Greatest Victories of All-Time – The 1930s

1st – 1935 – MASSILLON (9-0) vs. CANTON MCKINLEY (6-2-1) – 6-0

  • Coaches – Massillon: Paul Brown; McKinley: Jimmy Aiken
  • Bob Glass scores against Canton McKinley in 1935

    Prelude – This was Brown’s fourth year as head coach and he had yet to beat rival McKinley.  Many thought his job was on the line.  In fact, his squads had only scored six points against the Bulldogs through three years.  McKinley had two 1-touchdown losses to unbeaten Steubenville and Oak Park, one of the winningest programs in Illinois.  Meanwhile, the Tigers were undefeated and had only surrendered 13 points prior to this one.  It set the stage for a classic.

  • The Game – Attendance: 12,000 at Lehman Stadium (capacity crowd).  A defensive struggle ensued throughout the entire game, but Massillon was able to push one in when Bob Glass (Tulane) scored in the third quarter from three yards out.  And that was it for points.  The Tigers had a chance earlier on the first drive of the game, but were thwarted by the Bulldogs a mere two inches from the goal line. At game’s end, the Tiger fans were jubilant and swarmed the field.
  • Postscript – Massillon finished the season 10-0 and were both Stark County and state champions.  Massillon received an offer of $5,000 to play New Castle, PA, in Youngstown the following week, but that game fell through.  However, they would meet the following year during the regular season.  Brown would later coach Ohio State, Cleveland and Cincinnati.  Aiken would later coach Akron, Nevada and Oregon.

2nd – 1936 – MASSILLON (4-0) vs. NEW CASTLE, PA (4-0) – 13-0

  • Coaches – Massillon: Paul Brown; New Castle: Phil Bridebaugh
  • Prelude – New Castle had not lost at home in three years and had won the Pennsylvania state title in 1934.
  • The Game – Attendance: 10,000 at New Castle in a driving rain storm.  The Hurricanes (appropriately named) threatened first after they recovered a Massillon fumble at the 25 and had driven to the three yard line.  But the Tigers’ 8-man front stiffened and, following Charlie Anderson’s 70-yard punt, turned the momentum in their favor on the following possession.  Bob Glass (Tulane) scored in the second quarter from the two and Mike Byelene (Purdue) added another 2-yard run in the third, while New Castle never again threatened.  Massillon led in first downs, 12-5, with neither team completing a pass.
  • Postscript – It was the Tigers’ 15th straight victory and they finished the year 10-0 as state champs and first time national champs.  For the season they surrendered just 14 points.  The following year New Castle traveled to Massillon and won 7-0, snapping the Tigers’ 26-game winning streak.  The New Castle coach was for Massillon coach Dave Stewart, who was also Brown’s high school coach when he played.  Glass, Byelene and Anderson (Ohio State) were named 1st Team All-Ohio.  Brown would later coach Ohio State, Cleveland and Cincinnati.

3rd – 1937 – MASSILLON (8-1) vs. CANTON MCKINLEY (9-0) – 19-6

  • Coaches – Massillon: Paul Brown; Canton McKinley: John Reed
  • Prelude – Massillon had a loss to New Castle, PA, while McKinley was undefeated and had only given up 6 points.  Thus, a defensive battle was expected.  But for McKinley, the state title was in their pocket with a win.
  • The Game – Attendance: 14,000 at Lehman Field.  In the first half, Bob Glass (Tulane) scored from the eight and McKinley’s Roman caught a 70-yard TD pass, leaving the score tied at six.  But in the second half it was all Massillon.  Using a new offense that utilized misdirection cutback running plays, the Tigers’ tallied in the third on a 2-yard run by Glass and then in the fourth on a short run by Red Snyder.  It was evident following the win that Massillon had played their best game of the season, churning out 252 yards rushing.  On defense, a group that was led by stalwart Don Snavely (Columbia), the Tigers held the Bulldogs to just 51 yards on the ground.
  • Postscript – With an undefeated Ohio record, Massillon laid claim to its 3rd consecutive state title.  Glass and Snavely were named 1st Team All-Ohio.