1944 Booster Club President

Lionel Ashbolt

Anticipating wartime travel restrictions would still be a factor, the Washington High Tigers continued to confine their 1944 football opponents to a 70 mile radius. The military draft was starting to have more effect on the high school seniors. Everyone understood that the many young Massillonions in the military were facing serious obstacles in their battle against world tyranny. However, most also understood that these service men would want the Tiger tradition to continue and be intact when they returned home.

Three major factors were going to effect the 1944 Tiger season: the squad would be the youngest in WHS history; the squad would be the lightest in WHS history; and spring practices were banned for the first time by the state athletic association.

Another football season reached the end of its journey and even though it had been a rather rough and rocky season for the team, these young Tigers won seven games. Their three losses were to Cathedral Latin, Warren and McKinley who had a combined record of 27-2-1. The 1944 team kept the Tiger tradition alive by their dedication and courage.

President Ashbolt and his fellow officers planned another great banquet and a fine turnout was on hand in the WHS auditorium to honor this gutsy Tiger team. Clark Shaughnessy, Pittsburgh University head coach, was principal speaker.