Stadium Fan Guide – Students

Massillon City Schools, in association with the Ohio High School Athletic Association promotes interscholastic events and sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is an essential part of any athletic competition and is expected from, athletes, coaches, officials and fans. As a fan/spectator (student or adult) of Massillon City Schools we want you to be an example of positive encouragement while supporting our athletes, coaches and officials. Our behavior should be positive, respectful and encouraging of the athletes, coaches, officials and the game. Failure to be an example of these athletic practices and/or ejection from an athletic
contest will result in the following procedures to be taken:

First Offense- The spectator will schedule a meeting with the athletic director with resulting action that may include removal from the next two home athletic contests of the same sport. A letter will be sent by the athletic director and principal to the spectator in question notifying them of the ejection and the dates of ejection.

Second Offense-The spectator will be removed from all home athletic contest and other school events and activities for the remainder of the school year of infraction. A letter of ejection will be sent from the office of the Principal notifying the spectator of the remainder of the school year ejection.

Third Offense- The spectator will be removed from all home Massillon City School District athletic contests and other school events and activities for a two year period. A letter of ejection will be sent from the office of the Superintendent notifying the spectator of the ejection.

Any athletic official, including but not limited to, contest officials, athletic director, principal, assistant principals, game site supervisors and anyone else in an administrative role on the site, may uphold enforcement of an ejection.

While the Fan Code of Conduct encompasses behavior expectations and consequences for both student and adult fans, Massillon City School administrators may apply further consequences to a student ejected from a contest due to the student violating the Student Handbook.

Respect the Game!