the first play, Glass hit center for the touchdown and this time Byelene passed to Charley Anderson for the extra point, hoisting the score to 19-0.

In the closing minutes of the period, three Massillon linemen rose up in front of Ford’s punt and blocked it on the 28-yard line. It being fourth down the ball went to the Tigers. Byelene tossed 18 yards to Gillom for a first down on the 10-yard line. Herring made two at right tackle and the quarter ended with the ball on the eight –yard line.

On the first play of the second period, Byelene skirted his left end for a touchdown. Glass’ placekick was wide of the posts and the score was 25-0.

The Tigers’ kicked off and after Portsmouth failed to advance the necessary ground, Ford quick kicked to Herring who caught it on his 45 and got back only five yards. Byelene tossed 29 yards to Charley Anderson, who barely got his finger tips on the ball and dropped it. Interference was called on George Brown and the pass was declared completed giving the Tigers a first down on the 21-yard line. In two plays, Anderson went around his left end for a touchdown but the ball was called back and Massillon was penalized 15 yards for failing to pause on the shift. Byelene and Glass got it back quickly, however, putting the ball on the one-yard line in two plays and Glass plunged through for the touchdown. Byelene passed to Anderson for the extra point bringing the score to 32-0.
Cover Short Kickoff
Pizzino and Shrake went into the Tiger backfield. Portsmouth elected to receive and Jim Miller kicked a short one that only got to the Portmouth 46-yard line. A free ball, Pizzino hopped on it and it was first down for the Tigers. Byelene made 11 at tackle then stepped back on the next play and passed a 25-yard beauty to Gillom who caught it on the 10-yard line and raced across for the touchdown. Ford batted down Byelene’s attempted pass for the extra point and the score stood at 38-0.

Portsmouth made its first, first down of the game following the kickoff when interference was called on Byelene when Monk tried to catch Ford’s pass. Portsmouth was given the ball on its own 37. Snavely tossed Ford for a two-yard loss and Shrake intercepted Ford’s pass on his own 47 and returned to Portsmouth’s 43-yard line. Despite a five-yard penalty for being offside, Shrake and Byelene ran the ball to a first down on the 27-yard line. Pizzino made eight at left tackle and a pass to C harley Anderson gained a first down on the nine-yard line. Shrake made five at left tackle and Byelene plunged it over. Charley Anderson placekicked the extra point and the score was 45-0.

A new Massillon team took the field. There followed Portsmouth’s threat in the closing minutes of the first half when intermission came with the Trojans in possession of the ball on the Tigers’ two-yard line.

The Tigers changed shirts between halves and came out wearing white. The first string eleven went back into the ball game, took the kickoff on the 21-yard line and marched to a touchdown, Glass providing most of the excitement with a dash of 39 yards through the center of the visiting team and across the goal. A mix-up on signals for the try for point resulted in a fumble and loss of the point, leaving the score at 51-0.

Portsmouth received and after failing to gain on a line play and grounding a pass, Copen quick kicked to Herring who caught it on his own 30 and returned 19 yards. Glass carried the ball four yards and Byelene twice in advancing to the 30-yard line despite another
15-yard penalty for failing to pause a second on the shift. From the 30, Byelene snapped a pass to Herring who went over the goal line in two steps. Glass placekicked the extra point.
Misses Football
Glass kicked off to Ford who was tackled on his 30-yard line. Portsmouth sent in a complete new team. The visitors were pushed backward and Throckmorton, in attempting to punt, missed the ball entirely; Junior Anderson covering it for Massillon on the 10-yard line. Byelene snapped to Anderson for a touchdown but the ball was called back and the Tigers lost 15 yards for the shift violation. Byelene passed again but this time Venthrio intercepted. However, Portsmouth was offside on the play and it still remained Massillon’s ball. Byelene then passed the ball to Gillom who caught it behind the goal line. Glass’ attempted kick for the extra point was blocked and the score was 64-0.

A new team went in for Massillon and played throughout the remainder of the game.

The Tiger second stringers made one touchdown the last period. They came into possession of the ball on the Portsmouth 20-yard line when Ford, after fumbling a pass from center on fourth down, had no other choice but to run with the ball. Shrake twice carried the ball, once going for 10 yards and again traveling 20 for a touchdown, but on both plays the ball was called back for offside violations. Shrake got a pass to Dudley Dixon, however for a first down on the 10-yard line. Dixon made nine yards in two attempts and Wurzbacher on an end around play ran for the touchdown. Shrake’s pass for the extra point was grounded and the game ended at 70-0.

The Tigers lost 125 yards in penalties while Portsmouth lost 10 yards.

The crowd once again pleased the high school management. Though not as large as that of the opening night, it exceeded most Friday evening crowds of past years.

The Tiger band bigger than ever, gave a pleasing exhibition between halves. It is rapidly becoming one of the best schoolboy bands in the state.
Victory No. 3
Massillon Pos. Portsmouth
Gillom LE Monk
J. Anderson LT Lamm
Wyatt LG Wellman
Snavely C Covert
Miller RG Sally
Peters RT Anderson
C. Anderson RE Orth
Byelene QB Frazier
Herring LH G. Brown
Snyder RH Copen
Glass FB Cave

Score by periods:
Massillon 19 26 19 6 70

Massillon – Shrake, lh; Pizzino, fb; MacMichael, t; Toles, e; Edwards, e; Herman, hb; Swoger, rh; Lee, c; Miller, lt; Greenfelder, g; Howard, g; Wurzbacher, e; Endress, c; Lucius, g; Dixon, hb; Harsh, t.
Portsmouth – Ford, qb; Venthrino, lh; H. Brown, le; Taylor, rg; Justice, lg; Sagraves, lh; Church, lt; Throckmorton, qb; Vinsen, fb; Coyle, c; McGarrey, re; McKinney, lh; Redding, rt.

Massillon – Herring 3; Glass 3; Byelene 2; Gillom 2; Wurzbacher.

Point after touchdown:
Massillon – Anderson 3 (pass 2, kicked 1); Glass (kicked).

Referee – Howells (Sebring).
Umpire – Boone (Canton).
Head Linesman – Gross (New Philadelphia).

Mike Byelene
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1935: Massillon 46, Portsmouth 0

Brilliant Massillon Offense Crushed Down-stater’s in Second Half as Orange and Black Aggregation Scores Third Victory of Season


PORTSMOUTH, Oct. 5 – A golden tornado from northeastern Ohio, dipped into this bend in the Ohio river last night and with a swirl of offense, lifted a 46-0 victory out of a cloud of fog and away from a gallant football team representing Portsmouth high school.

It was the third straight triumph of the season for the Washington high Tigers who in three games have rolled up 182 points while holding their opponents scoreless.

It was a victory scored at the expense of an opponent of recognized ability, an opponent which previous to Friday had kept all others from crossing its goal.

Morningstar Scores on Pass.
Thrown back when they penetrated into Trojan territory the Tigers were unable to score in the first period of play, but they shocked the crowd of seven thousand and brought several hundred Massillonians to their feet cheering when they drove deep into Trojan territory in the second quarter, where Morningstar reached high in the air, juggled Howard Dutton’s pass on his finger tips, then tucked the ball under his arm and scampered 20 yards for the first touchdown of the game.

Bog Glass kicked goal.

The point looked mighty big the rest of the half, for Portsmouth, though outclassed 12 to 2 in first downs, gave ground stubbornly and turned back all effects to score.

Coach Paul Brown and the Massillon delegation, particularly those who had recklessly bet the Tigers would win by 35 points, were worried when Boe Morris’ foot met the ball in the kickoff and sent it spinning into the arms of young Howard Dutton at the start of the third period.

Dutton in Brilliant Dash
Dutton tucked the sphere under his arms and started slowly, while a wave of orange formed ahead of him. Then he set sail past the 20, the 30, on by midfield, down to the Portsmouth 30, where Morris, who had dropped back after the kick, came in to tackle. But Augie Morningstar was there and cut Morris down with a perfect block while Dutton scampered over the goal.

It was the turning point of the game, Portsmouth coming out with the intention of getting a touchdown, collapsed and from then on the Tigers broke through their line with ease. They scored two more touchdowns that period and three more in the fourth, little star Herring, 125-pound halfback getting three of them. The game ended with both coaches substituting freely.

Hard fought as it was, for ball carriers were met by a swarm of tacklers, who at times hit as though they would drag the runner into the river nearby, it was the cleanest battle in which Massillon has played this year. The first half moved with lightning speed, time out being called but once, that when Morris cracked a collar bone on the try for point after the first Massillon touchdown. That was the only time out taken for injury in the entire game. Not a penalty was inflicted for holding or unnecessary roughness or clipping. Massillon was penalized five yards three times, twice for offside and once for being in motion. Portsmouth did not draw a penalty.

Tigers Never Punted
The game was unique in that Massillon never punted. The Tigers had the ball in midfield with fourth down and 10 yards to go on one occasion, but smart Mike Byelene saw the timekeeper reach for his gun and instead of punting he passed, far over Anderson’s head and the gun sounded before the ball could be put in play again. Massillon made 25 first downs to Portsmouth’s three, making six in each of the first two periods, seven in the third and six more in the fourth. The Trojans made one in each of the first, second and fourth periods.

As a reward for their victory, the Tigers were given a chicken dinner after the game. They spent the night in Chillicothe and continued on to Columbus where this afternoon they will see Ohio State battle Kentucky University.

First Quarter.
Portsmouth won the toss and elected to receive defending the north goal. Morningstar kicked to Morris who took the ball on the five yard line and brought it back to the 25. McGarey was stopped without gain in a plunge at the Massillon line. He tried again and gained about three yards through center. A lateral pass, Turner to Morris gave Portsmouth first down on its 48-yard line. Copen made two yards at left tackle. McGarey failed to gain at center on a spinner, Morris punted out of bounds on Massillon’s 15-yard line.

Jake Gillom made seven yards at right tackle. Gillom hit left tackle and made a first down on the 28-yard line. Glass hit center for five yards. Dutton made one yard at left end. Glass hit center for a first down on the Massillon 39-yard line. Gillom on a reverse around right end gained five yards. Copen intercepted Dutton’s pass on the Massillon 40.

Morris failed to gain on a lateral pass from Copen. McGarey made a yard at center; ball on Massillon’s 39-yard line. Turner was tackled by Molinski for a loss of three yards. Morris punted out of bounds on Massillon’s 12-yard line.

Dutton lost three yards at left end. The Portsmouth boys were tackling very, very hard.. Dutton made seven yards through right guard. Gillom dashed around right end for a first down, being tackled on the Massillon 34-yard line. Glass made four yards at center. Dutton on a spinner play hit for a first down on the Massillon 46. Glass smashed for another first down on the Portsmouth 38 yards line. Gillom hit around left end for nine yards. Glass bored through center for three yards and a first down on the Portsmouth
26 yard line as the first period came to a close. Score: Massillon 0; Portsmouth 0.

Second Quarter
Glass made three at left tackle. Gillom hit right tackle for six and a first down on the Portsmouth 17 yard line. Gillom was thrown hard for no gain at right end. Dutton made three yards at left tackle. Gillom made one yard on a reverse around left end. Dutton passed over the goal line but the ball was batted down by Copen. It was Portsmouth’s ball on its own 20-yard line.

Turner made one yard at center. Morris punted to Gillom who fumbled on the Massillon 45-yard line; Anderson recovering for Massillon. Dutton immediately went through his right tackle for 20 yards to the 30 yard line. Then Dutton passed to Morningstar who made a great catch on the Portsmouth 20 yard line and ran for a touchdown. Glass place kicked the extra point and Massillon was leading 7 to 6.

Portsmouth took time out. Morris was hurt during the scrimmage on the placekick but refused to leave the game.

The game started with a white ball in play. Portsmouth always has used a tan ball in its night games. After Massillon scored Portsmouth put a tan ball on the field. Captain Morningstar of the Massillon team immediately protested but lost his protest and the game proceeded with the tan ball in play.

Glass kicked off to the 50-yard line. There was a scramble for the ball. The officials called the ball back and another kickoff was ordered, ruling Massillon offside on the play. Glass kicked to Turner who took the ball on his 10-yard line and ran it back to the 30 before being tackled. Turner lost one yard at right tackle. He was thrown hard by Neri Buggs. Morris ran to the Massillon 37-yard line. McGarey tried the center of the line but was met by a solid wall of orange and black clad Massillon players. He failed to gain. Turner lost one yard at right tackle. Buggs dashed through the line and nailed him for the loss. A lateral to Morris who then attempted a forward pass failed to gain as Anderson knocked down the ball just as it left Morris’ hands. Morris punted to the 17-yard line where McGinnis grounded the ball.

Glass hit left tackle for six yards before being stopped by White, Portsmouth center. Dutton hit left tackle for a first down but the ball was called back and Massillon was penalized five yards for offside. Glass made seven at center. Portsmouth took time out as Ford was substituted for Morris at quarterback. Gillom went through right tackle for a first down on the 31-yard line. Mike Byelene replaced Dutton at quarterback. Gillom lost two yards at left tackle. Glass hit center for nine yards. Gillom raced through right tackle for a first down on the Massillon 45 yard line. Byelene went through left tackle for six yards. Glass drove his way though center for a first down on the Portsmouth 43 yard line with one minute left to play in the half. Gillom made four yards at right tackle and was down under a swarm of Portsmouth players. Byelene went around left end for a first down on the Portsmouth 20 yard line but the ball was called back and Massillon penalized five yards for offside. Byelene attempted a forward pass but the ball sailed over Anderson’s head. Turner knocked down Byelene’s pass to Morningstar. Byelene passed over Anderson’s head just as the gun ended the first half. Score: Massillon 7; Portsmouth 0.

Third Quarter
Morris, Portsmouth quarterback, sustained a cracked shoulder on the play following the touchdown. He continued to play until near the end of the second quarter being replaced by Ford.

Copen kicked off to Dutton, who ran it back 75 yards on a spectacular dash for a touchdown. Glass kicked the extra point, making the score, Massillon 14; Portsmouth 0.

Glass kicked off to turner who ran from the goal line back to the Portsmouth 28 yard line. McGarey failed to gain, being tackled by Anderson. Turner’s interference clogged in front of him and he failed to gain at right tackle. Flowers downed Ford’s punt on the Massillon 35 yard line.

Gillom immediately ran 23 yards for a first down on the Portsmouth 42. He skirted right end, Glass made three at center. Dutton ran 11 yards for a first down on the Portsmouth 26-yard line. Glass hit right tackle for the third touchdown, knifing his way through the Portsmouth team to score. Mitchell replaced Flowers at right tackle for Portsmouth, Schroeder went in for Daum at left guard for Portsmouth. Dutton passed to Anderson for the extra point. Anderson taking the ball behind the goal line, making the score: Massillon 21; Portsmouth 0.

Glass kicked off to Turner, who fumbled when tackled hard on the 30 yard line. Portsmouth however recovered the ball. McGarey’s lateral pass was incomplete. Copen ran the ball around left end, clear across the field and out of bounds for a five yard gain. McGarey failed to gain in a plunge at the center of the line being stopped by Woods and Held. Morris returned to the game at the start of the third period despite his cracked shoulder. His shoulder was well padded. Morris punted out of bounds on the Massillon 30.

Glass gained nine yards at left guard, before being stopped by McGarey. Glass hit center for a first down on the Portsmouth 47 yard line. Dutton made eight yards at left tackle. Gillom circled right end for a first down on the Portsmouth 35 yard line. Dutton passed 11 yards to Gillom for a first down on the 24 yard line. Glass smashed through center for seven yards. Glass ran to the five yard line where he fumbled the ball and it was recovered by Copen, Portsmouth right halfback.

Flowers kicked out to Jack Gillom, who caught the ball on the Portsmouth 35 and ran it back to the 20 yard line. Glass made two yards in a smash at center. Glass hit for a first down on the Portsmouth five yard line. Glass made four yards in a plunge through left tackle. Gillom failed to gain in an attempt to pierce right guard. Glass plunged through the line for a touchdown and came out of the jumble of players standing up. Glass’ attempted placekick was wide of the posts. Score: Massillon 27; Portsmouth 0.

Byelene reentered the game for Massillon, replacing Dutton. Herring went in for Gillom. Glass kicked off to Ford, who substituted for Morris. Ford carried the ball back to his own 34 yard line. Turner made one-yard before being smeared by Updegraff. Ford made five yards at center as the quarter ended. Score: Massillon 27; Portsmouth 0.

Fourth Quarter
Brown went in for Portsmouth, replacing McGarey at fullback. Copen made three yards at left tackle. Ford punted out of bounds on the Massillon 41-yard line.

Byelene ran 16 yards around left end for a first down on Portsmouth’s 42 yard line. Herring made seven at right tackle. Byelene went off left tackle for a first down on the Portsmouth 29 yard line. Herring dashed around right end for a first down on the Portsmouth 10 yard line. Byelene skirted left end to the four yard line. Herring made a first down on the one yard line. Herring went though right tackle for touchdown. He went through standing up. Glass’ placekick hit the uprights but Portsmouth was off side and Massillon was given another chance to make the point. Glass’ second attempt was wide of the post. Score: Massillon 33; Portsmouth 0.

Glass kicked off to Turneer who caught the ball on his goal line and ran it back to the Portsmouth 24 yard line, where he was tackled by Anderson. Brown failed to gain at the line. Copen lost three yard when thrown by Held. Ford punted to Herring who caught the ball on his 42-yard line and raced it back 10 yards to the Portsmouth 48.

Byelene went through left tackle to the Portsmouth eight-yard line. Byelene crashed through center for four yards. Herring raced through left tackle for another Massillon touchdown. Daum went back into the game for Schroeder at left guard for Portsmouth. Herring went through right tackle for the extra point. Score: Massillon 40; Portsmouth 0.

Coach Paul Brown of Massillon sent an entire new team into the game. The crowd was beginning to leave convinced Portsmouth long ago faded out of the picture as an equal opponent for the Massillon aggregation.

Massillon kicked off, McDew, substitute end, kicking to Brown who brought the ball back to the 32 yard line. Turner was tackled by Voss after a three yard gain but the play w as called back and Massillon was penalized for offside. Cobert replaced White at center for Portsmouth. Brown failed to gain in an attempt to pierce the center of Massillon’s line. The game was delayed as Portsmouth sent a number of new players into the contest. Ford’s attempted pass was knocked down. Jones replaced Turner at left half for Portsmouth. Brown in a lateral off a double reverse was thrown for a five yard loss by Snyder, now playing fullback for Massillon. Ford punted out on his own 32 yard line. He was rushed by the Massillon forward wall.

Herring ran around his right end and dashed down the field 32 yards for a touchdown. Snyder failed to make the extra point in a smash at center. Score: Massillon 46; Portsmouth 0.

McDew kicked off. Brown took the kick and brought the ball back from his 15 to the Portsmouth 38 yard line. Ford’s pass was knocked down by Herring. A pass, Ford to Brown, gave Portsmouth a first down on the Massillon 47-yard line. It was Portsmouth’s first first down of the second half and its third of the game. Ford took a lateral and passed but he ball was grounded by Herring. Brown coming around left end, gained about four yards before being tackled by Snavley, Massillon center. Ford passed but Snavely batted the ball down. Ford punted out of bounds on the Massillon 15-yard line.

The stands were emptying fast, only a few of the faithful Portsmouth fans remaining. The Massillon delegation was still very much in evidence.

Byelene gained five around left end as the final gun sounded.

Final score:
Massillon 46
Portsmouth 0

Lineup and summary:
Anderson LE McGinnis
Held LT Rardin
Updegraff LG Daum
Voss C White
Woods RG Sally
Buggs RT Flowers
Morningstar RE Ruel
Dutton QB Morris
J. Gillom LH Turner
Molinski RH Copen
Glass FB McGarey

Score by periods:
Portsmouth 0 0 0 0 0
Massillon 0 7 20 19 46

Massillon – Snavely; C.J. Anderson; Miller; Spillman; Russ; Moffett; Byelene; Snyder; Gillom; Herring.
Portsmouth – Serey; Jones; Ford; Schroeder; Cover; Orth; Lamm;Mitchell.

Massillon – Morningstar; Glass 2; Herring 3; Dutton.

Points after touchdowns:
Massillon – Glass 2 (placekicks); Herring (carried); Anderson (pass).

Referee – Marquard.
Umpire – Hummond.
Head Linesman – Schwab.

Augie Morningstar