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1906: Massillon 0 Canton Central 28

October 25, 1906
Massillon Could Not Stand Canton’s Line Plunges

When Canton and Massillon High met yesterday at the park, fortune favored the red and black.  Massillon was defeated by even a greater score than at Canton, the final score being 28-0.  As at Canton, Canton made their principal gains by means of the forward pass, which was worked several times, netting astonishing gains.  Also the bull-like rushes of Hershey wrecked devastation on Massillon’s line.

Canton scored touchdown and goal and a place kick at nineteen yards, making ten points.  In the second half they scored three touchdowns, succeeding to kicking goal every time.

A fine crowd attended the game, the high school turning out almost in a body, and Canton brought along a large delegation.  The songs and yells which had been carefully practiced for several days were much in evidence, and quite a rooting match took place between Canton and Massillon enthusiasts.

The Wells twins and Dow played the game for Massillon and were always under the heap.


Canton – 28            Position  Massillon – 0

McCoy        LE         S. Reese
G. Wellsynon                    LT G. Wells, Miller
Wagner       LG         Hollinger
Lonebaugh     C          Wenger
White          RG               Baer
Cooke, McGregor   RT      H. Wagner
Stevenson    RE   Klotz (capt.)
Copthorne  QB             Graze
Clarke         RH      C. Wagner
Gibson        LH          S. Wells
Hershey       FB               Dow


1906: Massillon 0 Canton Central 24




Physical Culture Instructor Addresses Pupils

In chapel this morning Superintendent Cronebaugh introduced to the assembled students Prof. Winder, an instructor in physical culture.  He is at present located in the city and intends to organize a class in physical culture from among the high school students.  He gave a brief talk on his personal physique, his methods of development and his former work.  Prof. Winder is a living exponent of his work.  He weighs 207 pounds, stands six feet one and is admirably proportioned.  It was suggested that possibly Manager Stewart had better secure his services for the Tigers before “Blondy” Wallace sets his orbs upon him.  Superintendent Cronebaugh made a short speech congratulating the high school, and very particularly the football team, on the brilliant showing made last Saturday in the game against Wooster, a hitherto undefeated foe of M.H.S.

The football team went thru a practice game with the White Stars yesterday afternoon on the high school grounds, which resulted in the close score of 5-0 in favor of the High School.

OCTOBER 18, 1906


Preparing for Football Game With Canton

Yesterday afternoon the High School football squad went thru an invigorating practice on the ball field.  Kirby and Moran, two of the Tigers who are temporarily crippled, had charge of the practice, and demonstrated several good formations and trick plays which will probably be used Friday in the game against Canton.

The game at Canton will commence at 3:30 Friday on the lake grounds.  Canton High is said to be especially well versed in the intricacies of the forward pass, and its value will probably be demonstrated in this game.  Moran will be on hand to coach the team this afternoon, which will be the last practice before the game.

OCTOBER 20, 1906

The Massillon High School football team went gloriously down to defeat at the hands of the Canton High School team at Meyer’s Lake Friday afternoon by the score of 24 to 0.  The local team was badly crippled, owing to the fact that several star men were not in the game.  The forward pass was worked five times successfully by the Canton team, which resulted in three of the four touchdowns that were made.  The local team lost the ball several times, as the necessary ten yards could not be made thru Canton’s strong line.  Next Wednesday these teams will meet on the gridiron at the Massillon park and the locals expect to turn the trick.

Line-up and summary:

Canton – 24                 Pos.  Massillon – 0

McCoy left end           Hoover
Eynon left tackle         O. Wells
Wagner       left guard           H. Wagner
Longebaugh               center          Wenger
Poyser, Myser        right guard         Hollinger
Cook        right tackle     Miller
Stevenson right end  Hammersmith
Copthorne      quarterback              Klotz
Gibson        left halfback       S. Wells
Clark, (c)  right halfback       C. Wagner
Hershey            fullback            Snyder

Stevenson; McCoy;
Hershey; Weeks.

Goals from the field:

Failed goals from touchdown:
Hershey  3;

Time of halves – 20 minutes.

Score at the end of first half:
Canton       14
Massillon     0

Referee and umpire, alternating:
Bowman, of Canton;
Merwin, of Massillon.

Weckel, of Canton.
Hopkins, of Massillon

Head Linesmen:
Mumaw, of Canton;
Dow, of Massillon.