Books and Films

The Massillon Tigers Story: The First Hundred Years

By John E (Jack) White Jr.

Copyright 1994

This book presents a year-by-year history of Massillon high school football from its early beginnings through season 1993, corresponding with the date of publication.  Also included is a comprehensive collection of numerical facts and records, such as stadium information, player and coaching records, attendance records, and state and national champions.  The book also contains a section devoted to Massillon professional football.


Massillon Memories: The inside Story of the Greatest Show in High School Football

By Scott H. Shook

Copyright 1998

This book is a collection of quotes provided by a host of prominent former Tiger players and coaches that cover a variety of topics that surround Massillon football, such as the Massillon-McKinley rivalry, Paul Brown, the Tiger Swing Band and significant games.


A Century of Heroes: America’s First High School Football Dynasty

By Scott H. Shook

Copyright 2010

“A Century of Heroes is the story of the Massillon Tigers, and in many ways, is the story of Massillon, Ohio, itself.  It is Americana at its best.  Through profiles of the players, coaches and other key members of the community, you are exposed to many of Massillon’s life-dramas from the past century. ”


Tiger Legacy: Stories of Massillon Football

By Gary Harwood and David Foster

Copyright 2015

This book presents a collection of photos and narratives that describe the impact that Massillon football has on the community.  The focus is on both players and fans and the related the traditions and nuances that occur off the field.


The Massillon Tigers: 15 for 15

By David Lee Morgan, Jr.

Copyright 2020

In 2019, author, journalist and teacher David Lee Morgan, Jr. joined the storied Massillon High School program to coach the running backs–his first time ever coaching a football unit.  Here Morgan gives readers an eyewitness, behind-the-scenes account of the team’s magical 2019 season and its exhilarating quest for its first state championship in the playoff era, while battling a series of hardships ranging from the expected (injuries and fierce opponents) to the tragic (family deaths).  Come meet the players and the coaches who chased this tantalizing goal and in the process learned the true meaning of teamwork, commitment and the pursuit of excellence. — book cover


Massillon Against the World

By Scott Ryan and Becca Moore

Copyright 2014

The book stays true to the title in presenting short feature stories of the Massillon Tiger football team’s journey through the 2023 season, culminating in their winning the Division II state championship.  It also covers the City of Massillon itself and the challenges the football program has faced over the past 53 years in trying to win another state title.


Touchdown Town

Filmed by R.K.O. Pictures Corporation in 1951.

Produced by Jay Bonafield.

A short documentary film that publicizes the uniqueness of the Massillon football program.  It was filmed during the 1951 football season and then shown in theaters throughout the country in 1952 as a documentary filler between the main movies.

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it’s a mad, mad, mad, mad football town

Filmed by ABC-TV in 1964.

Produced by Paul Greenberg

The theme of this documentary film is similar to that of Touchdown Town and presents Massillon football as having a very positive influence on both the school and the community.  Significant time is devoted to the events leading up to the 1964 Massillon vs. McKinley game in which both teams entered the fray with 9-0 records and a 1-2 ranking in the state poll.  The film concludes with the scoring plays from that classic game.


Go Tigers!

IFC Films in association with Triple Play in 2000

Written, produced and directed by Kenneth Carlson; produced by Sidney Sherman

This is a full-length, feature film that walks the viewer through the 1999 football season as seen through the eyes of its three co-captains: Dave Irwin, Ellery Moore and Dan Studer.  Side stories are included involving school and community events that surround the football program, especially the need for the Massillon School District to approve a much-needed school levy.  Presented at the Sundance Film Festival; Best Documentary nominee; received the Independent Spirit Award.


Timeless Rivals: Professional roots; college heroes; the prep battle that shaped football

Brainstorm Media, Inc. and Jingo Media LLC production

Produced by Eric Loughry and Dave Jingo; Executive Producer Ted Bowersox; Director of Photography Bill Jingo; Directed and Edited by Dave Jingo; Introduction by Ted Gup

This documentary film is a collection of interviews by former players and coaches that were involved in the greatest high school football rivalry: Massillon vs. Canton McKinley.