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Massillon Tigers Black Letter Logo History

1912: Massillon 0, Barberton 59

Barberton Piles Up Score of 59 Points

The crippled high school football team was decisively defeated at Barberton, Saturday afternoon by a score of 69 to 0.

Although beaten, the team is said to have put up a good game considering the number of regulars who were out and the experience of some of the local men. With four members of the regular eleven out, the team work was crippled and the line up had to be shifted in all manner of shapes. The Barberton school has a fast team this season, practically all of the men having played together for several years. Several of the Massillon players, on the other hand, had never participated in a full game of any consequence.

Miller, Stern, Baer and Hollinger were out of the game and early in the game, “Whitey” Smith, Massillon’s premier weight man, had to be taken out on account of injuries. Although the score was large the local team was not discourage over the showing. The game with Barberton ends the season.