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Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1970: Massillon 52, Barberton 0

Tigers maul game Barberton 52-0

Independent Sports Editor

Cliff Wilson sounded as if he were still in the coaching ranks.

“Boy! That score doesn’t tell half the story of the game!” Washington high’s first year principal said as he made his way down the sideline toward an exit.

Massillon’s Tigers mauled Barberton’s inexperienced Magics 52-0 Friday night in a
non-league before 10,120, the season’s smallest crowd at Tiger stadium, but the Ohio’s
No. 1 team knew it had been in a battle. The Orangemen came out with assorted bumps and bruises administered by the hard-hitting Summit Countians who hung on tenaciously although out of the game by halftime.
* * *
IT WAS Massillon’s sixth straight win and third straight shutout – fourth of the season.

The Tigers’ “Attack Pack” has gone 16 consecutive quarters without allowing a
touchdown – 14 without giving up a score. Niles scored a second quarter field goal three weeks ago.

Barberton out-gained the Tigers 97-95 on the ground in the first half, but a 42-0 advantage in the air gave Massillon a 137-97 overall advantage. The Magics led in first downs 8-6.

The Tigers had a clear statistical edge in all departments, except first downs, by the game’s end. The margin here was only 16-14.

Barberton moved the ball about as well as any team has against the Tigers, rolling up 30 more plays. This could be explained in part by the fact that the WHSers scored very quickly each time they got their hands on the ball.

First-year Coach Ron Fenik mixed his plays well, junior quarterback Bob Gleichert dazzled the Tigers with his slight-of-hand and was hard to contain. Senior halfback John Yarsa and junior fullback Ed West appeared to be the most effective runners as the Magics gave the Orangemen some of their own medicine with counter criss-cross and power pitch plays.
* * *
THE ORANGE and Black had trouble getting under way, but really moved after the intermission. The county’s and All-American conference’s leading scorer, tailback Mike Mauger, tallied two touchdowns and two conversions to lead the parade.

Quarterback Dennis Franklin continued to menace the opposition, scoring one touchdown, passing for one and a conversion. Wingback Larry Harper, caught one TD pass and two PAT tosses – one from Mauger.

The Tigers’ new play, which was tried twice successfully, should make the opposition more cautious. Franklin ran well outside a couple of times from another new wrinkle, the power formation.

Mauger, Franklin and Harper each added to possible All-Ohio credentials as did
Co-Captain Tom Cardinal with steady play both ways.

The “Iron Curtain” of Co-Captain Steve Luke, Willie Spencer, Tim Ridgley, Kirk Strobel, Pete Jasinski, Dave Kulik and Steve Studer, provided more good running room.
* * *
THE TIGERS didn’t score until 5:08 of the first quarter. Cardinal powered over tackle for 55 yards after a punt. Franklin tossed to Harper for two more points.

Spencer blocked a punt to give the Tigers’ possession on the Barberton 40-yard line. Eight plays later Franklin boot-legged end from the 10 with 10:17 left in the second stanza. Mauger went off tackle to make it 16-0.

With Cardinal on the sideline nursing a painful, but not serious shoulder injury, Barberton drove 68 yards, after the kickoff, scored a TD on Gleicherts pass to sophomore halfback Rick Lay, but was set back to the 18. On fourth down, junior cornerback Art Thompson intercepted a Gleichert aerial and ran 78 yards for a score, the longest such run in the county this season and the third longest in Tiger history. With 4:48 left, Mauger again blasted over tackle, for a 24-0 count.

With fourth down five, on his 44, a third of the way through the third canto, Gleichert ran from punt formation, but was stopped on the 45. Six plays later Mauger went over tackle from the two on first down, with 6:04 left, for his first TD. He had two chances to kick a PAT, thanks to an offside penalty, but missed both.

Spencer recovered a fumble on the Magics’ 31 shortly after the kickoff. Eight plays after, Mauger just made the end zone over tackle on fourth down from the two. With 45 seconds showing he hit Harper just inside the right end zone corner for two more points.

Barberton punted from the end zone early in the goodbye period and Harper ran back from the 38 to the 31. Then Franklin, eluding tacklers, sprinted toward the sideline and threw to Harper who made a diving catch between two foes for a TD with 10:39 left. Scott Dingler, a junior quarterback, threw the conversion aerial over Spencer’s head.

Bernard Sullivan made a 30-yard extra-effort punt runback to set the stage for the final six-pointer. Two plays later, Thompson scored from 32 yards away on the counter
criss-cross with 7:40 left. Dingler bootlegged the conversion.

Barberton held the ball, thereafter, until the four-second mark, consuming seven minutes, 32 seconds.
* * *
“THEY PREPARED for us well,” Bob Commings, the Tigers head coach said. “They played a nice game, they got outside of us a couple of times and I don’t think we were quite ready for those do-dads which Gleichert had in there. We knew he was a good player.”

Commings was not happy with the first half attitude, feeling his charges fiddled around too much.

“We moved the ball a little bit on them,” Fenik said. “We knew they had a good team when we came down here. We just made some bad mistakes.”

This was to be expected of the underclass-studded lineup.

“We think Gleichert will be a good player one day,” Fenik continued. “He’s a heckuva kid!”
First downs – rushing 13 11
First downs – passing 3 1
First downs – penalties 0 2
Total first downs 16 14
Yards gained rushing 222 155
Yards lost rushing 5 36
Net yards gained rushing 217 119
Net yards gained passing 73 31
Total yards gained 290 150
Passes completed 3-7 4-13
Passes intercepted by 1 1
Yardage on passes intercepted 78 0
Kickoff average yards 8-47.9 1-27.0
Kickoff returns yards 9 95
Punt average, yards 2-43.5 6-26.3
Punt returns, yards 47 0
Had punts blocked 0 1
Lost fumbled ball 0-1 1-1
Yards penalized 4-60 5-46
Touchdowns – rushing 5 0
Touchdowns – passing 1 0
Touchdowns by interception 1 0
Total number of plays 40 70

Official:Tigers can’t play
post-season tilt

COLUMBUS (AP) – Top-ranked Massillon and No. 2 Upper Arlington will have to wait until a regular season 1972 meeting to settle their differences.

The Ohio High School Athletic association, the governing body of the state scholastic sports, ruled Thursday a proposed charity game between the two Class AAA powers after the season was out.

A group had wanted to match the two in a Thanksgiving Day game in Bowling Green for the benefit of the Wichita State University airplane crash fund.

“THE ONLY way they could play the game was if both schools would drop one of their regular season games,” Commission Harold Meyer said. “Massillon and Upper Arlington both played 10 games this fall. That’s the limit under the OHSAA constitution.

Massillon, top-ranked in the Associated Press’ Class AAA state poll and Upper Arlington, in second place are not regularly scheduled until 1972 at Upper Arlington.

The OHSAA again sanctioned the Ohio North-South basketball Classic at Marion in June and tabled a proposal by cable television representatives to telecast state high school sports events on a delayed basis.

Steve Luke
Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1969: Massillon 33, Warren Harding 14

Tigers ‘scoot’ past Panthers 33-14

Independent Sports Editor

The football was pitched as successfully Friday night at Tiger stadium as a winner’s horseshoe in a championship match.

The scoot play, as Coach Bob Commings calls it, was the key ingredient in the Washington high offensive grid recipe as the Tigers pummeled Warren Harding 33-14 before 10,223.
* * *
IT WAS Massillon’s sixth win against a loss and a tie while Harding slipped to 3-5. The Tigers moved up from fourth to third in the All-American conference standings.

Steubenville took over first place with a 20-14 win over previously undefeated Canton McKinley which dropped to second. The Bulldogs are 3-1 while the Big Red are 2-0-1.

Not only did the power pitch to backs Darnell Streeter, Mike Autrey, and Mike Mauger work well, but the Tigers added some screen passes to Autrey and sideline tosses to wingback Larry Harper for a well-rounded offensive effort.

“All of our backs were really running,” Commings explained. “We blocked a pretty good football game and got a good game out of quarterback Gary Herring again.”

Herring threw the majority of the 10 completions in 15 attempts for the Tigers’ 153 yards passing. Streeter picked up 128 of the Orange and Black’s 275 net rushing yards in 13 carries while the other half of the WHSer’s one-two punch, Autrey, gained 73. Mauger iced the cake with 44.
* * *
HARPER CAUGHT four passes to add 52 yards to his league-leading total.

“One of the biggest things we’ve got going for us right now is that we have a lot of offense,” Coming commented. “They took away our trap so something else worked. Our power pitch is one of our better plays. It worked so we stayed with it.”

The Tigers’ five touchdowns found Mauger and Streeter with two each and Autrey, whose TD jaunts seem to draw more red flags than picnic food does flies – one.

Herring and Autrey combined for a 65-yard screen pass score near the end of the second quarter. But an illegal use of the hands penalty on the 20 nullified Autrey’s great run.

A 15-yard penalty was tacked onto the bench and Commings rushed onto the field as if shot out of a slingshot, but did not incur a third long-distance step-off.
* * *
ANOTHER POTENTIAL touchdown was lost on a fumble.

Streeter got the game off to a breathtaking start when he took a pitch to the left, cut back and raced the tacklers on a 67-yard route to the two on the first play from scrimmage. His run featured a fine escape move on the 20.

Two plays later Mauger slipped between end and tackle for the score with 10:40 left in the initial stanza and Mauger booted the conversion for a 7-0 lead.

The next time the Tigers got possession, an 80-yard, 10-plays drive got them their second counter. Thirteen and 16-yard Herring-to-Harper aerials were key plays.

Autrey blasted through the middle from the 15 on the first down for the score with 3:06 left in the first quarter. A good head-first second effort at the one helped. Herring’s keeper scamper made it 15-0.
* * *
WARREN COUNTERED with a 70-yard, 13-play scoring trek with fullback Marv Simmons and tailback Tyrone Cooks doing most of the carrying on power stuff. Simmons dove over from the one on first down with 9:46 left in the second stanza, but failed on the conversion run.

It was the only long drive of the night for Warren and consumed 5:14.

With three seconds left in the third quarter, Massillon counted again, moving 43 yards in seven plays after a short punt. Streeter charged over from the half-yard line, but Harper couldn’t catch Herring for two more points.

Diminutive cornerback Doug Miller intercepted a pass on the Warren 25, returned eight yards and another Tiger TD was in the making. On fourth down from the 24, Herring rolled left, threw across field to Streeter on the 15 and “The Bopper” made a determined run for pay-off land, leaping over one prostrate Black Panther and racing by a couple of others.

His score came with 10:10 left in the goodbye canto. Autrey’s conversion run on the pitch was short by a gnat’s eyelash.
* * *
THE TIGERS took over on their 17 after a punt and 17 plays and 83 yards later Mauger took a pitch and raced over on third down from the four. His kick was low and the score was 33-6 with 47 seconds left.

He helped his own cause with a 17-yard pitch run while Harper chipped in with a 12-yard double reverse.

Cooks ended the game with as thrilling a run as Streeter had opened the evening. On the first play after the kickoff, quarterback George Jerina faded from the 27, found Cooks on the 44 and he was touchdown bound. Jerina’s pass to halfback Gary Pestrak ended the scoring with 14 seconds left.

First downs – rushing 15 7
First downs – passing 9 2
First downs – penalties 1 2
Total first downs 25 11
Yards gained rushing 279 128
Yards lost rushing 4 23
Net yards gained rushing 275 105
Net yards gained passing 153 106
Total yards gained 428 211
Passes completed 10–15 5–11
Passes intercepted by 1 0
Yardage on passes intercepted 13 0
Kickoff average (yards) 6–47.8 3–39.0
Kickoff returns (yards) 32 102
Times punted 0 4
Punt average (yards) 0 32
Lost fumbled balls 1–2 0–1
Yards penalized 5–45 2–6
Touchdowns rushing 4 1
Touchdowns passing 1 1
Total number of plays 66 50

Att. Net. Avg.
Streeter 13 128 9.8
Autrey 22 73 3.3
Mauger 8 44 5/5

Att. Net. Avg.
Simmons 16 63 3.9
Cooks 12 32 2.6

Mike Autry