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1895: Massillon 0 Canton Central 6

October 28, 1895

A Lively Game of Football at Pastime Park

The high school football teams of Massillon and Canton met at Pastime Park, Saturday afternoon, and after two spirited halves, Canton won, score 6 to 0.

The teams lined up as follow:

CANTON                      Pos.                MASSILLON
Betham                        Left End                        W. List
Dillon                         Left Tackle                         Arter
Hurford                      Left Guard                     Harrison
Gauchat                         Center                    Capt. Eoltz
Turnbull                     Right Guard           Featheringham
Bald                          Right Tackle                   Hawkins
Linn                            Right End                        O. List
Day                          Quarterback                  Crawford
Pumphrey                 Left Halfback                      Lester
Jahn                        Right Halfback                   Howald
Cubbison                     Fullback                        Dangler

The Massillon eleven succeeded in preventing the Cantons from scoring in the first half.  Dangler opened the second half with a good kickoff.  There were several fine plays, and when time was called the ball was on Massillon’s thirty yard line and the score 6 to 0.


1894: Massillon 6 Canton Central 16

Repository Sports
Canton, O., Saturday, Nov.  18, 1944


(Editor’s Note:  This is a facsimile of a story that appeared in The Repository 50 years ago following the first Canton- Massillon game on Nov. 3, 1894.)

Is That at Pastime Park
and Witnessed by an Enthusiastic Audience
How the Boys Lined Up.

The football game played at Pastime Park on Saturday afternoon between the Canton high school eleven and the Massillon high school eleven was undoubtedly the finest game of football ever witnessed in this city.  The attendance was not as large as the contest deserved, but the yellow and black colors of the Massillon enthusiasts and the crimson and black worn by the admirers of the Canton high school Varsity boys were plentiful, and they rooted for their respective teams with vim and vigor.

The Canton High school boys secured the ball at the kick off and kept it until within one yard of the goal.  Then the referee declared that the ball belonged to the Massillonians under the rule that the team having the ball must gain five yards within three downs.  This Canton failed to do.  Massillon then put the ball into play, and were soon forced to their goal with the ball, which scored the Cantons a safety, or two points.

The Massillons started out again with the ball, and by fine interference and excellent team work got the ball to Lester, their left halfback.  He showed some fine sprinting and made a touchdown, giving them four points.  Goal was then kicked and the game stood 6 to 2 in favor of Massillon at the end of the first half.  The small crowd of rooters from the west end crowed too soon, but they crowed lustily, cheering the hearts of the Massillon boys with their vociferous applause.  Many musical feminine voices were particularly noticed in their applause.

This had a good effect on the Cantons as well.  It ended the Massillon scoring.  Canton had the ball but didn’t keep it long.  Fine interference from Pumphrey, however, prevented a Massillon touchdown.  Cubbison got the ball and ran for the goal line but
Was Tackled and Thrown.
John quickly picked it up scoring the first touchdown for the Canton lads.  Goal was made and with the score 8 to 6 the Canton crowd went wild.  Two more touchdowns were made by the Canton boys in the half, one by Kirby, and the other by Pumphrey.  The half ended with the score 16 to 6 in favor of the Canton high school boys.

The line up was a follows:

M.H.S.                           Pos.                            C.H.S.
Yost (Capt.)                right end                     Cubbison
Edwards                    right tackle                      Howlen
Lewis                         right guard                      Turnbull
Foltz                              center                         Gauchat
Harrison                      left guard                       Oldham
Von Kanel                  left tackle                          Hawk
Stoner                           left end                              Jahn
Justus                        quarterback                           Day
List                           right halfback                         Linn
Lester                        left halfback                  Pumphrey
Dangler                         fullback               Kirby (Capt.)

Umpire – J.H. Carson, of Canton.
Referee – C. Rinck, of Massillon