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1907: Massillon 0 Canton Central 44

Sad Blow to Supporters Of the M.H.S. Team.

Lack of Enthusiastic Support Cannot be Charged as Cause of the Trouble – One Hundred Massillon Students Saw Game – Other Sporting News.

Lamentably loose and inaccurate tackling combined with Canton High’s successful use of the forward pass, are the only explanations which Massillon High is able to offer for her crushing defeat at the Stark county fair grounds Wednesday afternoon.  The score of 44 to 0 in favor of the team from the county seat was a sad blow to Massillon High’s supporters, as a victory was confidently expected.  In the first game of the season, Massillon High played Canton High a 0 to 0 game, which is the best showing made so far this year by the local team.

Lack of enthusiastic support was certainly not the cause of Massillon’s defeat, whatever else might have caused it.  Over one hundred high school students, principally girls, accompanied the team and kept up a running chorus of screams, squeals, derisive songs and sadly jumbled yells during the entire game.  The feminine contingent evidenced the proper spirit as they did not cease their joyful noises when touchdown after touchdown was scored by those rude Canton boys.  The joy of the Canton girls got somewhat beyond bounds as they attempted to lord it over Massillon High’s fair representatives in quite a pugilistic manner, but the threatened riot was quelled without bloodshed.  However, the Massillon girls had some biting comments to make on Canton’s hospitality and courtesy to visiting rooters.

The game was played at the Stark county fair grounds, where an excellent gridiron has been laid out.  Canton High was not supported nearly as strongly as was expected.  Although Canton High played the same team as in the beginning of the season, it showed a vast improvement in every branch of the game, especially in the forward pass.  Canton was able to gain her yards on neither end runs or line bucks and was excelled in punting.  Practically every gain was made on the forward pass and the double pass, but these gains were usually immense as a result of Massillon High’s deplorably loose tackling.  Several of her touchdowns were made on runs of half the length of the field.  Massillon High played fairly well on the offensive, Grinnell and Sonnhalter making some excellent tackle and cross bucks, while Dow and Wagner were used in running the ends with but less success.  Dow and Captain Grinnell tackled hard and accurately but the rest went after their men with but little confidence.  In the second half the tackling improved wonderfully, Wells, Richeimer and Wagner landing some men very neatly.

Grinnell kicked off to McGregor at 3:15 and the ball was brought to the middle of the field.  K. Miller received the ball on a punt but made no gain.  Grinnell made excellent gains on a series of tackle bucks, but Canton gained the ball on downs.  McGregor gained well on line bucks.  A forward pass fails and Wagner gets the ball.  Stephanson received the ball on a punt but was brought to the earth by a good tackle by Wagner.  By means of a double pass, Stephanson now eluded or shook off all the Massillon players and made the first touchdown after a twenty-five yard run.  McGregor kicked goal.  Score 6 to 0.

Grinnell kicked to Stephanson, who although tackled by half a dozen Massillon players, gained half of the field before he was downed.  Canton High failed to gain and was also penalized fifteen yards.  Massillon received the ball on downs but Captain Grinnell’s punt was blocked.  Canton returned the punt to Sonnhalter, who failed to gain.  Massillon was penalized and had twenty-five yards to gain, and Grinnell punted.  A forward pass to Stephanson worked beautifully and he eluded everyone but “Yank,” who brought him to earth.  McGregor went fifteen yards for the second touchdown.  He missed goal.
Score 11 to 0.

Toward the end of the half Massillon High visibly weakened, particularly in tackling, and the half ended with the ball on Massillon’s twenty-five yard line.

No changes were made in the line-ups at the beginning of the second half.  McGregor kicked to Wagner.  Canton gets ball on downs and Brookes and Stephanson work double pass for long gains.  In several minutes McGregor shot through the line like a catapult for a touchdown, but Wells blocked the goal kick.  Score 16 to 0.

Massillon High’s tackling now improved.  Dow and Wagner bringing their men down hard.  Weeks made a forward pass to McCoy for a long gain and Canton gained steadily.  McGregor went the last fifteen yards for the touchdown.  McGregor missed goal.
Score 21 to 0.

Grinnell kicked to Brooks, Richeimer bringing him down in his tracks.  After several plays Stephanson broke away and ran half the length of the field for a score.  He was tackled at the goal line by Richeimer.  McGregor kicked goal.  Score 27 to 0.

Grinnell kicked to McCoy, who ran half the field before being downed.  Sonnhalter advanced the ball a little on a punt and Grinnell returned it.  McGregor ran thirty yards for a touchdown.  McCoy kicked goal.  Score 33 to 0.

Hope was now dying fast in the breasts of Massillon High’s supporters and the corners of the mouths were down instead of up.  Guy Wells raised a little enthusiasm by a brilliant tackle, but this soon subsided when Stephanson, closely followed by Dow, ran half the field for a touchdown.  Dow downed him just behind the line.  McCoy kicked goal.
Score 38 to 0.

McGregor carried the ball back forty yards.  Punts were exchanged, Grinnell far excelling.  Brookes carried it back a short distance and then Weeks made the best run of the game, seventy yards for a touchdown.  McGregor missed goal.  Score 44 to 0.  The half ended before the ball was well in play again.

The teams lined up as follows:

Massillon High                 Pos.   Canton High
Dow              le             Blythe
Baer               lt             Eynon
W. Miller       lg               Wise
Erb                 c    Waterhouse
Hollinger        rg             White
Richeimer       rt             Harris
Wells             re     Stephanson
K. Miller      qb         Brookes
Wagner        lhb           McCoy
Grinnell        rhb            Weeks
Sonnhalter     fb      McGregor

Touchdowns:  Canton – McGregor   5; Stephanson  3.

Goals kicked by:  Canton – McGregor  2;  McCoy  2.

Referee and umpire, alternating –                        Merwin of Massillon.
Hazlett of Canton.
Timer:  Cronebaugh of Massillon.
Head Linesman – Hall of Massillon.
Linesman –                        Atwater of Massillon
Krammer of Canton.

Attendance – 300.

Time of halves – Twenty-five and Twenty minutes


1907: Massillon 0 Canton Central 0

Two High School Teams Play
a 0 to 0 Game

Supporters of the Massillon Team
Were Delighted With its Work –
Grounds Were in Excellent Shape
and a Big Crowd Witnessed the Game.

For the first time in many years the Massillon High School football team kept the Canton High School team from scoring Saturday afternoon.  While Massillon High has won an occasional victory from Canton High on the baseball diamond, the fates have for the past three or four years been dead against them on the grid.  This year’s team delighted its supporters Saturday afternoon by playing a 0 to 0 game with its usually victorious opponents. It was one of thE neatest gridiron battles seen in this football city for many a day.

The grounds were in excellent shape.  Wire had been strung entirely around the field, obviating the annoyance caused by spectators getting in the way, goal posts had been erected and when the two teams dashed onto the field to hold a short limbering up practice before the game, they were cheered by a throng of hundreds of people.  The field was dotted with pennants, the orange and black of Massillon and the red and black of Canton High, and about every third rooter was attacked to a large red megaphone.  Rome’s reputation in the howling line was entirely cast in the shade.

The game commenced on the second at 3 o’clock.  Cheered on by cries of “Rifferty-rafferty, riff-raff, chifferty-chafferty, chiff-chaff,” etc., which is the first chapter of Canton High’s sensible, intelligent yell, the Canton players lined up at the west end of the field and received the kickoff from Massillon.  Brooks caught the kick, but advanced it only a short distance.  On a fumble Massillon soon gained the ball, but in its own territory.  After several ineffectual attempts to circle the ends, Grinnell tried a forward pass to Wells, which failed, and Canton got the ball.  Unheeding Massillon’s failure in the same line, the Canton High immediately tried a forward which also failed, Grinnell capturing the ball.  Dow was then hurled and thrust against the line for eight yards, Grinnell and Wagner also steadily pounded the line and Massillon gained its yards for several downs.  Canton got the ball far down in its own territory and immediately attempted to punt, but Snavely crashed through the line and blocked it on Canton’s ten-yard line.

Massillon High now went wild with delight.  Nothing seemed surer than that Canton High should be scored upon.  As a last resort Canton again tried the forward pass.  This time it succeeded and about twenty yards were gained.  A delayed quarter back run netted about fifteen yards more for Canton, and they were out of danger for the time being.   The forward pass was by far the most popular play.  Canton tried it again and Snavely downed the runner in his tracks, and when the same play was tried again Wagner got the ball but was knocked out.  In about five minutes he insisted on re-entering the game.  Punting was now resorted to.  Captain Grinnell out punted his opponent by many yards on every punt. The ball going out of bounds, both teams hurdled the wire, crashed through the crowd and in an instant a mass of humanity was rolling over and over in the road.  When the mass was resolved into its elements, Keeley Miller was found snugly wrapped around the ball.  The first ended with the ball in Massillon’s possession near the middle of the field.  Neither side had scored.

Although Wagner was badly injured, he insisted on entering the game when the teams lined up after a ten minute respite.  In the second half he played the game of his life.  Many a time he was the first man down the field on a punt, would down his man, and then lay stretched out on his back thoroughly done up.  The injury which he received in the first half only seemed to make him play the harder.  Canton High kicked off to Massillon when the second half began, Grinnell getting the ball.  Punting soon became more the custom than ever.  Grinnell’s trusty leg always sending the ball forty yards or more.  Canton now made a good end run which looked good for a touchdown, but the runner was downed by the indomitable Wagner far down in Massillon’s territory.  Things looked…


Oct. 10, 1907

High School Team Defeated
by Adversaries’ Superior Weight

Although the Massillon High School football beam enjoyed a good practice game against the Business College eleven on the high school grounds Wednesday afternoon, the enjoyment ended there, for the final score was not at all to its liking.  Much to the High School team’s surprise and indignation, the Business College team trimmed it by the score of 6 to 0.  The victory was due to the terrific line hitting of the Business College and Thompson’s end runs.  Although the business College had not played before this season, excellent signal work was done and the runner was always given excellent interference.  The High school was greatly out-weighed, and this was the reason for their defeat, as they could not withstand the onslaught of the Business College’s much heavier back field.

Both captains seemed desirous of kicking field goals.  Whenever either team got within striking distance, and sometimes when they were not, a try would be made by Grinnell or Schnierle for goal from the field.  Every attempt failed.  Massillon High played a much better game on the ends than was the case of New Philadelphia last Saturday.  Thompson was the only Business College back that made any gains on the end.  Punting honors were about even between Grinnell and Thompson, each kicking well.

The High School team has no reason to chide the girls for non-support.  A large crowd of high school maidens were in evidence and in spite of the fact that theirs was the losing side, sent cheer after cheer echoing across the field.


1906: Massillon 0 Canton Central 28

October 25, 1906
Massillon Could Not Stand Canton’s Line Plunges

When Canton and Massillon High met yesterday at the park, fortune favored the red and black.  Massillon was defeated by even a greater score than at Canton, the final score being 28-0.  As at Canton, Canton made their principal gains by means of the forward pass, which was worked several times, netting astonishing gains.  Also the bull-like rushes of Hershey wrecked devastation on Massillon’s line.

Canton scored touchdown and goal and a place kick at nineteen yards, making ten points.  In the second half they scored three touchdowns, succeeding to kicking goal every time.

A fine crowd attended the game, the high school turning out almost in a body, and Canton brought along a large delegation.  The songs and yells which had been carefully practiced for several days were much in evidence, and quite a rooting match took place between Canton and Massillon enthusiasts.

The Wells twins and Dow played the game for Massillon and were always under the heap.


Canton – 28            Position  Massillon – 0

McCoy        LE         S. Reese
G. Wellsynon                    LT G. Wells, Miller
Wagner       LG         Hollinger
Lonebaugh     C          Wenger
White          RG               Baer
Cooke, McGregor   RT      H. Wagner
Stevenson    RE   Klotz (capt.)
Copthorne  QB             Graze
Clarke         RH      C. Wagner
Gibson        LH          S. Wells
Hershey       FB               Dow


1906: Massillon 0 Canton Central 24




Physical Culture Instructor Addresses Pupils

In chapel this morning Superintendent Cronebaugh introduced to the assembled students Prof. Winder, an instructor in physical culture.  He is at present located in the city and intends to organize a class in physical culture from among the high school students.  He gave a brief talk on his personal physique, his methods of development and his former work.  Prof. Winder is a living exponent of his work.  He weighs 207 pounds, stands six feet one and is admirably proportioned.  It was suggested that possibly Manager Stewart had better secure his services for the Tigers before “Blondy” Wallace sets his orbs upon him.  Superintendent Cronebaugh made a short speech congratulating the high school, and very particularly the football team, on the brilliant showing made last Saturday in the game against Wooster, a hitherto undefeated foe of M.H.S.

The football team went thru a practice game with the White Stars yesterday afternoon on the high school grounds, which resulted in the close score of 5-0 in favor of the High School.

OCTOBER 18, 1906


Preparing for Football Game With Canton

Yesterday afternoon the High School football squad went thru an invigorating practice on the ball field.  Kirby and Moran, two of the Tigers who are temporarily crippled, had charge of the practice, and demonstrated several good formations and trick plays which will probably be used Friday in the game against Canton.

The game at Canton will commence at 3:30 Friday on the lake grounds.  Canton High is said to be especially well versed in the intricacies of the forward pass, and its value will probably be demonstrated in this game.  Moran will be on hand to coach the team this afternoon, which will be the last practice before the game.

OCTOBER 20, 1906

The Massillon High School football team went gloriously down to defeat at the hands of the Canton High School team at Meyer’s Lake Friday afternoon by the score of 24 to 0.  The local team was badly crippled, owing to the fact that several star men were not in the game.  The forward pass was worked five times successfully by the Canton team, which resulted in three of the four touchdowns that were made.  The local team lost the ball several times, as the necessary ten yards could not be made thru Canton’s strong line.  Next Wednesday these teams will meet on the gridiron at the Massillon park and the locals expect to turn the trick.

Line-up and summary:

Canton – 24                 Pos.  Massillon – 0

McCoy left end           Hoover
Eynon left tackle         O. Wells
Wagner       left guard           H. Wagner
Longebaugh               center          Wenger
Poyser, Myser        right guard         Hollinger
Cook        right tackle     Miller
Stevenson right end  Hammersmith
Copthorne      quarterback              Klotz
Gibson        left halfback       S. Wells
Clark, (c)  right halfback       C. Wagner
Hershey            fullback            Snyder

Stevenson; McCoy;
Hershey; Weeks.

Goals from the field:

Failed goals from touchdown:
Hershey  3;

Time of halves – 20 minutes.

Score at the end of first half:
Canton       14
Massillon     0

Referee and umpire, alternating:
Bowman, of Canton;
Merwin, of Massillon.

Weckel, of Canton.
Hopkins, of Massillon

Head Linesmen:
Mumaw, of Canton;
Dow, of Massillon.


1904: Massillon 5 Canton Central 12

Canton Team Too Heavy for the Locals

The Massillon Team Lacked Ginger in the Second Half,
Allowing the Canton Boys to Score Easily
Game was a Clean One

Yesterday afternoon at the new park Massillon met defeat for the second time this season at the hands of Canton High, the score standing 12 to 5.  The Canton team made a touchdown in each half, the local team making their score early in the second.

The game was not called until about 4 o’clock.  Captain Kennedy, of Canton, won the toss and chose to receive at the south goal, there being a strong wind from the south.  Albright made a beautiful kick against the wind, Kennedy receiving the ball at about the thirty yard line and was downed before advancing more than five yards.  The Canton men began to batter the light Massillon line and went around end for substantial gains, Schaeffer, the Canton right tackle, being especially conspicuous in gains.  The opposing team seemed to have things their own way for a long while, until the fifteen yard line was reached.  Here the Canton team was forced to put forth every effort to realize a goal and it looked as if they would lose on downs, but finally they reached the goal line.  It was an easy goal and was kicked.

Canton now kicked to Massillon, Albright receiving.  The home team went through the heavy Canton line and made good steady gains, the hurdling of Albright being the most spectacular feature.  The end runs attempted by Massillon resulted in a loss, and straight bucks were carried out.  A fumble was made about this time which resulted in Canton’s receiving the ball.  A few gains were made by the opposition but they again lost the ball.  Albright now made a good heady play, as well as one of the most beautiful punts seen on a Massillon gridiron this season.  The punt was made at the forty-five yard line and for sixty yards it sailed down the field going across Canton’s goal line.  The ball was now kicked from the twenty-five yard line to Massillon who advanced it to the fifteen yard line and here lost the ball.  Canton carried it toward their goal but time for the first half was now called.

At the beginning of the second half Canton kicked to Massillon, McFarren receiving the ball and making a good gain to the thirty yard line.  Steady gains on line bucks were made by the Massillon boys.  Kirchhofer, the plucky Massillon fullback, now showed his true form, worming himself through the line for good gains at all times, his one gain of five yards being one of the longest made by the home team during the game.  Albright’s hurdles were here brought to the front again and his end runs netted good gains.  The Massillon team steadily worked itself from the thirty-five yard line to the ten yard line on good straight football.

The Canton team here braced up and Massillon had to work its hardest but finally by massing the men Albright was pushed and pulled through for the first touchdown Massillon High has made on Canton for many a day.  This touchdown was made at the southeast corner of the field and the punt, which was so successful for the Tigers last Saturday, was tried but Hollander failed to heel the ball.

Canton now kicked off to Massillon, Burkhart receiving.  Canton soon received the ball and the Massillon team apparently lost heart and allowed the Canton team to make gains of fifteen and twenty yards at a down, Wenger carrying the ball across goal and again goal was kicked, the score standing 12 to 5.  Massillon now received the kickoff and Burkhart made the proper play under the circumstances, punting to the thirty yard line.  A few gains were made by Canton when time was called.  Everybody seemed fairly well satisfied with the game, although the allowing of Canton’s second touchdown was entirely unnecessary.

The line-up was:

Canton                   Position            Massillon
Gould                         LE                Smith, Hollander
Hershey                     LT                Jones
Haylor                       LG                Stoner, Kaylor
Gibson                        C                 Tucker
Brown                       RG               Ratchford
Shaffer                       RT                Kaylor, Smith
Clarke                        RE                Merwin
Kennedy                    QB               McFarren
Knox                         LH                Albright
Vliet                           FB                Kirchhofer, capt.
Holl, capt.                  RH               Burkhart

Linesman, McCallum and Bast.

The work of all the boys was entirely satisfactory, the backs playing fine ball and the linemen laid down before the heavy Canton line, holding them whenever possible.  Ratchford played an unusually good game and Tucker played all over Gibson.  Merwin, Smith and Hollander put up a fine game; Merwin getting the ball on fumbles in a twinkle.  Jones and Stoner put up a stiff game.  The game was an unusually clean one, no quarrelsome spirit being in evidence.


1904: Massillon 0 Canton Central 18

Lost to Canton by Score of 18 to 0
As Soon as a Player Became Tired or was Injured
a Fresh Man was Substituted
Massillon Team Praised for its Fine Work

Friday afternoon, at Mahaffey park, Massillon again met defeat at the hands of Canton High.  The contest was a fine one, the home boys putting up a superb game, making many beautiful tackles and substantial gains.  This being Canton’s opening game, practically the entire squad was tried out, thus constantly putting in fresh men while the same Massillon eleven finished that entered the game.  Canton seemed to regard it as a special favor to Massillon to give them new players.  The score stood 18 to 0 at the end of the game, every touchdown being made in the first half.  In the last half Massillon held Canton down in great shape.  The game was called at 3:30 and was witnessed by a large crowd.

Canton kicked off to Massillon, McFarren receiving the ball and advancing it about fifteen yards, being downed near the thirty-five yard line.  Massillon failed to make the required gains and lost the ball.  Canton, hitting the line hard and making some good end runs, steadily advanced near the goal.  Knox, the left half for Canton, made the first touchdown after about ten minutes of play, Myers kicking goal.  On the next kick off Burkhart received the ball and reached the forty yard line.  Here there were some fierce scrimmages, Massillon losing the ball to Canton on downs.  Vleit, the opposing fullback, plowed through  the line and several end runs brought Canton to the twenty yard line.  Here Holl, Canton’s right half, managed to get through the line and shook McFarren off.  Kirchhofer made a flying tackle but failed to stop the man with the ball who scored the second touchdown of the game, Myers again kicking goal, the score now standing 12 to 0.  Albright secured the ball on the next kick off and was downed by Myers after a twenty yard run.  The home boys now tried line bucks making fine gains for a short time, but again lost the ball on downs.  Canton was held now and was penalized for an offside play, losing the ball.  Massillon tried hard but lost the ball on a fumble, but held the Cantons for downs, thus regaining the ball.  It was soon lost again, near their own goal, and Canton again went through the line, Holl making the third and last touchdown of the game.  Myers kicked goal.  Benedict, the home fullback, caught the ball on the kick off and made a good run.  Massillon now hit the ends hard and made fine and steady gains when time for the first half was called.  A number of the Canton players were laid out in this half, fresh men being substituted.  At the end of the half the teams again lined up, Albright securing the ball. After a few scrimmages Wener, the Canton right guard, went out of the game with an injured knee, Oner taking his place.  Canton took the ball and made a long run, McFarren finally tackling.  Massillon secured the ball on a fumble and steadily forged their way up the field the “backs over” formation going through in great style, but the ball was lost on a fumble.  Canton was now penalized for a trick that was noticeable throughout the game, the quarterback running with the ball, but failing to go the required five yards from where the ball was put in play when the man who should properly have taken the ball failed to get into place in time.  On the next down “Sugar” Gibson, Canton’s center, who seemed to have a knack of getting into trouble, was laid out for some time with a kick in the “wind.”  Canton was now held for downs, Massillon going rapidly through Canton’s line and around ends, but in turn lost on downs.  Canton tried end runs but these were spoiled by Smith and the star fullback, Benedict.  Canton lost the ball on a fumble and it was secured by Tucker who made a small gain when time was called, not a single touchdown having been made in the last half.

The lineup was as follows:
Canton                                  Pos.                              Massillon
Gould, Griflin                         L.E.                                    Smith
Dannemiller, Schaffer             L.T.                                    Jones
Hershey, Barnhart                 L.G.                                  Kaylor
Gibson                                Center                                Tucker
Wenger, Clark, Oner            R.G.                             Ratchford
Clark, Meyers                       R.E.                            Kirchhofer
Hall, Robb                            R.T.                                 Merwin
Brown, Hall                         R.H.B.                             Burkhart
Know                                 L.H.B.                               Albright
Vleit                                      F.B.                               Benedict

Dr. March, the Canton coach, complimented the Massillon players on their game, which was a good clean one.

The usual amount of “hot air” from the Canton bunch was in evidence, though no disputes took place.  Every Massillon player may be proud of the part he took in the game and the work of the backs, Benedict, Albright, McFarren and Burkhart, was most noteworthy.  The way they plowed up the line and formed interference called forth even the plaudits of Canton.  Smith and Kirchhofer broke up Canton’s interference in fine shape while Merwin and Jones were always ready to block Canton’s line bucks.  Kaylor and Ratchford at guard usually opened up holes when called upon and Tucker and “Sugar” Gibson at center battled royally for honors.  For Canton, Vleit, Knox, Myers and Clark played an especially good game.

The field was in poor condition, being laid off only in ten yard lines and two fishing poles and a rope doing service for goal.

The rooting propensities of Canton seem poorly developed, the Massillon crowd, though smaller in size, being able to give them pointers in this in even a losing game.  Professor Collier looked after the Massillon boy’s interests in a thorough manner, this fact being highly appreciated by the Massillon players and students.

The boys, meanwhile, will go through hard practice and on October 22 will try to hold the east end aggregation down in both halves as they did in yesterday’s last half.


1903: Massillon 0 Canton Central 8

CANTON H.S. – 8,
High School Football Team Beaten


Showing of the Massillon Team Was Fine Considering Handicap Which They Were Forced to Give in Weight
A Touchdown, Goal and Safety Responsible for the Score

Although defeated by the Canton high school by the score of 8-0 in the game at Meyer’s Lake Friday afternoon the Massillon high school football team has every reason to feel proud of the showing made, in view of the great disparagement in the average weight of the two teams.  After having held the heavy Cantonians to a 5-0 score on the Massillon high school grounds last Friday, the local students were inclined to feel that with more coaching and practice they would defeat their heavier opponents in the second game.  It was impossible, however, for the lighter linemen of this city to push aside the heavy guards, center, tackles and ends of the Canton team for any substantial gains.  On the other hand Canton was forced to abandon the end running game and resort to line bucking where their weight soon told on the light Massillon forwards and a touchdown was made, not, however, until after a stubborn resistance of every inch of territory on the part of Massillon’s plucky team.  The touchdown was followed by a goal.  Previously, the Canton team had carried the ball almost to the goal line of the Massillon players, where they were held and the ball went to Massillon.  On a few attempted line plunges the locals were unable to score and were forced back for a safety, probably the first instance of the kind in this vicinity for several years.  A safety counts two points for the opposing team, and this with the touchdown and goal made the score 8-0, all in the first half, no scoring being done in the second half.

For Massillon Wert, Albright, Myers and Smith played the star game and were ably supported by the entire team.  For Canton, there was no particular stars, the entire team playing steady, consistent football.  No great variety of plays were tried, the Canton team contenting itself with line plunges, principally the “tackles over” formation, which was a good ground gainer.  For Massillon, the quarterback tricks, end runs and line plunges were but partially successful.  Wert and Kirchhofer ran the team in good shape at quarterback and easily out-generaled the captain of the other team, whose judgment was somewhat poor at critical times in the selection of plays.  For the Massillon high school Smith, who has been playing left tackle, showed promise of developing into one of the most valuable men on the team.  He was in every play, and showed that quality of “nerve” which is required in a successful football player.

Captain Albright, of the local team was also a star in many of the plays.  It was his tackle in the first half which prevented another touchdown, after Canton’s right half had circled the end for a forty yard run, and was almost over the line.  In line plunging Albright was at his best; although he is still inclined to hit the line a little high, his form was otherwise good.

For Canton, Captain Buckwalter, at quarter, ran his team in good shape, but was guilty of considerable fumbling at critical times.  It is this feature which in all probability saved the locals from a higher score.  The visitors had weight enough on the line to run up a much higher score under favorable circumstances, but lacked the spirit which characterized the play of the Massillon boys.


CANTON                      Pos.                MASSILLON
Lowman                          L.E.                              Smith
Marsh                             L.T.                          Limbach
Winger                            L.G.                             Stoner
Gibson                              C                              Tucker
Brambaugh                     R.G.                         Hollinger
Holl                                 R.T.                         Burkhart
Williams and                    R.E.                               Wert
Buckwalter (capt.)          Q.B.                      Kirchhofer
Gould                             R.H.                            Kaylor
Kennedy                         L.H.                         Schnierle
Robb                              F.B.                Albright (capt.)

Canton – Unfair.
Massillon – Markel; Willenborg; and Harrison.


In the last half it took the combined efforts of Chief Ertle and Officers Wittmann and Wissmar to keep the crowd back.

When Wert broke through the crowd in the last half it looked good for a touchdown, but he stumbled over the feet of Buckwalter, whom he had “stiff armed,” and fell.

Benny Gans, who was on the grounds ready to line up with the high school team, was barred by the vigorous kicking of Captain Buckwalter on the grounds that he was not a bona fide student of the school.

With Gans at the other end of the line to Wert, the Canton team would never have had a ghost of a show to score on ends runs.

About four hundred people witnessed the contest and evinced the utmost excitement at times.  The principal “rooters” were the girls from Massillon and Canton high schools, who formed into “rooters” bands with horns and made considerable noise.


1903: Massillon 0 Canton Central 5

September 24, 1903

The Massillon high school football players are beginning to organize and expect to turn out a strong team this season.  According to the Canton schedule, published in the Canton papers some days ago, the first game of the season will be played against the Massillon team at Canton.  If this is correct it would behoove the local high school stars to begin their work at once.

September 29, 1903

The Massillon high school football team held practice Monday evening on the high school grounds in anticipation of the game Friday afternoon against the Canton high school team, in Massillon.  Placards advertising the coming game have been placed in conspicuous places about town and the management expects a large attendance.  The local team is putting in some hard work at practice and expects to make a good showing.

Massillon High School Team Defeated 5-0


The Cantons Averaged
Twenty Pounds More Per Man Than the Local line
Wert and Albright the Stars for the Locals
Benny Gans Ruled Out as Ineligible

Although outweighed almost twenty pounds to the man, the Massillon high school football team succeeded in holding the strong Canton high school team down to a single touchdown in thirty-five minutes of play on the high school grounds Friday.  This, too, was made after Massillon had been given the opportunity to boot the ball out of danger and only a short time before the first half was over.

In the second half, the Massillon team not only did the greater part of the work, but almost scored a touchdown within the last few seconds of play, on a beautiful fifty yard run by Wert, who was playing left end for the high school boys.  Wert was easily the star of the game.  His tackling and running with the ball were the best.  At times when a few yards were needed on the last down, Wert could be depended upon to make the required distance.


1900: Massillon 0 Canton Central 46

Massillon Eleven Fights in Vain Against Odds

All the Members Were Not Present,
so Their Places Were Filled With Players who Never Worked with the Eleven Before
Other Football Matters and Sporting News Generally

The game of football, Wednesday afternoon, at the fair grounds, between the Canton and Massillon high school elevens, resulted in defeat for the latter by the score of 46 to 0.  The Massillon boys only decided at the last minute to go to Canton, and, as usual, when the time set for the departure drew near, the management of the team found that several players were missing.  A hasty round up was made, and a patched up team was at last gotten together.  The Canton captain won the toss up, and chose the ball and the west end of the field.

Massillon kicked off and after about two minutes of playing, Rackle, of Canton, had scored a touchdown, Canton also kicked goal.  Massillon now got possession of the ball on the kick off, kept it one down and then lost it on a fumble, Rackle again scoring a touchdown for Canton.  Goal was also kicked.  Canton scored one more touchdown before time for the first half was called.

The second half was a repetition of the first, only more scores were made.  The Massillon boys simply could do nothing but watch their county seat friends carry the ball over the line and kick goal.

Rackle and Van Horn, of the Canton team, had the wind knocked out of them several times, and the Massillon boys sustained some bad bruises, but no one was severely hurt.  Royer, of Canton, acted as referee.

The following is the line up:

C.H.S.                            Pos.                           M.H.S.
Strang                          Left End                             Bast
Cook                         Left Tackle                 Sonnhalter
Wagoner                    Left Guard                      Gorman
Slicker                           Center                        Benedict
Rex                           Right Guard           Young, Pierce
Fawcett                    Right Tackle                  C. Young
Reemsnyder                Right End                       Albright
Mahaffey                  Quarterback                  Wiseman
Rackle                     Left Halfback                    Goehler
Van Horn                Right Halfback                     Myers
Rob                             Fullback                      Schnierle


1900: Massillon 0 Canton Central 5

High School Boys Sturdily Breast the Blows

And the Youthful Knights of the Gridiron Go Down to Defeat Before the Hardy Men From the County Seat
‘Twas a Game with Many Fine Features
Other Athletic and Sporting News

The Canton high school eleven in a hotly contested game of football, Wednesday afternoon at the Massillon baseball park, defeated the Massillon high school team by a score of 5 to 0.  The game was scheduled to begin at 3:30 but it was nearly 4, when all the preliminaries, were arranged.  The Canton aggregation came in a special car, accompanied by many friends and admirers, among who were many ladies.  The Massillon school also turned out in force, and the cries of the rivals filled the air.

The toss up was won by Schnierle, the Massillon captain, who chose the west end of the field and the kickoff.  Canton, after making a small gain, lost the ball on a fumble by the quarterback.  Massillon, after a vain attempt to trample the Canton team into the ground, also lost the ball in the same manner.  The Canton team’s superior weight now began to tell on the Massillon line, and finally Rob was rushed across the line for a touchdown.

Massillon then kicked off, and held the Canton team for three downs, obtained the ball and by a good run by Wiseman advanced the ball ten yards.  J. Miller punted the ball far into the enemy’s territory just as time was called.

The second half was a hard struggle between the teams, Massillon trying hard to score, and the Canton boys working just as hard to prevent them, when time was called the Massillon team, was very near the Canton goal line.  The halves were of twenty minutes’ duration each.

The features of the game were the tackling of Young and J. Miller, and the end running of Wiseman.  Ray L. Markel, of this city, and Boyer, of Canton, were the referees.  J.M. Sarver acted as timekeeper.  The game was very free from objectionable slugging.  There were no accidents.

The teams lined up as follows:

C.H.S.                            Pos.                                       M.H.S.
Zollinger                       right end                                   J. Miller
Cross                         right tackle                                    Young
Correl                        right guard                                   Nother
Slaker                            center                                    Schnierle
Wagoner                     left guard                               Sonnhalter
and Gorman
Cook                          left tackle              Albright and F. Miller
Strang                           left end                       Bast and Oberlin
Mahaffey                   quarterback                                     Hipp
Van Horn                 right halfback                                  Myers
Rackle                       left halfback                               Wiseman
Rob                              fullback                                  M. Miller
Rex, Hudson,                  subs                                     Benedict

C.H.S.                 5
M.H.S.                 0