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Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1925: Massillon 18, Toledo Woodward Tech. 0


“Paul & Paul, Inc., forward passing a specialty.” That, ladies and gentlemen, is the latest combination doing business, in a football way, for Washington high school. The two Paul’s – Brown and Storrie – made their bow to the public as gridiron merchants last Saturday afternoon on Massillon Field when they were the big noise in Washington highs’ 18 to 0 football triumph over the Woodward Tech team, of Toledo, one of the beefiest scholastic outfits Ever to sink a cleat in the local mud-covered battle-ground.

It was the first gridiron encounter between the two schools and the overgrown Toledo boys were sent back home last Saturday evening rather done up and buried under three touchdowns, these three sets of counters being the result of the football business skill of Paul & Paul, the forward passing specialists. All of Massillon’s touchdowns were recorded through the use of the aerial attack and Brown and Storrie negotiated all three of them.

Brown’s duty in this new gridiron combination is to take the ball on a pass from center, dodge around a bit behind the line of scrimmage until his partner, Storrie, can get out into the open and then flip the pigskin into space over the heads of the struggling warriors. The rest of it is up to Storrie. His first task is to pluck his partner’s pass out of the air. Having done this he tucks the ball under his arm and sets sail for his opponent’s goal line, not feeling content that he has carried out his share of the bargain until he plants the ball back of the enemy goal line for a touchdown. Doesn’t sound hard to do and it isn’t when two such master experts as Brown and Storrie are working in such perfect harmony as they were Saturday.
As was anticipated the battle was waged on another muddy field. The local gridiron was covered with a sticky mixture of water and mud that soon had the players well plastered but the muddy field was not so much of an obstacle to Massillon as it was to Toledo. The visiting gridders, carrying plenty of advoirdupois, soon had additional poundage of mud and water to carry and were hard pressed throughout the sixty minutes of play trying to keep up with the lighter but much faster orange and black outfit.

Massillon opened with a running attack that gained ground consistently. Define and Kammer proved quite adept at splashing through the mud around the Toledo ends, frequently turning in long gains in their cruises around the Woodward Tech wings. Toledo, with its beefy line and heavy backfield, showed to best advantage on smashes through the line but did not have enough stamina to keep pounding the Massillon forward wall long enough to wear it down. Toledo never threatened to score. It showed several spurts in midfield but could not penetrate the Massillon defense when gains might have placed it in position to score.

Toledo came here with a squad of 16 players. And it used them all. It found in Coach Stewart’s aggregation a tough and well-conditioned foe, so tough in fact that several of the Woodward Tech lads wilted before the onslaught of the orange and black and no less than five of them were forced out of the contest with injuries; three of them being rather badly done up.
Massillon Saturday used more players probably than it has ever used before in a single game. Coach Stewart had 35 boys on his first string and every one of them got into the game. The Massillon mentor pulled a regular Knute Rockne stunt in the second quarter when he shoved eight freshmen into the combat at one time, sending in an entire new line and a backfield man. But it was the deciding move in the struggle for on the very next play, Massillon put over its first touchdown, the Brown-Storrie combination opening up with a brilliant forward pass that netted the first points in the battle and proved the undoing of the visiting Lucas county delegation. From then on until the end Coach Stewart kept a steady stream of substitutes dashing into the game until in the final minutes of play he had practically a third string team battling the Tech gridders.

Brown and Storrie, because of their sensational forward passing attack, were the stars of the encounter but Define and Kammer also come in for praise because of their great work in running the ends, both of them being consistent ground gainers. Defensively the entire team showed up well against the heavy Toledo aggregation with Fritz Gump, on left end, and Paul Smith in the secondary defense exhibiting some rare tackling ability.

Captain Zahner was Woodward Tech’s best ground gaining bet. He showed up well in plowing through the line, “Kipke” Staunton, Tech’s Negro backfield star, started off like a flash but his ground gaining activities ceased soon after the game got under way. Ralgalski, Toledo’s heavyweight fullback, was called upon often to carry the ball but he was smeared plenty by the energetic Massillon forwards.
The orange and black clearly outplayed the visitors, making 18 first downs to eight for Toledo. Massillon completed seven out of 15 forward passes for a total gain of 133 yards, three of which brought touchdowns. Seven of the Massillon passes were incomplete while one was intercepted. Brown was on the starting end of most of the overhead heaves. During the closing stages of the game he and McConnell were successful in working a number of passes.

Toledo completed six passes for 51 yards. Eight of its overhead attempts failed while one was intercepted.

The first Brown-Storrie pass, which brought the first touchdown of the game was good for 19 yards. The next was good for 35 yards, Storrie taking a 10-yard heave from Brown and running the remaining 25 yards for the score. The third was worked from Toledo’s
nine-yard line.

Although it scored but three touchdowns Massillon missed three others by inches. In the first quarter Kammer dashed 33 yards around Toledo’s right end and across the goal line only to be called back when the officials ruled Dommer had been guilty of holding. In the fourth quarter the orange and black worked the ball to within a yard of the Toledo goal only to lose it on downs. Then in the closing seconds of the fray Massillon carried the ball to the visitors’ two-yard line with a touchdown in sight as time expired.
Kammer and Define kept skirting the Toledo ends for substantial gains during the first quarter but Massillon could not get within striking distance of the visitors’ goal. But in the second period the local team got the ball in midfield and a series of off tackle thrusts and end runs by Kammer, Define and Halpin took the oval to Toledo’s 19-yard line with several yards to make on fourth down. It was at this point that Coach Stewart sent in eight new players and on the very first play after the substitutions Brown flipped the ball to Storrie and the sturdy Massillon end plucked it out of the air and raced across the Toledo goal line for a touchdown.

A few minutes later found Massillon back on Toledo’s 35-yard line and again Brown called the forward pass into play heaving a 10-yard pass into Storrie’s arms and once again Storrie dashed through the mud and across the Toledo goal line.

Storrie and Brown got back into the game again in the fourth quarter and shortly after proceeded to hang up Massillon’s third touchdown. Tech had stopped a Massillon march on its one-yard line and then punted out to its 25-yard line. Kammer and McConnell made a first down on two plays and then made six more before Brown barked out the signals for another forward pass. And once again the Brown-Storrie combination worked in perfect unison, Storrie taking Brown’s pass from the nine-yard line and going over for the third set of counters. All three of Massillon’s attempts to score additional points after the touchdowns failed, because of the soggy condition of the ball which made accurate punting or goal kicking almost impossible.

Paul & Paul
Massillon – 18 Pos. Toledo – 0
Gump LE Moses
N. Harris LT Mowery
Dommer LG Neptune
Fricker C W. Jacobs
Washlick RG Cartin
Tipton RT Harre
Agler RE Rosenberg
Smith QB F. Jacobs
Define LHB Staunton
Kammer RHB Wijauck
Halpin FB Ralgalski

Score by quarters:
Massillon 0 12 0 6 18

Massillon – Price for Fricker, Thomas for Gump, Kelly for N. Harris, Crone for Washlick, Storrie for Agler, Brown for Halpin, W. Harris for Tipton, Singer for Dommer, Hax for Kammer, Fulton for Storrie, Spencer for Crone, Hummel for Define, Snyder for W. Harris, Herbst for Thomas, Spuhler for Laughlin, Agler for Fulton, Define for Hummel, Kammer for Hax, Gump for Herbst, Fricker for Price, N. Harris for Kelly, Dommer for Singer, Tipton for W. Harris, Laughlin for Halpin, Price for Fricker, Brown for Define, Thomas for Gump Storrie for Agler, W. Harris for Tipton, Kelly for N. Harris, Crone for Washlick, Williams for Kammer, Briggs for Spuhler, Benson for Thomas, Herbst for Storrie, Girt for Briggs, Houghton for Williams.

Toledo – Nadonly for W. Jacobs, Zahner for Nadonly, Jenson for Nepture, Schwelbert for Zahner.

Touchdowns – Storrie 3.

Referee – Shafer, Akron.
Umpire – Tompkinson, Akron.
Head Linesman – Michaels, Ohio State.

Time of quarters – 15 minutes.

Paul Brown