Massillon Eleven Fights in Vain Against Odds



All the Members Were Not Present,

so Their Places Were Filled With Players who Never Worked with the Eleven Before

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The game of football, Wednesday afternoon, at the fair grounds, between the Canton and Massillon high school elevens, resulted in defeat for the latter by the score of 46 to 0.  The Massillon boys only decided at the last minute to go to Canton, and, as usual, when the time set for the departure drew near, the management of the team found that several players were missing.  A hasty round up was made, and a patched up team was at last gotten together.  The Canton captain won the toss up, and chose the ball and the west end of the field.


Massillon kicked off and after about two minutes of playing, Rackle, of Canton, had scored a touchdown, Canton also kicked goal.  Massillon now got possession of the ball on the kick off, kept it one down and then lost it on a fumble, Rackle again scoring a touchdown for Canton.  Goal was also kicked.  Canton scored one more touchdown before time for the first half was called.


The second half was a repetition of the first, only more scores were made.  The Massillon boys simply could do nothing but watch their county seat friends carry the ball over the line and kick goal.


Rackle and Van Horn, of the Canton team, had the wind knocked out of them several times, and the Massillon boys sustained some bad bruises, but no one was severely hurt.  Royer, of Canton, acted as referee. 


The following is the line up:


C.H.S.                            Pos.                           M.H.S.

Strang                          Left End                             Bast

Cook                         Left Tackle                 Sonnhalter

Wagoner                    Left Guard                      Gorman

Slicker                           Center                        Benedict

Rex                           Right Guard           Young, Pierce

Fawcett                    Right Tackle                  C. Young

Reemsnyder                Right End                       Albright

Mahaffey                  Quarterback                  Wiseman

Rackle                     Left Halfback                    Goehler

Van Horn                Right Halfback                     Myers

Rob                             Fullback                      Schnierle