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The Touchdown Club is an open adult booster group that meets every Tuesday during the season at noon at the Massillon Eagles Club.  Formed in 1950 during the regime of Coach Chuck Mather, the club formerly met at Padula’s Restaurant and later at the Massillon Club.

The meetings are a lunchtime affair and members receive from the Head Coach reviews of past games and scouting reports of upcoming opponents.  Team captains also provide insight.  Occasionally, the meetings are enhanced with guest speakers.

At the end of the season, the club honors one of the players with the “Bob Commings Memorial Hardnose Award.”  That player would have received the most votes from among weekly tallies taken by the club members.  Past notable players honored include John Mulbach (Ohio State), David Whitfield (Ohio State), Chris Spielman (Ohio State), Shawn Crable (Michigan) and Brian Gamble (Illinois/Ashland).

Bob Commings was a very successful coach for the Tigers from 1969 to 1973, compiling a record of 43-6-2, including Massillon’s last state championship (1970) and qualification for Ohio’s first ever state playoff games (1972).  Commings departed following the 1973 season to become head coach of the University of Iowa and later coached at GlenOak High School, for which their field was later named.

YearPresidentHardnose WinnerMeeting Site
2023George MizerDorian PringleMassillon Eagles 190
2022George MizerWilltrell HartsonMassillon Eagles 190
2021Ben LiebermannAustin BrawleyMassillon Eagles 190
2020Steve Berecek / Ben LiebermannCaiden WoullardVirtual Banquet
2019Steve BerecekPreston HodgesMassillon Eagles 190
2018Brock HerringJamir ThomasMassillon Eagles 190
2017Matt KellerJamir ThomasMassillon Eagles 190
2016Bill BrownAustin JasinskiMassillon Eagles 190
2015Ron ThornberryDakota DunwiddieMassillon Eagles 190
2014Jeff BrickerJ.D. CrabtreeMassillon Eagles 190
2013Mel HerncaneLyron WilsonMassillon Eagles 190
2012Ray JeskeBrody TonnMassillon Eagles 190
2011Ron SwartzRobbie PlantsMassillon Eagles 190
2010Todd SchumacherClayton MattoxMassillon Eagles 190
2009Jason ByersBo GrunderMassillon Eagles 190
2008Jeff ThornberryCooper IvanAmvets
2007Linda WaechterCorey HildrethAmvets
2006Bill DoormanBrian GambleAmvets
2005Jeff WilsonTroy EllisAmvets
2004Wilbur ArnoldPaul PribichAmvets
2003Lou PoppovichBrock HymesAmvets
2002Glen WeirichShawn CrableAmvets
2001Tim PutmanJustin PrincehornAmvets
2000LeRoy SchumacherMatt ShemAmvets
1999Dick HollandMIke MattoxAmvets
1998Clarence RambaudMarc ClevelandAmvets
1997Ron WilliamsJosh KriederAmvets
1996Dennis GibsonJarod StefankoAmvets
1995Virg EdieVinny TurnerAmvets
1994Gary VogtCourtney HerringAmvets
1993John CatlinB.J. PayneAmvets
1992Ed JordanEric WoodsAmvets
1991Brent OffenbecherEric WrightAmvets
1990Rollie LayfieldEric WrightAmvets
1989Duane KnightCraig TurkaljAmvets
1988Gary WilsonTrace LiggettAmvets
1987Chuck BryanJohn MillerAmvets
1986Lou YoungMatt SwankAmvets
1985Joel CunninghamDuane CrenshawAmvets
1984Wayne KyhosPete JohnsonAmvets
1983Wayne SpiesTom GrunoMassillon Club
1982Bud SloanChris SpielmanMassillon Club
1981Bill TroupChris SpielmanMassillon Club
1980David “Bud” AtwaterJeff GroveMassillon Club
1979Jim BryanBob SimpsonMassillon Club
1978Mike KeyesRichard ClevelandMassillon Club
1977John MulbachCarl DorseyMassillon Club
1976Gene BoernerAnthony GrizzardMassillon Club
1975Harold BosticTom GrizzardMassillon Club
1974Rev. Robert HooverGreg Wood & Bill HarmonMassillon Club
1973Dick BraunCharles DanzyMassillon Club
1972Russ ClementsTom BalizetMassillon Club
1971Dick HargroveGlen WeirichMassillon Club
1970Dick ReichelTom CardinalMassillon Club
1969Andy HrivnakPat MidgleyMassillon Club
1968Joe ZeglenGeorge WhitfieldMassillon Club
1967Don RinehartRon ErtleMassillon Club
1966Dr. George SwanWill FosterMassillon Club
1965Tom RandDavid Whitfield
1964D. C. Steele D.D.S.John Mulbach
1963Junie SiberGraydon Eckard
1962Don Sandison
1961R. E. Williams
1960Everett MortonPadulas
1959No President
1958No President
1957No President
1956No President
1955No President
1954No PresidentPadulas
1953No President
1952No President
1951No President
1950No PresidentPadulas